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"You know, I have discovered a way to force a being to shapeshift and then lock him permanently into just one form. Grab me again, and you will spend eternity as a very angry frost beetle ... with a broken arm."
Makuta Mutran to Vamprah, Shadows in the Sky

Comic Mutran.PNG
Assigned region Center of the Southern Continent[OGDi]
Kanohi Great Shelek
Tools Shadow Blade
Shadow Spear
Tridax Pod
Status Deceased
Pronunciation MYOO-trann
Set number 8952

Mutran was the unstable but brilliant Makuta of the central area of the Southern Continent and a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta.


Early life

Approximately 100,000 years ago, the Great Spirit Mata Nui[1] created Mutran from a pool of the substance known as Antidermis on an island in the south of the Matoran Universe.[DW, Ch. 4] Mutran became a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta, an organization tasked with maintaining order in the universe and serving the will of Mata Nui. Mutran was responsible for the creation of several Rahi breeds to populate the universe,[1] one of which was the Klakk.[2]

Shortly after the completion of the fortress on Destral, Mutran and Chirox, at the time best friends, were attempting to salvage something useful from one of Spiriah's Rahi experiments when they were approached by Miserix, who asked for one of them to go to Xia and make the Vortixx stop charging excessively high prices for their goods. Mutran ended up going with Icarax and Pridak on the successful mission, and while there, accidentally left behind an experiment that he kept as a pet, a sentient rock. This rock later grew into the Mountain.

Mutran was also present at a meeting with the League of Six Kingdoms, along with Miserix, Chirox, Icarax, and Teridax. While the League ruled, Mutran supplied Rahi for their armies, along with other Makuta, but never sent Kalmah anything that he expected to last more than three days. One such species of Rahi he created were the Blade Burrowers. After Teridax's battle with the League, Mutran and Gorast were sent to Kalmah's fortress in order to clean up. While Gorast hunted down the few survivors of Kalmah's army, Mutran noticed that the Blade Burrowers had not only survived, but were building a map. After that day, he attempted to discern the significance of the map but never succeeded, confessing to be frightened by its implications.

Later, Mutran was assigned by Miserix to meet Tren Krom on his island. When Mutran found him, he pulled Mutran into his cave and started searching through his mind. When Mutran woke up after his encounter, he realized that he had the knowledge Teridax needed to overthrow the Great Spirit.

After the Matoran Civil War in Metru Nui, the Makuta were assigned regions by Miserix to watch over. Mutran was assigned to the center of the Southern Continent, which he did not pay much attention to.[OGDi][TMC, Ch. 4]

When Teridax called a meeting between the Brotherhood, Miserix and Teridax had a fight. The majority of the Makuta, including Mutran, sided with Teridax rather than Miserix, resulting in the latter being deposed. Mutran discussed with Teridax and Chirox how to strike at Mata Nui best.

Mutran and Bitil were discussing Kojol's involvement in Teridax's plan to overthrow Mata Nui when they discovered they could no longer move their armor. After Chirox examined a sample of the gas that came out of Kojol's armor, they learned that the Makuta had evolved to a state where they no longer could feel pain, or needed to breathe, eat, or sleep. Chirox also learned that they could inhabit robot or spiritless bodies, and took control of an Exo-Toa to surprise Mutran. Annoyed that Chirox had discovered these things before he had, he planned to get back at Chirox by introducing him to the Lohrak he had just created, for Chirox had been attempting to create such a Rahi but failing.

Shortly after Kojol led the raid on Artakha, two squads of Rahkshi that had participated in the attack went missing in a remote area of the Southern Continent, and when Mutran found them, they had been completely destroyed. When the Exo-Toa that had been in the raid disappeared overnight, he realized that somebody was taking revenge for the attack on Artakha, and that Kojol would be the next to be eliminated. However, he did not inform Teridax of this, as he had never been fond of Kojol and was happy to see him gone. He later regretted not forcing the location of Artakha from Kojol before he died, as it soon became apparent that everyone who knew of its location had also been killed.

