Protodermis Warehouses

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"This warehouse is where unfinished Protodermis parts are kept, waiting for assembly and decoration."
— Narrator, Onewa's Toa Metru Mini Promo CD

Protodermis Warehouses
Status Destroyed
Position Po-Metru
Pronunciation Pro-toe-DERR-miss

Protodermis Warehouses were storage buildings in the Po-Metru district of Metru Nui.


Protodermis Warehouses contained various parts to be assembled, along with blocks of stone waiting to be carved. Carvers that needed specific parts could usually visit one of these places to find them, but since the Po-Matoran did not share the meticulousness and organization of the Onu-Matoran, it usually took them some time to find what they needed.

The Warehouses utilized hexagonal storage canisters which fit into special slots in some of the Warehouse's walls. These containers could be moved using the Cargo Loaders found in the Warehouses.

On his search to rescue the missing Po-Matoran Ahkmou, Toa Metru Onewa passed though one of these Protodermis Warehouses. In one of its hive-like system of storage units, the Toa discovered a map of Po-Metru marked with a certain area of the Sculpture Fields.

The Warehouses were damaged in the earthquake caused by the Great Cataclysm, but they were later repaired by the usage of the Staff of Artakha. When the Great Spirit Robot was damaged in the Battle of Bara Magna, the Warehouses were severely damaged, abandoned, and later dismantled for parts.[1][2]


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