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Toa Inika Commercials

Inika Web Commercial
Creator Ghost Studios
Distributor The LEGO Group
Promoting Toa Inika
Release Date 2006

The Toa Inika Promo Animations were a series of largely CGI-animated videos depicting the Toa Inika. These continue to be available on in the Story Archive, as well as with the 2008 update of These animations are mainly to promote the sets and to achieve dramatic effect, since they share little resemblance with main storyline elements. Surprisingly, there are no animations of Nuparu, Hewkii, and Kongu.


Jaller swings his sword.

Jaller cautiously enters a clearing when suddenly a large pendulum almost collides with him. Leaping into the air, Jaller severs the cords suspending four of the pendulums with one of his Energized Flame Swords. The animation ends with a pose of Jaller and the words "New Inika Heroes".


Hahli runs through the field.

Hahli appears in the middle of a vast field surrounded by snapping animal traps, jaws ominously opening. Hahli runs through the field while the traps snap up at her. The animation ends with a pose of Hahli and the words "New Inika Heroes".


Matoro leaps and fires.

Matoro's foot depresses a stone which activates Zamor Launcher sentinels. Matoro leaps through the air in slow-motion and fires his own Zamor Launcher at them, destroying them. The animation ends with a pose of Matoro and the words "New Inika Heroes".

Inika Web Commercial

The Toa Inika ready themselves.

The Toa Inika approach a chain link fence with a Piraka head sign on it. A stone switch is activated which turns on floodlights, activates Zamor Launcher sentinels and bring a back wall up behind the Toa, entrapping them. However, the Toa Inika prepare for combat as they ready their weapons and the laser sights of the sentinels fall upon them. Matoro skilfully twists and deflects a Zamor with his Energized Ice Sword while Hewkii deflects a Zamor with his Laser Axe to strike part of the structure, causing the fence to fall toward them. Nuparu is shown aiming his Laser Drill while Kongu fires his Zamor Launcher at the fence, breaking a hole in it. The Toa Inika leap into the air, while Hahli and Jaller slice through support columns with the Laser Harpoon and Energized Flame Sword respectively. The animation ends with a slow-motion shot of the Toa Inika leaping towards the camera while the narrator states that presents new Inika Heroes.

Inika Toy Commercial

The Toa Inika sets

This animation features elements of the Inika Web Commercial however it features the sets more prominently. The narrator points out the various features of the Inika sets as each Toa and their name is presented and states that "it's not what you got but what you do with it that makes you a hero." The animation ends with an image of the Toa Inika canister sets while the narrator states that BIONICLE presents six new Inika Heroes.


  • The music playing in the Inika Web Commercial and Inika Toy Commercial is "Move Along" by the All-American Rejects, in accordance with the Free The Band promotion.