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"In Le-Koro we live our lives according to the Principle of Faith. Faith is what holds aloft the feet of our leaf-runners! Faith is the wind that lifts our Gukko-riders from the trees! Faith is the hand that guides our discs to their marks! Without Faith, no Le-Matoran could sail the skies, or run across the treetops. From the principle of Faith comes our skill!"
— Sanso, The Final Chronicle

Occupation Unknown
Kanohi Pakari[1]
Tools Unknown
Status Diminished
Occupation Musician
Kanohi Pakari
Tools Flute
Status Rebuilt
Occupation Musician
Kanohi Pakari
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna

Sanso is a Le-Matoran native to Metru Nui.


Metru Nui

On Metru Nui, Sanso lived and worked in Le-Metru.

He was captured by the Vahki under the command of Makuta Teridax, disguised as Turaga Dume. He was then forced into a Matoran Sphere but was later rescued by the Toa Metru and awakened on the shores of Naho Bay on the island of Mata Nui.[2][3]

Mata Nui

Sanso's body was weakened by his time in a Matoran sphere, reducing his size. After arriving on Mata Nui, Sanso joined in the construction of Le-Koro, working under Matau's instruction, with melted-down pieces from Airships in which the Toa arrived on Mata Nui with the Matoran.[4] In Le-Koro, Sanso became a Musician, and was well-versed in the Principle of Faith.[5]

During the Great War, Sanso managed to avoid being captured by Nui-Rama in a Rahi attack, and stayed behind in Le-Koro during the Gukko Bird Force's raid on the Nui-Rama Hive. He later played music to celebrate the freedom of his fellow Le-Matoran and Toa Mata Lewa.[6]

Sanso, along with most of the other Le-Matoran, had his mask removed and replaced with a krana by the Bohrok during the Bohrok Invasion. Following Kongu's and Tamaru's ambush of the assembled Matoran, the krana were removed and masks restored.[7]

Following the defeat of the Bohrok-Kal, Sanso was rebuilt into a form which resembled that which he had had on Metru Nui.[8]

When Hahli was visiting Le-Koro during the Kolhii Tournament that preceded the Rahkshi attacks, Turaga Matau suggested that she seek out Sanso to have him impart his knowledge of the Principle of Le-Koro, to assist her in her training.[5]

Return to Metru Nui

Following the defeat of the Rahkshi and Teridax, Sanso helped to construct Boats to help his and the other Matoran's return to Metru Nui.[9] There, he joined in the work undertaken by all of the Matoran to repair the city, as the it was in a decrepit state. He temporarily stopped his work of reconstruction on order of Jaller, to force the Turaga to reveal where the Toa Nuva had gone, but he eventually got back to work.[10] He finally stopped working when Metru Nui was repaired due to the usage of the Staff of Artakha.[11]

As a result of the Battle of Bara Magna, which caused the incapacitation of the Great Spirit Robot, Sanso migrated from the Matoran Universe to Spherus Magna.[12][13]


  • When Sanso initally appears in the Mata Nui Online Game, he is erroneously depicted with lime green feet. After this cutscene, he is consistently depicted with teal feet.
  • Sanso means "oxygen" in Japanese.



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