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"Packed with power, the Rockoh T3 can trap enemy ships in an energy field or ram them out of the sky!"

Rockoh T3
Animation Rockoh T3.png
Manufacturer Artakha
Users Toa Nuva Pohatu (formerly)
Function Flight, combat, escape from Energy Storms
Status Functional
Pronunciation ROCK-o[OGDi: Jun 3 2009, 09:18 AM]
Set number 8941

The Rockoh T3 is an aircraft made by Artakha.


The Rockoh T3 fighting the Jetrax T6

The Rockoh T3 was made along with the Jetrax T6 and Axalara T9 when the Matoran Universe was young.[1]

When the Toa Nuva entered the Codrex, the Rockoh T3 was discovered by Pohatu. When the Jetrax T6 was stolen by Makuta Antroz, Pohatu immediately boarded his craft and chased after him. While following him, Pohatu tried to bring down the Jetrax T6 with stone spikes, and managed to grab it in a stone hand. However, Antroz managed to break free, and then shot the Rockoh T3 down. After Pohatu regained control of his vehicle, he and Lewa rocketed towards the Jetrax T6 from opposite directions, hoping that sacrificing their own vehicles in a collision could stop Antroz. However, at the last minute, Antroz teleported from the pilot's seat to safety. Only Kopaka's swiftness in summoning a pair of ice walls was able to bring the vehicles to a stop at the brink of impact, sparing all three aircraft. Kopaka then proceeded to retake control of his own vehicle.[2]

The Rockoh T3, along with the Axalara T9 and Jetrax T6, were used by their respective discoverers to bring Takanuva and the other Toa Nuva to safety when the Energy Storms arose in Karda Nui. The seven Toa were able to escape safely and flew the vehicles to Metru Nui. The Toa discovered that Metru Nui was caught in a battle with the Brotherhood of Makuta. The three vehicles joined the war effort, picking off Rahkshi. Soon after, the Toa emerged victorious as the Rahkshi were destroyed and the fleet sunk.[DW]

Artakha likely transported the Rockoh T3 along with the other two vehicles back to Karda Nui.[3]


The Rockoh T3 is equipped with a single blaster cannon and has the ability to trap targets inside a field of energy.[Product info] The weapons and armor on the Rockoh T3 are made of Protosteel. Up to two and a half-million pounds of thrust can be exerted by the T3 engine.[4] The Rockoh T3 is considerably more maneuverable and faster than its largest sister ship, the Axalara T9, but its reinforced armor and engine are both weaker than the larger craft.[5][4] Wings on the sides are mounted with Rockslide Cannons.[6] The Rockoh can retract these wings to ram an aerial foe or execute a power dive. The "smart cockpit" on the Rockoh T3 directly feeds sensor information to its pilot.[citation needed]

Set Information

Toa Pohatu piloting the Rockoh T3
The Rockoh T3 set

8941 Rockoh T3 was released in summer 2008 as one of the large boxed sets. The set consists of 390 pieces, 353 of which are used to make the vehicle. Sections of its wings and the blasters attached can fold up over the front of the vehicle to power dive when one spins an axle on the back of the vehicle. A lever on the vehicle's side operates a Zamor Launcher, which in story acts as a blaster cannon. The Zamor Launcher and cartridge hold the set's six silver Zamor Spheres. The set can also be held by a handle below for added play value. The set comes packaged with a new form of Pohatu in his Adaptive Armor.


The Rockoh T3 in Endgame
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