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BIONICLE Defenders is non-canon.
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BIONICLE Defenders
Online Game
Developer Kiloo
Publisher Disney Mobile Games Studio s.r.o. (under Living Mobile)
TT Games
Platform Mobile phone
Controls Unknown
Release Date 2007

BIONICLE Defenders is a mobile phone game developed by Kiloo and published by Disney Mobile Games Studio s.r.o., a subsidiary of Disney Interactive under the Living Mobile label in association with TT Games.[1] The game takes place in the Pit, and requires players to fight and knock out the Barraki's armies.

The game is a classic example of the tower defense genre. The player has to create towers with different powers to stop the sea creatures. This game is non-canonical, and is split into two modes: "Campaign Mode" and "Survival Mode".


The game is based on a plot in which the Barraki sends out waves of sea creatures in attempt to steal the Ignika, Mask of Life, of which the Toa Mahri needs to battle against using various towers, zones and the Toa themselves.

The army of the Barraki, named "creeps" in the game, comes in waves. Each wave has more creeps then before and the creeps are more powerful and have more endurance as waves are defeated and new waves attacks. When a level is completed, the player will be presented with new items, which may be creeps, Toa or zones.


In this game, one can play as any of the Toa Mahri in the Survival mode, but they must first unlocked via completing the campaign mode. The campaign mode initially features Matoro as playable, but later on also includes Nuparu, Hewkii, Kongu, and Hahli. In the survival mode, Jaller is also made playable if the entire campaign is completed.


Creeps spawn from the start point and have a certain power level which indicates how strong the creep is and how much gold it will give. Killing a creep will fill up the gold bar on the top of the screen which will give the player a certain amount of gold when filled.

There are several types of creeps in the game:

  • Crab - The weakest type of creep but usually spawns in large numbers.
  • Starfish - A weak creep, but has great endurance.
  • Squid - Moderately powerful creep, but weak to Lightning.
  • Eels - Fast and moderately powerful creep, but weak to Air.
  • Jellyfish - Slow and tough creep but weak to Ice.



Towers are the primary weapons in the game, and vary in power and abilities. There are several types of towers in the game:

Tower Power Cost
Small Laser Low, normal shooting damage and small range. Weakest of all towers. 200
Big Laser Low, normal shooting damage with larger range then Small Laser. 500
Missile Tower Average, normal shooting damage with large range. 550
Lightning Tower Average damage with small shooting range. Makes target weaker to all attacks. Most effective against creeps of electricity. 700
Ice Tower Average damage with average shooting range. Slows down target and is most effective against creeps of ice. 800
Air Tower Average damage with average shooting range, but causes wide-ranged damage. Most effective against creeps of air. 900

Toa Mahri

The Toa Mahri are powerful version of towers. The damage caused by the Toa Mahri are more powerful then those by the towers, and most Toa Mahri cause splash damage.

Toa Mahri Power Cost
Matoro Normal laser with average shooting range, consistent attacks. 750
Nuparu Long range missiles which deals normal splash damage. Most effective when used to defend several areas. 1250
Hewkii Short shooting range with powerful lightning attacks. 2200
Kongu Long range air missiles which deals powerful splash damage. 3000
Hahli Deals powerful Ice damage with average range. The attacks generated by Hahli are the most powerful of all the Mahri. 4500
Jaller Jaller increases the power of the towers and Toa Mahri stationed besides him. However, he is unable to attack directly. 7500


The Mask of Life

Zones are tiles which can be placed on the existing tiles for a special effect. However, zones cannot be removed once they have been placed and other zones have been put on that tile. The player is given a set amount of zones per level in the campaign mode, however in survival mode the player gets zones every time a wave of creeps is defeated. The types of zones are:

  • Slow - Slows creeps.
  • Barricade - Blocks creeps.
  • Lightning - Makes creeps weaker to Lightning.
  • Weakness - Makes creeps weaker to everything.
  • Air-shot - Makes creeps weaker to Air.
  • Ice - Makes creeps weaker to Ice.


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