Stun Staffs

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Stun Staffs

A Nuurakh using its Staffs of Command
Users Vahki
Function Psychologically impair targets
Status Out of use

The Stun Staffs were the primary weapons that the Vahki used to fight crime in Metru Nui. Each Vahki carried two staffs. The tools were designed not to injure or kill their Matoran targets. Rather, they affected targets' minds in temporary ways to discourage further lawbreaking and to encourage work.[1] Each type of Vahki carried staffs which contained different powers. However, while the powers come from the staffs themselves,[2] the Vahki itself acted as a power source for the staff, and as such, the staffs could not be used separately by other beings.[3]

The Great Cataclysm sent a power surge through the Vahki Hives, destroying most Vahki and their Stun Staffs. Those staffs that where not destroyed were supercharged and could fire destructive energy blasts.[4] The surviving Vahki were all later eliminated by the Visorak.[1]

List of Staffs

Name Picture User Function Notes
Staffs of Command Vahki Nuurakh Fill target's mind with a single overriding command that is obeyed until the staff's effect wears off Targets were so dedicated that they were known to shove aside others who prevented them from carrying out their orders[citation needed: BIONICLE Adventures?]
Staffs of Loyalty Vahki Bordakh Fill target with a strong desire for order Targets have been known to seek out troublemakers[5] or betray even friends[6] in their pursuit of order
Staffs of Suggestion Vahki Zadakh Make target more susceptible to suggestion After using these staffs, Zadakh typically enlisted another Matoran who would convince the troublemaker to return to work[citation needed: BIONICLE Adventures?]
Staffs of Confusion Vahki Keerakh Scramble target's sense of time and place to prevent further troublemaking It was not unusual to see dazed Ko-Matoran, targets of the staffs, wandering in Ko-Metru;[7] Ko-Matoran viewed the Staffs of Confusion as more merciful than the Vorzakh's Staffs of Erasing[citation needed: BIONICLE Adventures?]
Staffs of Erasing Vahki Vorzakh Temporarily eliminate target's higher mental functions, leaving intact only motor skills The targets of these staffs were called "shamblers"; Le-Matoran were used to seeing shamblers wandering aimlessly in Le-Metru[8]
Staffs of Presence Vahki Rorzakh Allow the Rorzakh to see or hear what the target sees or hears without the target's knowledge These tools had the longest-lasting effects of all the Stun Staffs[9]

Example Usage

During a conflict with the Toa Metru in Enemies of Metru Nui, Vahki Bordakh blasted Nokama with their Stun Staffs. She then pushed Vakama off of the tower on which they were standing.

Set Information

Each of the six Vahki sets released in 2004 included two pieces representing the Stun Staffs. In the Vahki's four-legged configuration, the staffs act as forelegs.


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