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Good Guy
Promotional Set
Set number 6934
Subtheme Promotional
Release date 2006
Pieces 16
MSRP Free/Gift with Purchase
Ages 6-16

Set 6934 Good Guy is promotional set from 2006 portraying a maskless Matoran-like being. It has no story significance.

Set Information

This set was included as a promotional polybag in the Nr. 33, 2006 issue of the Swedish publication Kalle Anka & C:o,[1] Norwegian publication Donald Duck & Co,[2] and Danish publication Anders And & Co.[3] in August of 2006. It was also released as part of a promotion with the Belgian fast-food restaurant chain Quick in France during December of 2006.[4]

The set contains 16 pieces.



6934 Good Guy scored a 55 on Brick Insights, indicating negative reviews.


  • In the official packaging image, Good Guy is shown holding the wrong weapon, compared to what is included in the set. The correct weapon is shown in the instructions.
  • While the set was never passed by Greg Farshtey for inclusion in the BIONICLE storyline, Daniel Lipkowitz has suggested that it was used alongside 6935 Bad Guy for Matoran puppetry.[5]
  • Christian Faber joked this set is actually Makuta in disguise and named it "The Troglomorph",[6] The joke was a reference to the fact that in Hero Factory story bible, the Troglomorphs were villains living in caves under the Makuhero City, with Mr. Makuro, the leader of Hero Factory, secretly being one himself. They are fittingly named after the real world troglomorphs or 'cave-dwellers'.