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"How dare you?! This island is mine! You will face my fury!"
Piraka Zaktan, Level 6 - Tropical Forest

Inika Island Assault
IAssault Main.png
Online Game
Platform Online
Controls Keyboard

Inika Island Assault was a six-level online game that was released in 2006 on, but is no longer on the servers. The player controlled the Toa Inika as they attempted to defeat the Piraka and free their Matoran slaves in arcade-style fashion. The game took place on the island of Voya Nui, and featured characters such as the Piraka, Voya Nui Matoran, native Rahi, and various machines. Each of the six levels were divided into two phases, and the player had to defeat the Piraka boss at the end of the second phase to proceed to the next level.

Game Controls

The controls

The default controls of the game were as follows:

  • Up - Jump
  • Down - Crouch
  • Left - Backward
  • Right - Forward
  • Mouse - Aim
  • Left Mouse Button - Fire

The directional commands could be reassigned to other keys by clicking on one of the hexagonal symbols in the "Controls" section, then pressing the desired key.


IA EL.PNG Extra Life Adds 1 unit of health to the player's reserve.
IA SG.PNG Super Gun Fires multiple, powerful lasers.
IA EC.PNG Extra Credit Adds 1 life to the player's reserve.
IA NB.PNG Nova Bomb Defeats all visible enemies on the playing screen.


Ice Shores



The Toa walks through the snow, avoiding the Zamor spheres being launched by the Zamor Catapults. The catapults cannot be destroyed, so the player moves on. Camera robots will jump out occasionally, as well as enslaved Matoran that will throw objects at the Toa. After defeating them, the Toa moves on. Briefly, the Toa will be unable to proceed until he/she has beaten all the robots. When an arrow appears with the word "Go," the player proceeds. As he/she goes on, the Toa will find more enslaved Matoran, as well as Camera robots. The Toa continues to defeat them and eventually the player will need to defeat a Dagger Spider that launches pink spheres. The player then moves on. Some mines are visible. Jumping over them, the Toa continues to fight another Dagger Spider. There is a Matoran under a ledge in a cage. The player frees him and uses the Nova Bomb to get rid of all the Matoran slaves. The Toa then continues until he/she reaches the cave entrance. The player defeats all enemies there and destroys the door, and then goes in.


The Thok battle in the cavern

The Toa continues as usual, overcoming the enemies to continue. The player must remember to look at the top of the screen, and to watch out for stalactites that will fall when he/she comes near them. Soon, the Toa comes upon Thok, who attacks them. After Thok is defeated, the level ends.

The Matoran Stronghold


The catacombs

As the Toa walks forward, some camera robots and infected Matoran start attacking. The Toa keeps fighting and proceeds until a zamor launcher is reached. Defeating the launcher, the Toa continues into the next area. Leeches and camera robots attack. The player destroys them, and then defeats the Dagger Spider on the stairs. Some more camera robots and infected Matoran are defeated as the Toa proceeds up the stairs. More leeches and camera robots will attack. The Toa defeats them them and continues progressing. The Toa comes across a Dagger Spider and some more infected Matoran. The player beats them and proceeds until some leeches, camera robots, and infected Matoran are in sight. The player defeats them as well, and continues up the stairs to the next stage.

Matoran Stronghold

At the top of some stairs, some camera robots advance. After the player destroys them and some impeding crates, he/she then moves on. There are some Matoran on top of some crates. The player fires at them, and keeps walking until he/she encounters a Dagger Spider. Defeating it, the Toa moves on. The Toa comes across a Zamor turret. The player dodges the Zamor spheres and fires at it. When he/she reaches a ledge, the player jumps down and frees the Matoran and overcomes all the enemies. Crossing the bridge, the player finds some Camera robots on the way. The player defeats them and continues. At the end of the bridge an enslaved Matoran and a Camera robot will come up in front, and some more Matoran will come up from behind. The player fires at them. Once the bridge is crossed, the Toa finds some more enemies. He/she defeats them and moves on. The Toa comes to some steps with a Dagger Spider at the top. After defeating it, some other enemies come and attack. The Toa goes up the stairs and jumps off onto the other side. There are some Matoran throwing objects and another Matoran comes up from the back. After all the Matoran have been defeated, the Toa walks on until he/she reaches a dead end with spikes. A machine comes up from behind and Avak appears. The player destroys the machine while dodging the Zamor spheres it fires. After the machine is destroyed, the player defeats Avak and proceeds to the next level.

Cavaca Caves


The desert next to Cavaca Caves

The player goes forward, avoiding the leeches and firing at all enemies until he/she reaches a Dagger Spider. The Toa beats it and moves on. The Toa continues up the cliff, defeating all enemies. He/she goes off the cliff, defeating all infected Matoran and avoiding all leeches before reaching a second Dagger Spider. The player destroys it and continue to the next stage.


The player continues, avoiding the leeches, and defeating all enemies until the dock is reached. They are then attacked by an angry Vezok. After the player defeats Vezok, the level ends.

The Forge


One of the loading bays

The player makes their way forward through the scrapyard, fighting faster red leeches before dropping down into a loading bay where they fight a group of enslaved Matoran and a new enemy, the Lava Hawk. Once the enemies are defeated, they make their way down a long, derelict tunnel where they are attacked by several chute serpents and some enslaved Matoran. After that, the player makes their way through some more loading bays, down a non-functioning conveyor belt, and out the exit.


