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"Carapar, you are an ignorant spawn of a Brakas monkey, and you always were. You couldn't snap your fingers without help ... if you had fingers."
Makuta Teridax, Downfall


Carapar's mutated form
Powers None
Tools Broadsword
Squid Launcher (all formerly)
Status Deceased
Pronunciation Kah-RUH-parr[1]
Set number 8918

Carapar was a powerful but weak-minded Barraki warlord and former member of the League of Six Kingdoms.


League of Six Kingdoms

Carapar was formerly one of the six members of the League of Six Kingdoms, ruling the southernmost section of the empire,[1] bordering the Southern Islands.[2][3][4][5] Once, Carapar ended a siege by making peace with the island he was attacking, then giving poisoned food to the residents. Unaware, the residents became ill and allowed Carapar to easily overcome their island.[6]

While planning to overthrow the Great Spirit, Carapar was ambushed and defeated along with the other Barraki by the army of the Brotherhood of Makuta. Carapar was brought along with the others by Botar to the Pit moments before they would have been killed by Teridax.

The Pit

The Barraki were then trapped for many years until the Great Cataclysm destroyed the Inner Pit and allowed them to swim out into the open. They soon were mutated by the Pit Mutagen in the waters into water-breathing beings.

At some point, Carapar killed a giant clam and took the mollusk's shell as his personal Refuge.[7][8]

Many years later, Carapar went to the Razor Whale's Teeth and met with the other Barraki to plan how to get the Kanohi Ignika. While searching for that mask, Carapar explored areas of the undersea realm that were never visited before and was attacked by a large sea creature.

Carapar in Mahri Nui

Returning from his search, he was told by Takadox to abduct the Ga-Matoran Kyrehx, who picked up the Mask of Life, and bring her to his cave. After learning of what she had done with the Ignika, Takadox instructed Carapar to set her free as a peace gift and to stop Ehlek from attacking the Mahri Nui Matoran. Later he fought with Ehlek to stop his Venom Eels. When Carapar finally stopped him, both ventured down to Pridak's cave in search of evidence about the traitor among the Barraki.

There they found a now water-breathing Brutaka, who ordered the two Barraki to take him to the Ignika. Carapar started to protest, though Ehlek told Brutaka that they could take him to the mask. The Barraki left the cave and eventually encountered Pridak. Brutaka was taken away, and the warlords continued their search.

Later, the Barraki found Dekar, who was in possession of the Ignika. Pridak attempted to wrest the Mask of Life away, causing the mask to send a huge wave of light throughout the Pit. When the light ceased, Carapar was half-buried in sand.

The Barraki later discovered the Toa Mahri. The Mahri were each given a cave to dwell in, but they escaped. As Toa Mahri Kongu was escaping, Carapar, along with Kalmah, fired Sea Squid at him. A Hahnah Crab killed the squids, and Carapar and Kalmah fled from a huge Rahi summoned by Kongu. Carapar and Kalmah went back to the Octo Cave where the other Barraki had regrouped. The two left and went out to spy on Jaller and Kongu. Carapar and Kalmah fired more sea squids, though it proved futile. The two Barraki explained that they deserved the right to rule, and bargained with the Toa for the mask.

Carapar, along with the other Barraki, was summoned to the Razor Whale's Teeth by Mantax, who revealed that there was a traitor amongst them. He ordered the traitor to reveal himself in return for the mask, but was interrupted by an avalanche caused by the new Hydraxon's fight with Maxilos. Takadox then revealed himself to be the traitor. However, instead of killing him, the Barraki forced him to help retrieve the Ignika, which they had lost again. However, Maxilos/Teridax arrived and revealed his true identity. Carapar gathered his army and ordered it to attack Teridax. The combined armies of the Barraki attacked, damaging the Maxilos body severely.

After a struggle to obtain the mask, Carapar and the other Barraki fought the Toa Mahri. The Toa Mahri were then teleported to Metru Nui by Matoro using the Ignika, ending the fight.

Order of Mata Nui

Carapar was soon recruited by the Order of Mata Nui as part of a strike force to venture to a chain of southern islands and search for Miserix, the former leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta. Alongside Carapar were Takadox, Roodaka, Vezon, Spiriah, and Brutaka as the team's leader. He was given a special Breathing Helmet to survive on land.

