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"Spinax here is supposed to be able to track a protodite across a planet, so finding one well-armed lunatic shouldn't be a problem."
Toa Mahri Matoro, Downfall


Spinax's mutated form
Energy Hound
Creator Hand of Artakha[3]
Powers Energy tracking
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna[1][2]
Pronunciation SPY-nacks[4]
Set 8924 Maxilos & Spinax (instructions)

Spinax is Hydraxon's Energy Hound, and accompanied a Maxilos for a long period of time as well.


Spinax in Command Toa Jaller

Spinax was created by the Hand of Artakha,[3] and later became a servant of the Order of Mata Nui, belonging to Hydraxon. He was used by Hydraxon to help train the Toa Mata, and once used him to chase the Toa Mata separately across Daxia. Kopaka was the only one who managed to escape Spinax by freezing him solid.

Hydraxon was later assigned to become the warden of the Pit, and Spinax accompanied him there. Hydraxon later gave Spinax to one of the Maxilos robots.

During the Great Cataclysm, the Pit was shattered, and most of its occupants fled into the Black Waters of Aqua Magna. Hydraxon was killed by Takadox, while Spinax fled into the ocean with his Maxilos master. Here, he was mutated by the Pit Mutagen and became a water breather.

1,000 years later, Makuta Teridax possessed the Maxilos robot partnered with Spinax, though Spinax remained unaware of this. The Kanohi Ignika transformed a Matoran named Dekar into Hydraxon's replica, and he began to give orders to Maxilos and Spinax.

Some time later, Teridax/Maxilos attacked Hydraxon. During the combat, Hydraxon regained control of Spinax and ordered him to attack Teridax/Maxilos with the command "Manas Zya." The conflict saw Maxilos carried away by a landslide. However, Teridax/Maxilos survived, and used his power of Rahi Control to regain control of Spinax. Maxilos and Spinax found Hydraxon attempting to destroy the Ignika, and Teridax/Maxilos commanded Spinax to attack the jailer. Spinax wrestled ferociously with Hydraxon until Teridax/Maxilos dispatched him with a blow.

Teridax later vacated the Maxilos' body after it was ravaged by the combined might of the Barraki's armies. Spinax was released from his control and returned to Hydraxon's service. In the next few weeks, he helped Hydraxon to re-capture escaped prisoners of the Pit, including Kalmah, Ehlek, Mantax, Pridak, and Nocturn.

After the Great Spirit Robot was critically damaged in the Battle of Bara Magna, Spinax left the Matoran Universe with Hydraxon and immigrated to Spherus Magna.[1][2] Spinax's mutation was reversed by Mata Nui's use of the Mask of Life, and was made amphibious.[5]

Abilities and Traits

As an Energy Hound, Spinax possesses the ability to track down an object or being's energy signature from anywhere in the universe. He is also trained to be loyal to Hydraxon, and obeys his commands. When mutated by the Pit Mutagen, he became a water breather. These mutations were undone by Mata Nui's use of the Mask of Life, and Spinax given the ability to breathe both air and water.[6][5]

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Set Information

Spinax Set
Maxilos & Spinax

Spinax and a Maxilos robot were released in August 2007 as the set 8924 Maxilos & Spinax. Spinax used fifty-four of the set's 256 pieces. Spinax's spines were made of soft, rubbery plastic, and Spinax's jaw was able to open and close.


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