Vahki Transport

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"The long vehicle was propelled by a series of insectlike legs. Its cargo was a collection of large silver spheres. Only a single Vahki was present as driver."
— Narrator, Legends of Metru Nui

Vahki Transport
LoMN Vahki Transport.PNG
Users Vahki
Function Transport materials and Rahi
Status Unknown
Pronunciation VAH-kee

Larger variants of the Vahki Transport carrying Matoran Spheres
The interior of a Vahki Transport Carriage

Vahki Transports were large vehicles used in Metru Nui.


In Metru Nui, the Transports were used by the Vahki to transport large Rahi and other objects.

Toa Metru Vakama, Nokama, and Matau stowed themselves away aboard a Vahki Transport traveling through Ko-Metru after being branded criminals by Turaga Dume. The three Toa secretly exited as it passed through Po-Metru, where they freed their fellow Toa Metru from prison. The Toa later used a Vahki Transport they named The Lhikan to escape from Metru Nui. It was extremely battered during its trip to the surface and later melted down in the construction of the six koros.


Vahki transports are, like all ground vehicles on Metru Nui, driven by four or six pairs of insect-like legs, and not wheels. As a result, the ride is bumpy and unstable. The transports are powered by speed Kanoka, and come in various sizes and lengths. Some transports, such as those used to transport Matoran Spheres, have extra carriages attached to increase the capacity.


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