Before the Brotherhood was discovered to have turned into a malevolent organization, Mutran had a squad of Toa Hagah assigned to him.[3] After Toa Norik and his team rebelled against Teridax, many of the Brotherhood's Toa Hagah were killed, while others managed to survive. It is unknown which fate attended Mutran's team.[OGDi: Apr 3 2008, 06:58 PM][OGDi: Sep 7 2009, 02:59 PM]

Shortly after Teridax left for Metru Nui to take it over, Chirox confronted Mutran about his new variation of Lohrak, which Chirox had created millennia before. As the two argued over the use of the name, the Great Cataclysm struck the Matoran Universe, bringing the argument to an end as the fortress around them was reduced to rubble from the earthquake, though the two were relatively unharmed, Mutran having shapeshifted a pair of claws for support.

Mutran spent much of the next millennium contending with Chirox in Rahi creation, resulting in mutual dislike.

Karda Nui

Mutran and Vican in Karda Nui

One thousand years after the Great Cataclysm, Mutran and Tridax invented the Shadow Leeches. To test the leeches, Mutran traveled to a village in search of a Matoran as a test subject. He found Vican, whom he transformed into a Shadow Matoran and made his assistant. Later, while in his laboratory, Mutran witnessed Vultraz being thrown through his lab by Gorast, who was punishing him for keeping information to himself. After Gorast learned from Vultraz Karda Nui's location, she informed Teridax, who was in the Pit at the time and ordered a strike force to be assembled to invade Karda Nui. Mutran was part of the strike force, along with Antroz, Krika, Vamprah, Chirox, Gorast, and Bitil. Upon entering Karda Nui, Mutran and Vican constructed a hive in which they created more Shadow Leeches. He busied himself creating more leeches and altering the appearances of the transformed Matoran while his partners terrorized the remaining Av-Matoran. While in Karda Nui, he started writing down a history of himself and the Brotherhood of Makuta. Shortly after finishing the chronicle, he noticed a flash of light from outside, the result of Matoro using the Ignika, but ignored it, avoiding being blinded as Chirox, Antroz, and Vamprah were.

Mutran was ordering Vican to kick a failed experiment out of a window and working on the third batch of a group of experimental Shadow Leeches that were supposed to have a greater light capacity when Vamprah interrupted him. He then proceeded to the main lair of the Makuta in Karda Nui, where he and Chirox were ordered by Antroz to create a creature for Vican to ride on in order to summon Makuta Icarax to Karda Nui. Mutran attempted to make such a creature, while Chirox was critical of his efforts and simply tossed a Shadow Matoran into the vat with the still-developing Rahi, creating a grotesque amalgamation of the two. While Mutran protested it, Antroz found the creature appropriate.

When the Toa Nuva discovered the location of the Shadow Leech Hive, Mutran attempted to drive the invaders away by casting Lewa, Pohatu, Tanma, and Photok into a vision, causing them to think the hive was a series of long tunnels and the Toa Ignika was a monstrous creature. Mutran then fought against Kopaka and Solek. During the fight, he knocked Solek unconscious and then battled against Kopaka using his mind powers, causing the Toa to hesitate, doubt and fear his own Ice powers. The Makuta increased his mental assault until the Toa collapsed onto the ground. After a moment of jeering, the Makuta prepared to fire a bolt of Shadow to finish the Toa when Solek ran to the Toa and created a shield of Light, reflecting the attack. Kopaka, who had faked his defeat, quickly rose and bound the Makuta in ice and snow. However, the other three Makuta then entered the hive after Mutran's defeat and quickly defeated the Toa and Matoran, leaving Mutran to work himself free.

Mutran and Antroz then attempted to turn the captive Lewa into a Toa Nuva of Shadow. However, Pohatu managed to save the Toa of Air and the others and destroy the Shadow Leech Hive by using his Kakama Nuva. Angered by the destruction of his creations, Mutran blamed Kirop for unintentionally leading the Toa to the hive, but was stopped by Antroz before he could punish the Matoran.

Icarax arrived shortly afterward, and all five Makuta assaulted the final standing Av-Matoran village, where they believed the Toa and Matoran were hiding. To their dismay, the Toa and Matoran were actually in the lair of the Makuta retrieving a Keystone, and engaged the Makuta in combat once they had found it. During the battle, Mutran unleashed an enormous blast of Shadow, and then ordered the other Makuta to retreat down to the Swamp of Secrets upon seeing that they were losing. As he was retreating, the Toa surrounded him and forced him to tell them where the other Makuta were heading.

