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Voya Nui Online Animations
Studio 4.21 Productions
Distributor The LEGO Group
Release Date 2006
Runtime Various
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The Voya Nui Online Animations, also known as the Piraka Online Animations or Inika Online Animations,[note 1] are interactive, non-canon animations portraying the Piraka's mission to obtain the Ignika. There are six episodes in all.

Although these animations are unnamed on BIONICLE.com, Yamago's website collectively referred to them as Bionicle – Story 2006.[1]


Reidak hunts a running Le-Matoran.

Episode 01

Near a waterfall, a Le-Matoran is running from an unseen captor. As he runs into a clearing, Reidak comes into view, and continues running after the Matoran. After a long chase, Reidak catches up with the Matoran and drags him to the Chamber of Truth. After the Le-Matoran arrives, Vezok begins to interrogate the Matoran, who whispers something to Vezok. Clearly satisfied, Vezok takes his Zamor Launcher, and fires a Zamor filled with Antidermis at the Matoran, enslaving him.

Elsewhere, a group of infected Matoran labor in the mines, collecting Zamor crystals for the menacing Piraka, under Zaktan's watch. As a Ta-Matoran walks off with some crystals, he trips and the crystals he was carrying fall to the ground. The Matoran scrambles to re-collect them, but stumbles into Zaktan, who grabs a fallen crystal in his hand and growls, frightening the Matoran.

Meanwhile, near Mount Valmai, Hakann keeps a watchful eye over several other Matoran slaves, who are currently digging trenches to drain the Lake of Lava. As the Matoran finish, Hakann cracks his whip several times, and the Matoran open the gateway. As lava rushes into the trenches, the group hears far off explosions, in the mountains.

In the mountains, Avak relaxes, firing his weapon at a pile of rocks, destroying them. As he finishes, a Le-Matoran escapes from the fragments of rocks, and runs into the jungle. As he runs to safety, he finds a location he is clearly familiar with, and, as he begins to work with it, he is seized by Thok, who had been tracking him the whole time. As Thok lifts the Matoran, he finds something in front of him of interest.

The Piraka walk into the cave.

Episode 02

As he looks forward, Thok sees an entrance to a cave in front of him, inscribed with the word 'Guardians'. As he begins to walk forward, he is tapped on the shoulder by the other Piraka, who were right behind him. Thok bows, and gestures for his other teammates to go forward. As Hakann takes the lead, they find a metal door barring their way. Hakann takes a running start and tackles the door. Unyielding, Hakann is thrown back, and the door is unbroken. Avak then walks forward, and fires at the door. As the door is destroyed, the Piraka move forward. As they enter a chamber, Vezok takes a look around. He notices six carvings of masks in the chamber, but nothing else. Walking forward, he triggers a trap, and the ground begins to fragment beneath him. As Reidak quickly saves him, the other Piraka snicker at him, and Vezok gestures for Zaktan to try another chamber.

As Zaktan enters the chamber, a small pebble from above strikes his head. As he looks up, he sees the roof of the chamber begin to cave in. As the rocks fall down, he takes his blade and slices them, protecting himself. Having yet another chamber blocked, the Piraka take another route, and find themselves in front of another, chained, metal door. As Avak prepares to blast this one away, yet again, Thok pushes him aside, and freezes the lock. Smashing it, the door opens. As the Piraka find themselves in front of a cliff wall, Reidak immediately begins climbing it. Triggering a trap and awakening Hewkii, Reidak is then hit by a huge metal ball and falls to the ground. Angered, he jumps back onto the cliff, and begins climbing again.

After all the Piraka successfully scale the cliff, they continue walking, and enter a room dominated by a small waterfall. Vezok, thinking quickly, hits Thok through the waterfall, revealing a secret passageway. As Thok walks on, and inadvertently awakens Hahli, he finds a lake with several stepping stones. After all the Piraka cross safely, they continue their journey, and find a massive chasm blocking their path.

The Piraka find themselves on the edge of a cliff.

Episode 03

Seeing the chasm in front of them, the Piraka realize that they have no other choice but to find a different path. Seeing a narrow ledge, they each edge along the pathway slowly. Along the way, Thok loses his grip and falls, but, using his reflexes, jumps back up to join his teammates near a rope bridge. As each of the Piraka walk along the bridge, the bridge begins to groan under their weight. By the time that only Vezok is left on the bridge, it has weakened considerably, and, while Vezok tries to run fruitlessly to the end, the bridge gives way on one end, and Vezok follows with it. While his teammates carelessly walk off, Vezok climbs up the remains of the fallen bridge like a rope ladder, and arrives on the edge of the cliff. Angered, Vezok fires one of his Zamor Spheres, and growls.

As the Piraka walk on, they find another locked door in front of them, with a carving of a Suletu above it. This time, Hakann uses his Lava Launcher to fire lava at the door, melting it into slag. As he walks over the remains, the others follow as well, while Kongu awakens elsewhere. When the Piraka make it to the next chamber, they find several probes giving off electric charges. After successful passing the obstacle, the Piraka walk on, and Hakann triggers another trap. The floor gives way beneath him, dropping him into searing lava. As Avak checks on Hakann, and deems him deceased, the Piraka continue walking. When they reach the next chamber, they hear laughter. As they turn back around, they find Hakann pulling himself out of the lava, smoke still drifting off him.

