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"Mission objective: Retrieve Mask of Life. Time is limited."

Director Christian Faber and Jan Kjær
Producer Jeppe Fonnesbæk (Executive Producer)
Lars Bartkær
Writer Jacob Berg
Starring Toa Mahri
Hydraxon's Replica
Maxilos and Spinax
Distributor The LEGO Group
Release Date July 18th, 2007
Runtime 2 minutes and 20 seconds

BIONICLE: Toa Mahri is a short movie featuring the Toa Mahri, Hydraxon's Replica, Gadunka, Maxilos, and Spinax.


The Toa Mahri in the Deep Sea Port

The animation begins with the Toa Terrain Crawler speeding across the dark sea bottom. It then shows a view of the inside of the vehicle, revealing the Toa Mahri, strapped into seats on the wall of the craft. Small robotic arms in the crawler equip them with their Kanohi and weapons, readying them for battle. The Terrain Crawler comes to a halt at the edge of a massive trench. The Toa grab their Cordak Blasters, lowered from the crawler's ceiling. Kongu grabs two blasters, while Axonn[citation needed] tells them their mission objective: to retrieve the Mask of Life. Three of the Toa are then shown examining their weapons, while the vehicle begins to flood with water up to their knees.

The crawler's hatch opens, and Hahli swims towards the edge of a small cliff. Just as as Jaller notes that there seems to be no sign of life, two mutated Takea swim upward towards Hahli and attack the other Toa.

The Toa begin rapidly firing their Cordak Blasters at the creatures, which narrowly escape the darts. Kongu, Nuparu and Jaller continue firing their blasters, while Matoro speeds above their heads on a small craft, in pursuit of one of the sea creatures. Kongu and Jaller are ambushed by one of them and are both knocked over the edge of the trench. Hahli grabs onto the creature's tail.

Hewkii and Nuparu run after them. Hewkii asks if they are okay, but there is no response. Suddenly, Gadunka arrives just behind them. He uses his Squid Launcher to blast them off of the cliff. As they fall, Matoro attacks Gadunka on his small vehicle, crashing it into its mouth, but Gadunka tosses it down the cliff. Hewkii and Nuparu are shown falling to the sea floor. Hewkii asks Nuparu for his status.

Meanwhile, Jaller has shaken off the attack. He finds the Mask of Life partially buried in the sea floor. Just as he leans over to pick it up, Hydraxon's replica lifts him up and tells him that the Kanohi Ignika belongs to him.

Suddenly, Spinax jumps on Hydraxon from behind and pins him to the ground. They wrestle for a second, and then Hydraxon throws Spinax off of him over the side of a small cliff. Maxilos appears, claiming the mask is his. He then attacks Hydraxon with his full round of Cordak ammunition.

Jaller manages to pick up the mask and yells to his fellow Toa that he needs backup, just as Maxilos and Hydraxon jump at each other with their weapons ready for impact. Jaller realizes that he is in the middle of them, and jumps up, narrowly escaping the clash of weapons. He yells "Matoro!" and hands the mask off to the white Toa, who flies by on the mutant Takea he pursued, and grabs the mask with his Twin Cutters.


The Toa Terrain Crawler is shown descending the Cord.

Axonn: Deep sea descent in progress.

The camera shows a zoom of Kongu's maskless face.

Axonn: Thirty one, thirty two.

The camera returns to the Toa Terrain Crawler mid-descent.

Axonn: Thirty three thousand.

A view of maskless Hahli, Hewkii and Kongu sitting inside the Toa Terrain Crawler.

Hahli: Stay on site.

The camera switches to the other side where the maskless Jaller, Matoro and Nuparu are sitting.

Axonn: Prepare for impact.

The Crawler begins equipping the Toa as Axonn runs a checklist.

Axonn: Release Fire Blade.

Jaller: Check.

Axonn: Prototank.

Hahli: Check.

Axonn: Oxygen flow on.

Matoro: Check.

The Crawler is shown traveling through the seafloor.

Axonn: Three. Two. One.

The Crawler barely stops near an underwater cliff, with the front of the Rahi hanging from the edge.

Axonn: Destination reached.

The Toa stare at the top of the Crawler where a hatch holding various Cordak Blasters drops in front of them

Axonn: Disarm hatch. And release Cordak Blasters.

Hahli, Hewkii and Kongu pick up their Cordak Blasters.

Axonn: Mission objective: Retrieve Mask of Life.

