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Ultimate Creatures Accessory Kit (Special Edition)
Set number 6638
Subtheme Tubs
Release date 2006
Pieces 345
MSRP $19.99
Ages 8+

Set 6638 Ultimate Creatures Accessory Set (Special Edition) is a tub released in 2006.

Product Description

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Build your own BIONICLE® creation!
This special canister contains the parts you need to build a BIONICLE creation or modify one of your existing ones.
*Includes Kanohi masks, tools, Rahkshi heads and spines, and much more!

Set Information

The set comes with 345 pieces.



The set contains Kanoki masks as well as two of Set:8580 which contains random Kraata


6638 scored a 68 on Brick Insights, indicting negative reviews. However, there were only three reviews, two of which tended to be positive, emphasizing the price to part value.