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"The suckers on their tentacles drained the life force from any being they touched. Their speed and ruthless efficiency made them creatures to be dreaded by even the great sharks."
— Narrator, City of the Lost

Sea Squid
Comic squid.png
Powers Draining life force from targets
Conservation status Common
Known locations Aqua Magna
Black Water
Set number 8934

Sea Squid are vampiric squid-like creatures native to Aqua Magna. They were bred by Barraki Kalmah and used as weapons in the Barraki's undersea armies.


Sea Squid being struck by energy from the Ignika

The Sea Squid was a creature native to the ocean of Spherus Magna prior to The Shattering and afterwards continued to thrive on the newly formed planet of Aqua Magna.[1]

1,000 years ago, when the Barraki set up their underwater kingdoms and recruited armies of sea creatures, Kalmah discovered the Sea Squid in the cave later referred to as the Octo Cave. Kalmah took it upon himself to breed the creatures in this cave, later forbidding others, including the other Barraki, to enter since Mantax once ate half the brood.[2] Kalmah treated them harshly and turned them into vicious killing beasts. He accomplished this by starving his squid more than others, making them more effective killers. He then created the Squid Launchers as a means to use the Sea Squid as weapons, and distributed them to the other Barraki. Sea Squid were used by the Barraki in mass numbers against the giant Venom Eel[1] and as scouts by Kalmah.[IC6]

When the Barraki were rounded up and imprisoned in the Pit by Hydraxon, the Sea Squid were abandoned in the Black Waters.

Abilities and Traits

Sea Squid[3] feed by draining the life force from a being through the suckers on their tentacles and transferring the energy into themselves. They are fast and ruthlessly efficient, therefore they are able to prey on beings much larger than themselves. They reproduce by laying eggs.[2]

Despite living and breeding in mutagenic waters, Sea Squid are not immune to the mutagen. Pit Mutagen causes internal damage to their DNA which will not become apparent until generations to come.[4]

Sea Squid were used by the Barraki and several other beings in the water surrounding the Pit as weapons.

Set Information

Sea Squid in set form
A Sea Squid in set form

Sea Squid were featured in various 2007 sets in the form of soft, stretchy translucent rubber. A Sea Squid could be launched from the soft plastic Squid Launcher piece by mounting the squid's head in the front of the launcher while pulling back the tail as demonstrated in the instructions or on an instructional video on

Two yellow-orange Sea Squid were packaged in each Barraki set as well as the Karzahni, Nocturn, and Gadunka sets. Three were featured in the Barraki Deepsea Patrol and Toa Undersea Attack playsets and five in the Toa Terrain Crawler. Excluding the Toa Terrain Crawler and Toa Undersea Attack playsets, each of the above sets featured a Squid Launcher and a pair of clips on which the Sea Squid could be mounted.

8934 Squid Ammo pack was released in 2007. The pack contains seven extra various blends of blue and green colored Sea Squid.

A pair of life-size "Splashy Barraki Squids" (one red, one green) were released together in 2007. These were permeable foam balls that were intended to be soaked with water and thrown as a pool toy. The cloth surface and tail of each squid was printed with a face, the Barraki logo, and the insignia of various Barraki.


  • In some European countries, the Sea Squid were marketed as "Polyps."
  • Sea Squid are known to be unappetizing.[5]
  • Matoran would classify Sea Squid as Rahi, even though they are not.[6]


A CGI Sea Squid
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