Solidified Air Bubble

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Solidified Air Bubble
Users Matoran of Mahri Nui (formerly)
Function Ammunition
Status In use
Location Mahri Nui

Solidified Air Bubbles were used as ammunition in Air Launchers and a source of breathing air for the citizens of Mahri Nui.


Dekar launching an Air Bubble

The Air Bubbles were harvested by the hydruka, the only creatures believed to be able to detect the air within the airweed. Matoran Air Launchers were very effective against sea creatures, for whom air is toxic.

The idea of launching air bubbles was thought up by a Le-Matoran who believed he could ride on them at greater speeds than a Ga-Matoran could swim. His first test ride, however, landed him in the arms of a Tarakava, and he was never seen again. Other Matoran dropped the idea of transport and turned the launchers into weapons.[1]

Set Information

Solidified Air Bubbles appeared in several 2007 sets as plastic spheres in various translucent color blends ranging from yellow to red. The small Matoran sets Dekar and Defilak and small hydruka sets Morak and Thulox each contained two Solidified Air Bubbles.