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1,000 Years Ago

The Makuta Stone, used to represent The Makuta
  • Matoran on Mata Nui enjoy one year of peace.[1] Villages built, construction of Kini-Nui completed.[citation needed]
  • Icarax, discontent with Teridax's plan and rule, plots an invasion of Metru Nui and from there a full-scale conquest.
  • Icarax puts his plan into action and attacks the Northern Continent.
  • Teridax confronts Icarax and battles him. He wins, putting a stop to the conquest.[TMC, Ch. 9]

999 Years Ago

900 Years Ago

  • Matoran of Voya Nui build the small city of Mahri Nui on a newly formed portion of their island.[2]

Somewhere between 1,000 Years Ago and 500 Years Ago

  • Minor tremors awaken Turaga Dume from the Matoran Sphere he was placed in. It malfunctioned, and as such he did not suffer the side effects of memory loss or a shrunken body.[citation needed]

500 Years Ago

300 Years Ago

  • Land upon which Mahri Nui sits breaks off of Voya Nui and sinks into the ocean. All are believed lost in the disaster.[3]
    Mahri Nui
  • Mahri Nui lands on top of the Barraki's underwater fortress, destroying it.[4][5]
  • Impact releases air bubbles from fields of Airweed, enabling the Mahri Nui Matoran to survive underwater.[6]
  • Mutagens in water cause Mahri Nui Matoran to grow larger and stronger, but also damage many of their weapons.[citation needed]
  • Matoran villagers begin developing an air bubble system from bubbles created from the fall to protect them from drowning and further mutating.[6]
  • The Hydruka are found and their ability of harvesting air from seaweed is discovered.
  • The Matoran tamed the Hydruka to produce air for the villagers to survive.[7]
  • The Matoran forget their life on the surface due to trauma and accept the new style of life.[8]
  • Mahri Nui's Council is formed.[9]
  • Matoran begin to disappear because of the Barraki's armies.[10]

250 Years Ago

  • Zaktan, Thok, and Reidak are sent to guard a Dark Hunter base to protect it from the Brotherhood of Makuta.[11]
  • Roodaka arrives, Zaktan gives her a tablet that is a map of the Dark Hunter Headquarters. Roodaka tells them that the base formerly belonged to the Brotherhood.[12]
  • Visorak Army attacks the base.[13]
  • Zaktan searches the base, and finds a record of all of the Brotherhood's plans, including Teridax's takeover of Metru Nui.[14]
  • Zaktan vows to make himself part of these plans.[15]
  • The Visorak siege is stopped.[16]

5 Years Ago

  • Mazeka hunts down Vultraz because of the murder that he committed.
  • Vultraz is knocked down a canyon of razor crystals by Mazeka, who almost joins him in the fall.
  • Gorast, in the guise of a blue warrior, rescues Mazeka and has him tell the villagers of Vultraz's death.[BIA, Ch. 1]
  • Vultraz is rebuilt by Gorast and given the mission of hunting down a Matoran named Krakua.
  • Mazeka is approached by Jerbraz with an offer for a job of protecting certain Matoran from beings like Vultraz.[BIA, Ch. 2]
  • Mazeka and Jerbraz arrive at a village of De-Matoran, and spirit Krakua away just as Vultraz attacks.[BIA, Ch. 3]
  • Mazeka and Vultraz fight, with Vultraz getting the upper hand and coming close to killing Mazeka. He stops, and lets the Ko-Matoran live with the knowledge that he is alive only because Vultraz wished it.
  • Mazeka requests Order of Mata Nui training from Jerbraz.[BIA, Ch. 4]

