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8939 Lesovikk
Large Set
Set number 8939
Subtheme Titans of Mahri Nui
Release date 2007
Pieces 149
MSRP $19.99 (US)
14.99 (UK)
Ages 8-16

Set 8939 Lesovikk is a large box set portraying Toa Cordak Lesovikk and his Sea Sled.

Product Description

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A hero returns!
A legendary hero of the past returns as Toa Lesovikk strikes in Mahri Nui! He's on a millennia-long quest for justice, and no one better get in his way! Armed with his air sword and his sea sled, he is ready for undersea action!

*Lesovikk has red glowing eyes that really light up!
*Lesovikk can grab onto the sea sled to ride into battle!
*Sea sled has a rotating Cordak blaster that really fires!
*Retractable legs allow the sea sled to stand when not in use!
*Lesovikk stands 7" (18 cm) tall and sea sled is 11" (28 cm) long!

Set Information

The set contains 149 pieces and was released in summer 2007.


The legs of the Sea Sled can be flipped between stowed and extended positions.

The Sea Sled also features a Cordak Blaster, which can launch the projectiles included in the set. The blaster can hold six mini-rockets.

Lesovikk's eyes will light up if a button on the back of his eyepiece is pressed. This feature is powered by a CR927 battery.


The set includes a lime green Kanohi Faxon with a transparent blue visor.