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"The merged energies of Toa and Kanohi mask exploded in the core of the universe, flooding it with light. Streams of golden power flowed into every part of this realm and then beyond it, until it had touched every place where the Great Spirit had once reigned. Just as countless beings had sensed the death of Mata Nui, so did they now feel life return to him."
— Narrator, Downfall


The Ignika in action, resurrecting Mata Nui
Legendary Mask Power
Associated Kanohi Ignika

Life is a Legendary Mask Power of the Matoran Universe.


All beings of the Matoran Universe, at the time of their creation, are given Life energy by their creator. The Great Beings forged the Kanohi Ignika, and made it the Mask of Life. The mask eventually gained a sentience of its own, due to its powers.

This Life energy is normally unable to be accessed by nearly all inhabitants of the universe. Takutanuva, a powerful being resulting from a fusion of Teridax and Takanuva, could access his own life force, and used it to revive the recently deceased Jaller through his Kanohi.[1] This was possible because recently deceased beings leave an imprint behind on their mask which, if quick enough, can be used to bring the being back to life.[2] Life force naturally regenerates in a being over time.


  • Creating life energy
  • Bringing inanimate objects to life[3][4]
  • Controlling life energy
  • Absorbing life energy[5]
  • Altering/controlling life-forms[6][7]
    • Enlarging life-forms[8]
  • Changing one life-form into another[8][9]
  • Manipulating aging[5]
  • Evolving/Devolving beings[5][10][11]
  • Accelerating life functions (breathing, pulse, etc.)
  • Shapeshifting[12]
  • Resurrecting a being by using part or all of a life force(s)[1][13]
  • Unleashing a Life Nova Blast ("Toa" Ignika-exclusive)
    • Causing everything in the affected area to come to life.[4]


The Kanohi Ignika, the Legendary Mask of Life

All of the following beings/objects can manipulate/have manipulated the power of Life:


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