Over a Year and a Half Ago

  • Takua, because of his adventurous ways which would often lead to trouble, is banished from Ta-Koro.
  • Whenua, hearing of Takua and his adventures, sends a message to Ta-Koro requesting Takua to come to Onu-Koro.
  • A Ta-Matoran finds Takua wandering the Papa Nihu Reef, and delivers Whenua's message to him.
  • Takua travels through the island to get to Onu-Koro. He finally arrives, and learns from an Onu-Matoran that Whenua had been recently captured by Rahi. He is told to acquire Vakama's Firestaff to see in the dark, because Onu-Koro's lightstone mines are blocked by a lava flow.
  • Takua finds Vakama's missing Firestaff in the village. Taipu fills Takua in by claiming Whenua was inspecting the Great Mine when he went missing. Takua thanks the villager and enters the mine.
  • Takua battles Rahi throughout the passage, and finds Whenua trapped by a Vatuka. Takua drives it off and frees Whenua.
  • Once back in Onu-Koro, Whenua relates to Takua the current problems of the island: the Turaga, save Vakama, are missing, and each of the Vuata Maca trees in each village are poisoned. The Toa Stones are also needed in this time of peril.
  • As a reward for rescuing him, Whenua gives Takua a Volo Lutu Launcher.
  • Takua begins a search for the Onua Toa Stone in another area of Onu-Koro.
  • After battling many Rahi, Takua blasts about the hidden passage where the Toa Stone is kept. He returns to Onu-Koro victorious. He also has collected the two Vuata Maca crystals, and gives them to the towns tree-keeper. The tree is healed.
  • Onepu challenges Takua to a Ussal race. Takua wins, and goes to Ga-Koro to find Nokama.
  • Takua is challenged to a Ngalawa Boat Race, and he emerges the victor, beating even Maku.
  • Takua fights a large amount of Rahi to get to a cave where a Makika lives. Entering, Takua finds a captured Nokama. He escapes with her.
  • Takua is sent to find the Toa Gali stone, stolen by the Rahi who live by the harbor in the cliffs. He battles many Rahi while searching.
  • He journeys up an elevator, and finds the stone. Takua returns it to Ga-Koro. He also returns the two crystals to the treekeeper. He next travels to Po-Koro to find Onewa.
  • In Po-Koro, Podu and his friend are playing Kolhii, when a wild kick causes a rockslide to nearly kill Podu. He ends up buried in rocks, but still alive.
  • Once reaching Po-Koro, Takua discovers Whenua's stolen Drill. While heading to the village, Podu's friend asks Takua help him free Podu. Takua does this.
  • Takua finds Onewa's hammer, and begins searching for the Turaga.
  • Takua encounters a Po-Matoran who's Moa Bird is trapped underneath some boulders. Takua helps and frees the Moa. Takua drills under a pillar to get to Onewa's prison spot. He knocks down another series of pillars to get to the Turaga. Onewa tells Takua that the Toa Stone must be recovered.
  • Takua, when looking for the stone, finds a Bamboo Disk. He uses it against the Rahi.
  • He comes across a Kofo-Jaga, and defeats it. He finds, in its clutches, the Toa Pohatu stone.
  • Onewa gives directions to Le-Koro, and Takua sets off to help that village.
  • Takua is challenged by a Le-Matoran to a Kewa Ride. He wins.
  • Takua finds, hidden in the trees, Nuju's Ice Pick.
  • Takua finds Matau captured at a Kewa's nest, as well as a Vuata Maca.
  • They return to the village. Matau awards Takua his staff for temporary use. Takua returns the Vuata Maca trees to the treekeeper.
  • Takua finds four hidden gears, and uses them to open a tree trunk and find the Toa Lewa stone.
  • Matau thanks Takua, and directs him to Ko-Koro.
  • Takua reaches Ko-Koro, and is challenged to a game of Huai Snowball Sling. After winning, the Sanctum Guard warns Takua of the cold conditions of their village.
  • A Matoran fills Takua in: Matoro cannot locate Nuju with the trackers due to severe injuries caused by Rahi to them.
  • Takua finds Nuju hidden by Snow Birds. At the village, Nuju gives Nokama's Trident to the adventurer; it had been stolen by Rahi and found by Nuju himself.
  • Nuju then requests Takua find the Kopaka Toa stone and the "Element of Melting", a heating device used to control the water supply in the village.
  • Takua finds the device and Kopaka stone, and returns those and the crystals to the village. He returns to Ta-Koro to find the Tahu Stone.
  • Vakama doubts the wanderer's abilities, and sends him to find the antidote to cleanse the poisoned wells in the village.
  • Before beginning his task, Takua wins a game of Ignalu Lava Surfing with ease using a lavaboard once given to him by Vakama. Takua then begins the task of purifying the wells. Takua accomplishes this.
Takua summoning the Toa Mata
  • Upon returning to the village, Takua learns from Jaller that a gang of Fire Mahi have captured Vakama.
  • Takua frees his elder, and is sent off to find the Tahu stone. He finds it, along with the crystals, and sees a strange mechanism. He decides to come back to it later.
  • Takua returns the Toa Stone and crystals.
  • The mechanism is still there on the Mangai Volcano. Takua activates it, but instead of doing what is should of, it breaks down and causes the ground to cave in.
  • Using reflex, Takua lands on his lavaboard onto a flow of the lava. He flows across until he reaches a fast moving stream and an opening. He goes so fast, he flies out the volcano and roughly lands at Kini-Nui.
  • All the Turaga have gathered there to discuss Takua's actions, and are surprised to find him there.
  • Takua gives to each of the Turaga their staff, and in return they give the Toa stones to Takua, and direct him to where the legends tell them to be put in only the most desperate times. Takua requests Vakama give his board to a trustworthy Matoran, as he fears he will be killed in the following events. He puts the Toa Stones in their correct slots.
  • A blast from Toa Stones throws Takua to the Ta-Wahi Beach, knocking him unconscious for a short period and giving him amnesia.[QftT]