The player continues on through a forge that is lit by lava, making their way down some leech-covered conveyor belts and fighting some more chute serpents before arriving in a large area with lots of chutes leading to it. Here, they are attacked by several chute serpents and Hakann. Once Hakann is defeated, the level ends.

Desert Area


The player starts off under a ruined arch, and are assaulted by leeches, chute serpents, and Lava Hawks as they continue, as well as the occasional enslaved Matoran. They continue past some more ruins and fight several battles before finally reaching some more ruined archways that lead out into the next section.

Sand Dunes

From the starting archway, the player makes their way past a Lava Hawk and over a wrecked craft of some sort - if they double back inside they can collect a special weapon. Once past the wreckage, all signs of civilization drift away, as the Toa enters the open desert. The player is eventually attacked by Reidak in his drilling apparatus. Once he is defeated, the level ends.

Tropical Forest


The temple exit

The player makes their way through a mostly open jungle, fighting a new enemy, the mechanical wasps. On the far side, they arrive at the ruins of a temple with a sculpture of Zaktan's face as an entrance. The Toa goes through into the final area.


Out another sculpture on the other side, the player is immediately attacked by a Dagger Spider. Defeating it, they continue to make their way through the jungle, fighting large groups of enemies on an otherwise uncluttered jungle path. Eventually, they arrive in Zaktan's temple, where they fight him and his large vehicle. After a long and difficult battle, the Toa defeats Zaktan and the level ends.


Level 1 - Ice Shores

The player must defeat Thok while avoiding his ice daggers that erupt from the ground and his Zamor Spheres.

The battle with Avak

Level 2 - The Matoran Stronghold

The player must first disable Avak's heavily-armored walking cannon, and then finish him off while avoiding his Zamor Spheres.

Level 3 - Cavaca Caves

The battle with Vezok on the pier

The player must defeat Vezok by waiting for the Piraka to emerge from the water and land on the pier the Toa is standing on, all the while dodging leeches and his water bombs. Caution and speed is required, however, as Vezok emits a damaging shockwave when he lands and only stays on the pier for few seconds at a time.

Level 4 - The Forge

The player must defeat Hakann by waiting for him to emerge from his protective canister, all the while avoiding attacks by his Chute Serpents. The player must be quick, as the canister will only stay open for a few seconds at a time.

Level 5 - Desert Area

The player must defeat Reidak, dodging his drilling apparatus and waiting for it to fully surface. Once surfaced, Reidak is exposed to damage, but is able to damage the player with his Zamor Spheres as well. The apparatus will only stay surfaced temporarily before retreating back into the sand.

Level 6 - Tropical Forest

The player must defeat Zaktan, who is piloting a modified railway car capable of firing powerful lasers, Zamor bombs, and a large Zamor Serpent. The Zamor Serpent cannot be damaged, but must be avoided if Zaktan's vehicle is to be destroyed.

Playable Characters

The playable characters are the Toa Inika:

Toa Inika Name
Inika Island Assault Jaller.png Jaller
Inika Island Assault Hahli.png Hahli
Inika Island Assault Kongu.png Kongu
Inika Island Assault Hewkii.png Hewkii
Inika Island Assault Nuparu.png Nuparu
Inika Island Assault Matoro.png Matoro


Enemy Description
Inika Island Assault Zamor Catapult.png Zamor Catapults - Invincible catapults that appear in the background. Launches zamor spheres which will drop downscreen.
Inika Island Assault CamBot.png Camera Robots - Fast and small robots that appear very often and rush at the Toa.
Inika Island Assault Antidermis Matoran.png Matoran Slaves - Slow enemies that will toss white projectiles at the Toa. Some Matoran are mounted on platforms and cannot move.
Inika Island Assault Dagger Spider.png Dagger Spiders - Immobile enemies that shoot pink zamor spheres at different heights at the Toa.
Inika Island Assault Automated Zamor Turret.png Automated Zamor Turrets - Immobile enemies that shoot several zamor spheres in a wave-like pattern at the Toa.
Inika Island Assault Leech.png Leech - Small enemies that drop from the ceiling and crawl along the ground.
Inika Island Assault Lava Leech.png Lava Leech - Identical to the normal leech's, but faster movement.
Inika Island Assault Zamor Mobile Cannon.png Avak's Zamor Mobile Cannon - A very slow enemy, fought right before Avak. It traps the Toa and tries to crush him/her against the wall, while shooting Zamors at alternating heights.
Inika Island Assault Lava Hawk.png Lava Hawks - A fast enemy that will fly through the air and drop zamor spheres towards the Toa.
Inika Island Assault Mechanical Wasp.png Mechanical Wasps - Very small and somewhat slow enemies that will track the player. A buzzing noise will occur when the wasp is onscreen.
Inika Island Assault Chute Serpent.png Chute Serpents - A long serpent that will emerge from pipes or under the ground and fly around before retreating. Will normally retreat if damaged. A rattling noise will occur before a Chute Serpent appears.
Inika Island Assault Zamor Serpent.png Zaktan's Zamor Serpent - An invincible version of the Chute Serpent.


  • The game was created by Tanukidesign, also known as "Les Tanukis."
  • In each level of the game, the masks and weapons of the Toa Metru and Toa Hordika can be seen integrated into the level's design.
  • There is a pillar in the game with Toa Hordika Matau's head carved on it. It says "2006" in the Matoran language.

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