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8730 Toa Hewkii
Canister Set
Set number 8730
Subtheme Toa Inika
Release date 2006
Pieces 62
MSRP $9.99 (US)
7.99 (UK)
Ages 7+

Set 8730 Toa Hewkii is a canister set released in mid-2006 portraying Toa Hewkii, the Toa Inika of Stone.

Product Description

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Enemies are in for a shock!
Toa Inika Hewkii can beat an enemy with the power of his stone-lightning blasts, laser axe or zamor launcher – or he can use his Kanohi Sanok, the Mask of Accuracy, and turn virtually anything that can be thrown into a weapon!

*Includes a zamor sphere launcher!
*The Toa of Stone’s laser axe lights up with a strobe effect!

Set Information

The Toa Hewkii set was released in early 2006 as one of the six Toa Inika sets. The set contains sixty-two pieces, which can be combined with parts from 8728 Toa Hahli and 8729 Toa Nuparu to create Toa Jovan.


Hewkii carries a Zamor Launcher that can be used to launch the spheres included in the set. A magazine allows the launcher to hold up to four spheres at once.

When a button on Hewkii's Laser Axe is pressed, its core will flash with red light. This feature is powered by three LR41 batteries.

Hewkii is additionally equipped with a climbing chain.


Hewkii wears a titanium-colored Great Kanohi Sanok. The set also contains four red-orange Zamor Spheres.



  • Toa Hewkii was the first Stone-associated set that was not primarily brown in color. This change was made due to historically poor sales of brown sets. Future Stone sets would follow this trend, featuring yellow or orange instead of brown, until the tan Vorox and Zesk debuted in 2009.

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