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8892 Piraka Outpost
Set number 8892
Subtheme Playsets
Release date 2006
MSRP $29.99 (US)
19.99 (UK)
Ages 7+

Set 8892 Piraka Outpost is a playset released in 2006, portraying a Piraka Outpost.

Product Description

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Capture the Piraka Outpost!
The evil Piraka are prepared to defend Voya Nui from their outposts around the island. But don't worry -- Toa Inika Jaller and Toa Inika Kongu are on their way to take it back! They're riding atop a giant Fenrakk Spawn Spider to capture the outpost and stop the Piraka!

*Features missile launcher and zamor sphere launcher!
*Includes 2 mini Toa and 2 mini Piraka figures.
*All-new mini Toa and Piraka have cool masks & moving parts!

Set Information

The set includes an immobile Nektann, a Fenrakk Spawn Spider, and four minifigures: Toa Inika Jaller, Toa Inika Kongu, Piraka Reidak, and Piraka Thok.



The set includes a Kanohi Rode as the head of the Fenrakk.