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"That's what I like about Metru Nui. Always something new."
Toa Metru Onewa, Web of the Visorak

Sonic Entity
Elemental Being
Powers Sonics
Status Destroyed

The Sonic Entity was a being comprised entirely of Sonic elemental energy.


1,001 years ago, the Sonic Entity was created in the Le-Metru Moto-Hub by a Lohrak mutated by Hordika Venom.[1]

The Toa Metru soon passed through the Moto-Hub. When Matau entered the building, some time after the rest, he encountered the Sonic Entity on a ladder leading to the test track. He attempted to scare off the entity, but it used its powers to trigger a sonic boom and knocked him off the ladder.

The other Toa Metru rushed to the scene, and began to combat the Sonic Entity. They fared poorly against it, until Onewa devised a plan and retrieved Matau. Onewa and Nuju used their powers of Ice and Stone to create airtight walls, and Matau sucked the air out of the sealed part of the hallway. Nuju then shot an Ice blast at the entity - since there was no air in the hallway, sonic vibrations were not able to exist either, and the entity could not fight back. The Sonic Entity then shattered and melted away.[2]

Abilities and Traits

The Sonic Entity was described as a dark, nebulous creature, made entirely out of sonic energy. Whenever it came into contact with something, it triggered a sonic boom. It could also hurl portions of itself at its foes.[2]





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