Kongu nods as one of the barrels of his Cordak Blaster rotates.

Kongu: I'm ready.

Hahli, Kongu and Matoro are shown in a decompression chamber as water fills up the room.

Axonn: Time is limited.

A view of the outside of the Crawler is shown, as the Rahi's lights go out and the camera zooms to a door on the side. The door opens and the Toa Mahri are shown exiting the vehicle. Hahli takes point and swims to the nearby cliff as a close-up of Jaller is shown

Jaller: There seems to be no sign of life.

Hahli is shown looking at the bottom of the cliff, as a pair of mutated Takea sharks suddenly appear and swim around the team.

Hahli: Whoa. What's that?

Hewkii, Kongu, Nuparu and Jaller form up and begin shooting their blasters at the mutated Takea sharks.

Jaller: Unite in battle formation.

A close-up of Nuparu appears as he looks at the sharks

Nuparu: Let's get them.

Nuparu shoots at one of the Takea, barely missing. Kongu is shown shooting at the Rahi as Matoro appears behind him chasing one of the sharks on a vehicle.

Matoro: I've got this one.

Kongu and Jaller stare at Matoro as he disappears into the black water.

Kongu: Off you go, creep.

Kongu and Jaller turn as the other Takea shark appears and pushes them into the cliff's depths. Hahli grabs the shark by its tail and is dragged off into the black water. Hewkii and Nuparu approach the cliffside and stare down.

Nuparu: Guys, are you okay? Report back.

The enlarged Gadunka appears behind the two Toa and attacks them

Hewkii: Holy Gadunka!

Nuparu: Watch out, he's armed!

The enlarged Gadunka shoots two squids against the Toa which knock Nuparu and Hewkii off the cliff. Matoro is shown arriving on the vehicle as the two Toa fall, and begins fighting the Rahi by sending the vehicle into Gadunka's mouth.

Matoro: Eat this, Gadunka.

Nuparu and Hewkii are shown falling from the cliff as the camera zooms into Hewkii's face.

Hewkii: Jaller, Nuparu, what's your status?

The Mask of Life rests on the seafloor as Jaller approaches it.

Jaller: I've found the mask!

Before Jaller can grab the mask, Hydraxon's duplicate appears behind him and picks him up.

Hydraxon: I believe that mask belongs to me.

Spinax suddenly appears and ambushes Hydraxon's duplicate. Hydraxon rolls backwards and manages to throw Spinax aside as the Maxilos robot possessed by Teridax looms in the distance.

Teridax: That mask is mine.

Teridax aims the robot's Cordak Blaster at Hydraxon and shoots. Hydraxon evades the shots and retaliates with one of his Back Blades, but Teridax blocks the shot with the robot's Twin-Bladed Black Fire Sword. Jaller picks up the mask as he looks at both of the titans.

Jaller: Guys, I need backup.

Hydraxon and Teridax jump at each other and clash swords while Jaller jumps and looses his grip on the mask as he falls back to the seafloor.

Jaller: Matoro!

Matoro appears riding a mutated Takea shark and approaches the mask.

Matoro: I'll take it from here.

Matoro grabs the mask and speeds away as the credits roll.


There are two songs used in the movie. The first song features music by Daughtry and is called "Crashed." This can be heard on and on the United States edition of The second is called "Face Me," with Edsim (Eddie Simonsen) and (Mikkel) Maltha. This version can be heard on the United Kingdom version of, and the other international webpages, and is available to download at


  • A video called "Mahri Movie Outtake" released on shows the Toa Terrain Crawler moving along when a large jolt causes Hahli's head to pop off her neck, bounce off her shoulder, her knee and finally lands on her foot and hits the ground. She jumps up holding her foot and staggers around on one leg, knocks into the camera and steps on her head, causing her to fall over. The screen turns black and a coarse voice says, "Uh-oh." This video is, of course, non-canon and is merely to be taken as a joke, much like the Rahkshi Rock video and the Singing Squid animation.
  • Another shortened version of this animation, released in Hong Kong, shows various edits and cuts of the Mahri from the video, featuring Chinese dialogue. Near the end of the movie, Hydraxon and Maxilos bang their heads together, which was not seen in the original animation. It ends with the Mahri logo in Chinese.
  • In the animation, Jaller holds his Hahnah Crab on his back.
  • In the animation, Nuparu's Razor-Edged Protosteel Shield folds out from a compact version of itself, when the Toa Terrain Crawler's hatch opens.

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