When the team traveled to Stelt to acquire a ship, Carapar held Roodaka to make it look like they had captured her. This was part of a ploy of Brutaka's that allowed them to steal a ship in safety. Carapar objected to the plan, however, for he believed that they could have just attacked and stolen a ship, to which Brutaka pointed out that they would then have attracted the notice of Stelt's inhabitants as well as the Dark Hunters and Makuta on the island, who were after Roodaka.

After the team docked on Tren Krom's Island to retrieve a cache of hidden weapons, Brutaka gave Carapar a broadsword. Shortly afterwards, a giant stone wall rose around the team, surrounding them and preventing them from leaving. From the inside of a cave, a spiked tentacle reached out and dragged Brutaka into the cave. The rest of the team followed, meeting Tren Krom. While the rest of the team spoke with the ancient entity, Carapar attempted to ambush and slay him. When Carapar raised his sword to strike, Tren Krom grew a third eye and fired a disintegration beam from it, shattering Carapar into pieces. As a result, Carapar could not be revived in a new body aboard the Red Star.

Abilities and Traits

Carapar in Barraki: Creeps From the Deep

Carapar once had a much sharper mind than he had in the years before his death, but centuries of being hypnotized by Takadox eroded his mental skills. Due to his manipulation, Takadox was considered Carapar's greatest enemy.[7] Carapar was still willing to stay Takadox's ally, as he figured if something terrible happened, Takadox would find a way to survive.

Carapar's thick armor was nearly indestructible, though it was susceptible to electrical attacks. He also possessed supernatural physical strength, and was reputed to be a ferocious warrior prior to his imprisonment.[1] Carapar's strength increased even further after his mutation.[9] Being the physically strongest Barraki made Carapar very prideful, though he tended not to learn from his own mistakes.[7]


Carapar wielded two giant claws, though he would remove one to use a Squid Launcher. His weapons were taken from him when he was re-captured by the Order of Mata Nui. He was later given a broadsword, which was destroyed with his body.


Carapar commanded a group of Keras Crabs and Pit War Tortoises in his army. He chose the fiercest one of his Pit War Tortoises as his personal steed for battles. Stats


Set Information

Carapar Set

The promotional Carapar toy

8918 Carapar was released as a canister set in early 2007. The Carapar set contains fifty pieces including a Squid Launcher and two Sea Squids, the latter of which could be stored on a pair of clips on his right shoulder. His claw (only one is featured in the set, though comprised of multiple pieces) is jointed to open or close, and one can squeeze his mandibles to make them pinch together. The marbled color that made its first appearance as this set's armor is actually the same yellow-orange first used in Stone element sets of 2007 blended with transparent black.

The Carapar set can be combined with Ehlek and Mantax to make a Pit War Tortoise. Carapar can also be combined with Mantax, Matoro Mahri, and Nuparu Mahri to create the Manutri.

Carapar was also part of McDonald's BIONICLE "Happy Meal" promotion in 2007. The toy's Squid Launcher instead fired cardboard disks with a Sea Squid pattern when a button on the top was pressed, and its claw could pivot on the toy's left arm.


"Don't mistake us for some stupid Rahi. Before we ended up down here, your kind bowed before us."
— Carapar,

"Don't mind him. That shell around his head is extremely thick at times."
Takadox, Mask of Life, Mask of Doom

"Despite your bad nerves, you always did have guts. Don't make me spill them out into the sea, okay?"
— Carapar to Ehlek, City of the Lost

"Rule number one: don't annoy the giant, tentacled monster, or don't they teach that one in the Shadowed One's school?"
— Carapar to Lariska, Federation of Fear


  • The Carapar set only possesses one pincer-like claw, like Mantax despite Carapar having two in the story. However the prototype version of Carapar possessed two individual claws, like Gavla.
  • Because of his mutation, Carapar was sometimes referred to as "The Crab."
  • Several pieces of merchandise, including Carapar's instruction manual, mistakenly label Carapar as "Karapar."
  • Carapar is the only Barraki who was not released as a minifigure.


Carapar in Command Toa Hahli
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