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"Gold Good Guy"
Promotional set
Set number 7216
Subtheme Promotional
Release date 2006
Pieces 22
MSRP Free/Gift with Purchase
Ages 6+

7216 "Gold Good Guy", also called 7216 "Duracell Good Guy", was a promotional set released with Duracell batteries in 2006. The set had originally been designed in 2003 and was intended to release as part of a promotion in the US; after the event was cancelled, the idea of that set was repurposed and instead saw release in Europe.[1][2][3] According to Greg Farshtey, the set was intended to depict Turaga Lhikan,[4][5] and was canonized as such in 2014.[6]

The set with a Duracell batteries pack

Set Information

The set contains 22 pieces and was included in three different Duracell battery packs.



Turaga Lhikan wears a gold Kanohi Hau with a unique shape.


7216 "Gold Good Guy" scored a total of 78 on Brick Insights, indicating average reviews, though only out of a recorded two reviews.


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