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Good Guy
Promotional Set
Set number 6934
Subtheme Promotional
Release date 2006
Pieces 16
MSRP Free/Gift with Purchase
Ages 6-16

Set 6934 Good Guy is promotional set from 2006 portraying a maskless Matoran-like being. It has no story significance.

Set Information

This set was included as a promotional polybag in the Nr. 33, 2006 issue of the Swedish publication Kalle Anka & C:o,[1] Norwegian publication Donald Duck & Co,[2] and Danish publication Anders And & Co.[3] in August of 2006. It was also released as part of a promotion with the Belgian fast-food restaurant chain Quick in France during December of 2006.[4]

The set contains 16 pieces.



6934 Good Guy scored a 55 on Brick Insights, indicating negative reviews.


  • In the official packaging image, Good Guy is shown holding the wrong weapon, compared to what is included in the set. The correct weapon is shown in the instructions.
  • While the set was never passed by Greg Farshtey for inclusion in the BIONICLE storyline, Daniel Lipkowitz has suggested that it was used alongside 6935 Bad Guy for Matoran puppetry.[5]
  • Christian Faber jokingly named this set "The Troglomorph".[6]