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"The place was a crossroads for the crooked, the desperate and those just looking for fast money, or a deal best kept hidden from Toa."
— Narrator, Destiny War

Status Dismantled
Inhabitants Various species (formerly)
Population None
Assigned Makuta Makuta of Stelt
Position South of Xia[1]
Southeast of the Northern Continent
Pronunciation STEHLT[2]

Stelt was a large island[3] in the Matoran Universe home to several sapient species.


Stelt was created by the Great Beings during the construction of the Matoran Universe. It became a major port[4] and gained a reputation as a hot spot of criminal activity and depravity. The entire island was constantly on the edge of anarchy and total collapse, due to the constant infighting of Sidorak's species. Voporak was once a clan leader on Stelt, until Sidorak betrayed him to the Brotherhood of Makuta.[5][6]

After the Matoran Civil War, the Makuta of Stelt was assigned by Makuta Miserix to supervise the island.[7]

Inhabitants of a besieged island traveled to Stelt from Nynrah after escaping an onslaught on their former home, which was the first conquest of the Visorak.[8]

Makuta Gorast once visited Stelt, but her way was blocked by Krekka. The two entered a physical altercation, in which Krekka lost an eye, and he was subsequently banished from the island.

The inhabitants of Stelt united in their love of gladiatorial fights, where they watched local warriors or slaves captured from other islands battle to the death. The Dark Hunter called Gladiator used to be one such fighter, until he went berserk and the Shadowed One recruited him. Shortly before Mata Nui's Reawakening, he was sent back into the arena as a spy, investigating rumors that the inhabitants of Stelt are attempting to reassemble Sidorak's scattered horde of Visorak.[9]

Brutaka, Vezon, Spiriah, Roodaka, Takadox, and Carapar traveled to Stelt in order to acquire a Boat large enough to accommodate the group. Brutaka offered Roodaka to a trader of Sidorak's race as payment for his finest ship. Brutaka knocked the merchant out while Takadox hypnotized the crew into jumping off the board, and then they stole the boat and left the island.[10] The merchant rescued some of the crew, and was able to replace his boat.[11]

Makuta Miserix arrived on the island, and confronted the same person about the location of Teridax, tearing the roof off of the trader's shop. After getting no response, he ordered him to spread word of his return.[11] The former Brotherhood leader then searched the island and found the Makuta of Stelt, whom he interrogated for Teridax's location before killing him.[12]

After Miserix left, Mazeka arrived on the island to find a Nynrah Ghost who had helped Vultraz modify his Skyfighter. Mazeka defeated his two bodyguards, and blackmailed the Fe-Matoran. After being told where Vultraz went, Mazeka crushed the crafter's mask and left on his Swamp Strider.[13]

Trinuma later arrived on Stelt after the destruction of Daxia, where he began to coordinate resistance efforts against Teridax. The Toa Nuva arrived soon after, and received information from him.[14]

After the Battle of Bara Magna, the Matoran Universe was rendered uninhabitable, and the inhabitants of Stelt emigrated from Stelt onto Spherus Magna. Later, Stelt, along with all other locations in the Matoran Universe, was dismantled.[15][16]


The island was a desolate place, mostly due to the ruling species' envy; whenever one of them managed to build any kind of structure, their neighbors grew jealous and united to tear it down.[5] The only stable structures were coliseums, which the inhabitants used for entertainment fights, and relatively unimportant dwellings, such as trader's houses or inns.[citation needed]

Former Inhabitants

The inhabitants of Stelt divided themselves up into a hierarchy, with certain species taking priority over others.

Sidorak's Species

Sidorak's species, a race of tall and powerful beings, were in control of Stelt. Its known members include:


Matoran also lived on Stelt, working as traders and merchants.[17] They constituted the island's middle class, as they were not considered to be as high as Sidorak's race, but are not as low as Krekka's.[18] Known Matoran of Stelt include:

  • A Fe-Matoran, who went rogue from the Nynrah Ghosts. He has a bad right arm, changes his name every few months, and worked out of an inn.

Krekka's Species

Krekka's species were the lower class on Stelt, and they were used as guards and servants.

  • Krekka (deceased)
  • A number of beings who crewed a trader's ship. Takadox hypnotized them, and ordered them to throw themselves overboard
  • Two acting as bodyguards for an ex-Nynrah Ghost
  • At least a dozen members of this species who died fighting Gladiator to stop his rampage
  • A member that was captured by Skakdi, taken to Zakaz, and thrown into a tank of Energized Protodermis with a Zyglak, Vortixx, and the Piraka, resulting in the creation of the Golden Being (formerly; currently fused)

Gladiator's Species

Gladiator's species were slaves and entertainment fighters on Stelt, and were an even lower class than Krekka's species. Known members include:


Some Skakdi made their way from Zakaz to Stelt.[19]


"There are some cultures that thrive on war. One such was the island home of Sidorak and Krekka, a place where battle was a constant fact of life."
— The Shadowed One, Dark Hunters

"I know Stelt. A Nui-Rama doesn't buzz on the Tren Krom Peninsula without you scum hearing it."
— Makuta Miserix, Destiny War


  • Greg Farshtey likens the lawlessness of Stelt to Tortuga in the days of the pirates. Because of this, unlike even Xia, Toa are not welcome on the island.[20]


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