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Command Toa Kongu
Online Game
Platform Online
Controls Keyboard

Command Toa Kongu is an online game that features Toa Mahri Kongu as the controllable character. The player must navigate through Spinax and Barraki infested mazes and reach the end before Kongu runs out of air. There are a total of six levels. At the end of each level, the player obtains a Cordak missile. After all six missiles are obtained, the player sees a victory scene and is returned to the main screen of the game and given a code that allows him/her to activate the Ignika when he/she plays the game again. If the player loses, he/she sees a different scene, one where Kongu falls into the depths of The Pit. The player is then taken back to the main screen, and does not obtain the code.



In the opening scene, Kongu's Cordak Blaster is empty. He turns around, and sees a Cordak missile. During the game, the player must guide Kongu through a maze while avoiding making contact with enemies, sea squid, and barriers. If Kongu does make contact with them, he will lose health. In addition, Kongu's health decreases slowly as time passes. If the player obtains all six Cordak missiles, there will be a scene where Kongu loads in the last missile, and fires them all at the Barraki.


  • Space Bar - Propulsion
  • Left/Right - Rotate


Image Description
CTHa Bullet.PNG Cordak bullets will advance the player to the next level. Collect six of these to complete the game.
CTK Spiral.PNG Whirlpools will pull Kongu toward them.


Image Description
CTK Takadox.PNG These enemies only swim straight up and down.
CTK Mantax.PNG These enemies only swim left and right.
CTK Spinax.PNG These enemies run back and forth along the ground and will jump up to attack.
CTK Carapar.PNG These enemies shoot Sea Squids from left to right.
CTK Ehlek.PNG These enemies shoot Squids from right to left.
CTK Kalmah.PNG These enemies shoot Squids up.
CTK Pridak.PNG These enemies shoot Squids up.


The sea creature

The Mask of Life code is VoyaLetter Q.pngVoyaLetter U.pngVoyaLetter X.png(QUX). When this is activated, a sea creature will eat enemies when the player makes contact with them.

Pressing 1, 2, 3, and 4 at the same time during any of the first six levels activates cheat mode. After cheat mode is activated, press various numbers to activate different cheats.

  1. Win level
  2. Restart level
  3. Recover health
  4. Activate the Ignika

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