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8731 Toa Kongu
Canister Set
Set number 8731
Subtheme Toa Inika
Release date 2006
Pieces 46
MSRP $9.99 (US)
7.99 (UK)
Ages 7+

Set 8731 Toa Kongu is a canister set released in 2006 portraying Toa Kongu, the Toa Inika of Air.

Product Description

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Master of the laser crossbow!
Toa Inika Kongu knows what his enemies are thinking, thanks to the Kanohi Suletu, the Mask of Telepathy. And he knows how to stop them using his laser crossbow and zamor sphere launcher!

*Includes a zamor sphere launcher!
*The Toa of Air’s crossbow lights up with a strobe effect!

Set Information

The Toa Kongu set was released in mid-2006 as one of the six Toa Inika sets. The set consists of forty-six pieces.


Kongu carries a Zamor Launcher that can be used to launch the spheres included in the set. A magazine allows the launcher to hold up to four spheres at once.

When a button on Kongu's Laser Crossbow is pressed, its core will flash with blue light. This feature is powered by three LR41 batteries.


Kongu weras a green Great Kanohi Suletu. The set also contains four blue Zamor Spheres.


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