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8764 Vezon & Fenrakk
Large Set
Set number 8764
Subtheme Titans of Voya Nui
Release date 2006
Pieces 281
MSRP $29.99 (US)
24.99 (UK)
Ages 7+

Set 8764 Vezon & Fenrakk is a large boxed set released in 2006 portraying the rogue Piraka Vezon and his Rahi mount Fenrakk.

Product Description

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Challenge the curse of Fenrakk!
Brought to life by a horrible accident, the seventh Piraka called Vezon dared to try and steal the Mask of Life for himself. But the mask cursed him to be fused to the monstrous spider Fenrakk and serve as a new guardian of the ancient artifact. Now the mad Vezon and his terrifying steed wait for anyone brave enough – or foolish enough – to try to steal the mask!

*Vezon comes with the Spear of Fusion and a flip-mask, one side of which is the first-ever version of the Mask of Life!
*Vezon's eye light up and his teeth glow in the dark!
*Beware of Fenrakk's massive, chomping jaws!

Set Information

The Vezon & Fenrakk set contains 281 pieces, and was first released in summer 2006. Parts from Vezon & Fenrakk can be combined with 8733 Axonn and 8734 Brutaka to create Vezon & Kardas.


Vezon & Fenrakk, along with the other large sets released in 2006, introduced an axle-and-cylinder assembly to add support in Fenrakk's front legs. The friction between axle and cylinder allow those legs to hold more weight before buckling.

Vezon's eyes will light up if a button on the back of his eyepiece is pressed. This feature is powered by a CR927 battery. Additionally, Vezon's teeth will glow in the dark.


The set contains a silver Kanohi Ignika fused to Vezon's head.



  • On a prototype version of the box art, the set is labeled with the Piraka logo.[1]


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