As the Piraka continue walking along a passageway, while Thok and Hakann have a slight spat, Reidak steps on an odd stone, smashing it. As a minor avalanche begins, Thok and Hakann are sealed off from the others, and stuck with each other. While Avak and Reidak fight, and Reidak throws Avak, the four Piraka walk forward, into another chamber, which leads to a passageway. With no door to bar their way, they continue walking forward, awakening Jaller. Triggering a trap, a massive sphere of lava drops from the ceiling, threatening to burn the Piraka. The Piraka successfully outrun it, and jump into a pool of water, with the flaming boulder harmlessly dropping into the water as well.

Meanwhile, Thok attempts to destroy the rocks by using his weapon on them. Unsuccessful, he turns to Hakann, and, struck with an idea, decides to work together with Hakann. Together, the two Skakdi use their elemental powers, working only in conjunction, and begin blasting away the boulders. Eventually, the two Piraka succeed, and clear the path for themselves.

The Piraka think they have found the Mask of Life.

Episode 04

After narrowly outrunning a ball of magma, the four Piraka wade along the lake, until they reach another passageway. As they cross the passageway, they find their way blocked by a small chasm. One by one, each of the Piraka leap across the chasm, reaching the other side. When it is Avak's turn, his momentum proves to not be enough to get him to the other side. However, using his blaster, he is able to add momentum, and crashes to the floor of the next tunnel. Eventually, the four Piraka enter a chamber dominated by a pedestal, on which stands a white mask. Believing this to be the Ignika, the mask they are searching for, they scramble over each other and fight to obtain it. While Zaktan and Vezok wrestle, Reidak runs forward, and tries to grab it. However, it turns out to be an illusion, and disappears as he touched it. The ceiling above the pedestal begins to come down, threatening to smash Reidak. Reidak uses his strength to push the ceiling up, and his power wins out, keeping the ceiling from collapsing. The four continue walking, and find themselves in front of an ice covered slope. Grabbing fragments of ice, the Piraka sled down the hill, awakening Matoro. Reaching the bottom, the Piraka begin to scale a cliff.

Meanwhile, Hakann and Thok, having freed themselves from the rubble, continue on their way, catching up with their traitorous teammates. The duo encounter few challenges, as Hakann stops the ball of lava from moving, and Thok creates an ice bridge to cross the chasm. When the time comes to slide down the ice hill, Thok takes a reluctant Hakann down, having finally caught up with their teammates. Spotting them, Hakann and Thok fire their weapons, while Avak spots their two forgotten allies too late. Angered, Vezok and Reidak throw down boulders at Hakann and Thok, while they make their quick escape into another chamber. Crossing the threshold, they awake the last Toa Inika, Toa Nuparu.

While Reidak, Zaktan, and Vezok make it past falling fragments of metal, Avak, Hakann, and Thok catch up to the metal gateway, not too far behind their 3 allies.

The Inika awaken.

Episode 05

Inside the cave, in the chamber with the mask carvings, sleep the Toa Inika. Aware of the evil Piraka in the cave, they awaken, to defeat the Piraka once and for all. In the carving of the Sanok, Hewkii sleeps. Awakening, he splits the carving open. Unlimbering his axe, he arrives at the cliff with the metal flails. Flawlessly, he scales the cliff, not getting hit once.

As the Elda splits open, Toa Hahli rises. Making it to the shore of the lake, she quickly swims through the lake, and jumps out, continuing her journey. As she finishes, Kongu awakes. Making it out of his carving, he simply strides through the chamber with the electric probes. When one hits him, he simply discharges the electricity, using his powers over it.

Awakening, Jaller continues the Inika's journey. When he reaches the tunnel booby-trapped with the ball of lava, he simply stands where it would fall, and, with difficulty, absorbs it. As Jaller takes in the fiery ball, Matoro awakes. Effortlessly, he slides down the icy slope, not getting struck by the stalactites of ice at all. Finally, the Toa of Earth, Nuparu, awakens. When he arrives at his challenge, he charges through, destroying all the metal.

United, the Toa Inika continue on, prepared to face the Piraka.

Piraka face Toa in a battle for the Ignika.

Episode 06

After clearing the final trap, Hakann, Thok, and Avak finally catch up with their former teammates, sprinting to engage them. As Reidak sees them gaining ground, he leaps up from where he stands, and jumps to the floor down below. As the Piraka are together again, they face off against each other, close to fighting.

As they prepare to battle, the Toa Inika rise from the floor, ready to stop the Piraka from obtaining the Mask of Life. Seeing no choice, the Piraka reunite, in order to defeat their new foes.

The battle may end in two ways, depending upon if the player wins or loses:

  • If the player wins: Matoro proclaims victory over the unconscious forms of the Piraka, who lose the battle. The Inika then travel down to the Chamber of Life, as Thok starts moving.
  • If the player loses: The Piraka stand victorious, leaving the unconscious Inika behind. As they head on their way to the Mask of Life, Nuparu starts moving.


  • After the credits, a piece of Zamor Crystal will fall on a Ta-Matoran's head, causing him to fall unconscious.


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  1. This animation series lacks an official name. Because the first four animations open with the Piraka logo, they are sometimes referred to the Piraka Online Animations. Similarly, the last two animations are sometimes called the Inika Online Animations because they open with the Inika logo.