Chute Station Attendant

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Chute Station Attendant
Matoran Occupation
Purpose Work at Chute Stations
Location Metru Nui (formerly)

A Chute Station Attendant was a Matoran of Metru Nui who monitored the Chute System and ensured that they ran smoothly, and did not malfunction. These Matoran made decisions regarding the flow of the Chutes, adjustments to the chute width to accommodate heavy traffic, and rerouting chutes from damaged areas in the time of the Morbuzakh assault on Metru Nui.

Although the Chute System operated out of Le-Metru, Chute Station Attendants were usually the class of Matoran associated with the location of their respective station. For example, Kivi, a Po-Matoran, was a Chute Station Attendant of Chute Station 445 in Po-Metru.

Known Chute Station Attendants