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"I worked on one of those things ... it's slow, but a lot stronger than your average Vahki."
Toa Metru Onewa, Maze of Shadows

Assigned Metru All
Powers Sand transmutation
Tools Stun Staffs
Status Inactive
Pronunciation KRAH-NOO-ah
Set number 8614+8616+8618

The Kranua were specialized Vahki models that were called into action less often than the Kraahu.


The Kranua were an elite variant of Vahki designed in secret by Nuparu and built by a select team of Po-Matoran engineers. They were deployed in Metru Nui for peacekeeping like other Vahki, though the Kranua were used for more specialized situations such as controlling Rahi that broke out of the Archives.[1]

A Kranua made its way to the Maze of Shadows, where it laid in wait in its sand form until Whenua and Matau encountered it. The Kranua attempted to block their escape to the other Toa Metru, but Nuju transported Matau and Whenua out of the Kranua's sandstorm using his Kanohi Matatu. Onewa attacked the Kranua with his Stone powers to force it back into its sand form. As it was transforming, Vakama unleashed a blast of Fire and turned it into a glass statue. Matau then destroyed the Kranua.[2]

All the other Kranua were destroyed by either the Great Cataclysm or the Visorak hordes.[3]

Abilities and Traits

Kranua were powerful yet bulky Vahki. They could transform into Sand to slip through cracks and reform elsewhere.[4] This made Kranua highly effective at pursuing lawbreakers into tiny spaces or confusing rampaging Rahi with sudden disappearances and reappearances. It was particularly ideal for crowd control of Rahi that broke out of the Archives.[1]

A Kranua in set form

Set Information

The Kranua can be built out of the Vahki sets Nuurakh, Vorzakh, and Rorzakh. The instructions are located in the backs of the components' instruction booklets, divided between the three.






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