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"He directed his lightstone towards the motion, revealing what looked like a ribbon of darkness in the water. It traveled in a strange, sidewinding manner characteristic of only one sea creature he knew of: a venom eel."
— Narrator, City of the Lost

Venom Eel
Venom Eel

Powers Venom
Known locations Matoran Universe (formerly)
Aqua Magna
300 Foot Mutant Venom Eel
Venom Eel

Venom Eel
Powers Venom
Enhanced strength
Location Aqua Magna

Venom Eels are eel-like Rahi.[note 1] They are related to Lava Eels.[8]


Ehlek and his army of Venom Eels

The Venom Eel species was created by the Makuta using Viruses and Liquid Protodermis to be one of the Rahi to inhabit the Matoran Universe.[9]

1,000 years ago, when the Great Cataclysm caused the destruction of the Pit and released its inmates into the Black Water, the Barraki Ehlek asserted his dominance over the Venom Eels and enlisted them into his underwater army. This force of Venom Eels was considered a threat to the Matoran of Mahri Nui. Dekar encountered one during a routine hunt; however, due to his curse given by the Kanohi Ignika, he was unable to kill it.[10]

Ehlek led his army of eels to attack Mahri Nui.[11] However, he was forcibly convinced by Barraki Carapar to stop.[10]

Some time later, Ehlek cornered Toa Mahri Hewkii and Nuparu in a trench with dozens of Venom Eels. However, Hewkii used his Kanohi Garai to cause several Takea sharks to collide with the eels. The Venom Eels and Takea began attacking each other, and Ehlek misinterpreted this as an attack by Barraki Pridak. He then led his eels into a battle with Pridak, during which the eels suffered heavy casualties.[12]

Not long afterwards, Ehlek massed his remaining Venom Eels for an assault on Makuta Teridax, posing as a Maxilos robot. The eels, and the rest of the Barraki's armies, savaged Maxilos' body, but were called off to pursue the Toa Mahri and reclaim the Kanohi Ignika.[13]

Ehlek was later recaptured by Hydraxon, and as such, the Venom Eels were released from service.[citation needed]

300 Foot Mutant Venom Eel

A Venom Eel was enlarged by the powers of the Kanohi Ignika up to a length of 300 feet (90 meters or approximately 70 Bio). It ate many Tarakava and Takea in a cave near Mahri Nui, and then several hundred Keras. It attacked Mahri Nui, attracted by its light and movement, but later changed its course when the Matoran, led by Defilak, smashed the city's Lightstones, throwing the city into darkness. The Venom Eel then attacked the Cord and began to squeeze it.[10] While the Toa Mahri fought the eel, Kongu tried to used his Kanohi Zatth, but the mask summoned hundreds of Venom Eels, which were then consumed by the giant eel. Toa Mahri Hewkii defeated the giant Venom Eel when he used his Garai to make it drift away. Later, the Venom Eel battled an Ancient Sea Behemoth summoned by Kongu's Zatth.[12] The two creatures then allied with an enlarged Gadunka and joined together in fighting the Toa Mahri at the Cord. The Venom Eel was defeated again by Hewkii, who used his Garai to cut off the eel's gravity, letting a wave carry it away.[13]

Abilities and Traits

Venom Eels, unlike most sea creatures, rely primarily on their eyesight. They attack at any trace of motion or light. They also rely to a lesser extent on their hearing.[8]

The eels travel in a sidewinding motion that makes them easy to distinguish once seen. A Venom Eel usually remains camouflaged when hunting, waiting for prey to come to them. The Eel's camouflage is based in their metallic hides, which minimizes reflections from light. They utilize fast-acting venom from their fangs for both defense and offense.[8]


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  1. Though Greg Farshtey has stated that Venom Eels are organic,[1][2] he has also said they are biomechanical, [3] City of the Lost mentions that they have solid black metallic hide without any scales to reflect light.[4] Prisoners of the Pit implies they are Rahi.[5][6] Farshtey has also suggested that they could be influenced by Rahi Control.[7]