Mutran's death by the Energy Storm

After making it down to the swamp and joining the battle there, Mutran relocated his laboratory to an isolated island in the swamp. When he created a Klakk, Vican showed an interest in his creation, and Mutran showed it to the Matoran. When the Klakk escaped, it attacked Vican and caused him to be turned back into a Le-Matoran. Unaware of this, Mutran sent Vican after the Rahi.

When Antroz escaped the attack on the Jetrax T6, he teleported to Mutran. From there, he sent the Makuta on his way to retrieve Radiak for him and then to aid Gorast and Vamprah in their attack on Icarax, who had gone rogue and was crushing the Codrex. When Mutran arrived, Gorast spotted him and ordered him to send a babble of thought into Icarax's head to distract him. Creating a plan and tricking Icarax, Gorast and Vamprah then proceeded to kill the Makuta by disrupting his Teleportation power and blasting him with energy.

Sometime later, the Toa Nuva succeeded in awakening Mata Nui and unleashing the Energy Storms. Mutran attempted to study the storm at its edges and thought he had found a way to control them, but was immediately incinerated by a bolt of lightning.

Abilities and Traits

Mutran was a skilled scientist, and was responsible for the creation of numerous different breeds of Rahi including the Klakk, the Blade Burrowers, and the later version of the Lohrak. Mutran specialized in mutations that were extremely destructive in nature. Chirox, a fellow mutation specialist, thought very little of his work, which led to a professional and personal rivalry between the two.

The nature of Mutran's work left him very eccentric, near insane, which was worsened by his encounter with Tren Krom. Following this encounter, Mutran gained a huge amount of knowledge regarding the workings of the Matoran Universe, knowledge that would later be used to set Teridax´s plan in motion.

Like other Makuta, Mutran wielded many different powers. These powers included elemental Shadow powers, the ability to make Kraata, as well as the forty-two different Kraata/Rahkshi powers.

Mask and Tools

Mutran wielded a Shadow Spear, a Shadow Blade, a Tridax Pod, and wore the Kanohi Shelek, which allowed him to deafen and mute a target. Stats


Set Information

The Mutran set
Mutran combining with Vican

Mutran was officially released as a set in April 2008 as a Wal-Mart exclusive titan set, packaged with the Shadow Matoran Vican. Altogether the Mutran and Vican set consists of ninety pieces, sixty-nine of which were used to build Mutran. Pressing a button on Mutran's back deploys a Tridax pod, releasing up to four Shadow Leeches also included in the set. Like most Makuta sets, Mutran's mask features a blend of two colors of plastic: lime green and black.


"The invasion of the universe core is proceeding well, my newest creations are spreading darkness and corruption, and in general, it is good to be alive."
— Mutran, The Mutran Chronicles

"As usual, you design Rahi that are a bludgeon rather than a dagger. I, on the other hand, put some subtlety into my work. It's as if I signed my name to them."
— Mutran to Chirox, The Mutran Chronicles

"I was bringing fabulous creatures into being. True, some of them did not live very long... and yes, one died quite an explosive death... but I had my successes as well. The shadow leech, for example – a mutated kraata that could drain the light out of any living being. Who couldn't love that?"
— Mutran, The Mutran Chronicles

"Vican! I told you to kick that last experiment over the ledge and into the swamp. I can't have it screaming and melting all over the cave. I keep slipping in it."
— Mutran, Shadows in the Sky

"What just happened? And that was repulsive -- so how could we make it happen again?"
— Mutran, The Final Battle

"I don't just experiment with the physical form, you see. I like to play with the mind as well. You Toa always have such interesting minds -- filled with grief over all the horrors you have seen, fear of disappointing others, anger at your enemies. You are all flood tides of emotion, Toa Nuva, and I am about to break the dam."
— Mutran to Kopaka, Shadows in the Sky

"It's so absurdly simple! I can control this storm! All I have to do is--"
— Mutran's final words, The Final Battle


  • Mutran was Greg Farshtey's favorite Phantoka to write about.
  • Originally, Mutran was going to wear the Kanohi "Artidax, the Mask of Mutation." However, the idea was scrapped after Greg Farshtey saw that the set wore a Shelek. The name is now the name of the island where Miserix was held, and the mask power itself was assigned to Miserix.[Bios]


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