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Ultimate Accessory Set
Set number 6620
Subtheme Tubs
Release date 2006
Pieces 500
Ages 8+

Set 6620 Ultimate Accessory Set is a tub released in 2006.

Set Information

The set comes with 500 pieces, the majority of which are taken from sets released during 2003 and 2004. The tub contains everything necessary to build 8614 Nuurakh, including the instruction manual, despite the tub label claiming that no instructions are included.

The set is known to have been released in the UK region.



The set includes several Kraata Za and Shadow Kraata, as well as a variety of Rhotuka spinners of predominantly silver color.


6620 did not have enough reviewers to create a reflective score, possibly due to the set's limited release area. BZP's review concluded that it was a good value for the amount of pieces and collectibles included, but that it would not satisfy those looking for a focused building experience.