Command The Toa Mahri - The Final Challenge

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Command The Toa Mahri - The Final Challenge
Online Game
Platform Online
Controls Toa Mahri

Command The Toa Mahri - The Final Challenge is an Online Game that features all the Toa Mahri as playable characters and was the last game released in 2007. It is no longer available at


Gameplay of the last level

Players use each Toa in the final level of their respective game, and can choose the order in which they play the levels. Each level can only be played once regardless of whether or not it is won. If a level is successfully completed, a Cordak missile is rewarded. If the player fails to complete a level, nothing is lost and they are returned to the the main menu. However, if all six Toa are defeated in their individual levels, the player will return to the main screen without viewing any scenes. Once all levels are attempted, all the Toa in the levels that the player won will join together in an attempt to destroy the Cord by shooting at multiple target rings on it. The player must click within these target rings, causing the cord to take damage. In addition to the normal attack which the Toa can execute, the Cordak Missiles which the player may have earned in the previous level can be fired, doing large amounts of damage to the Cord. Periodically, the target rings will shift. The game will end when time runs out, regardless of how much damage has been dealt to the Cord.

If the player does not deal enough damage to the Cord before the time runs out, the Toa Mahri attempt to sever the Cord, a close up of Hewkii is shown, and the Barraki will come and fire squids at the Mahri. When the game was first released, Teridax (who is possessing Maxilos) was then shown putting on the Ignika. That scene has since been removed.

If the player succeeds in dealing enough damage to the Cord before time runs out, the Cord is shown exploding, causing Voya Nui to sink down, the Barraki escape from the falling island, and the Toa Mahri follow it to the Southern Continent, where Matoro puts on the Mask of Life.


The first six levels use the controls of the previous games. Controls for the seventh level:

  • Mouse - Aim
  • Left Click - Shoot Cordak
  • Hold Left Mouse, then release - Charge then release giant Cordak missiles (the amount of giant Cordak one is able to fire is only determined on how many levels the player has won in the previous games)


Pressing 1, 2, 3 and 4 at the same time during any of the first six levels activates cheat mode. After cheat mode is activated, pressing various numbers activates different cheats. Note that the cheats do not work on the seventh level.

  1. Win level
  2. Restore life
  3. Lose level


Part of the removed scene
  • Originally, if the player lost, the ending scene was lengthened, showing a Maxilos wearing the Kanohi Ignika. This part of scene was removed shortly after the game's release.
  • Unlike the other six Command The Toa Mahri games, this game does not have a special code that allows the player to activate the Ignika when they play again.
  • The game was produced for The LEGO Group by 4t2 Studios.

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