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"What is all this? Planning to start a war?"
"No, just planning to still be around when it's over.
Toa Mahri Hewkii and Nuparu, Prisoners of the Pit

Cordak Blaster
GN Cordak Blaster.jpg
Manufacturer Vortixx
Users Various
Function Fires explosive mini-rockets
Status In use
Pronunciation KOAR-dack[1]

The Cordak Blasters, or Cordak Revolving Blasters,[2] are six-shot projectile launchers.


The Cordak Blasters were originally designed by Order of Mata Nui member Hydraxon and manufactured on Xia.[citation needed] Hydraxon equipped all the Maxilos robots with one, to assist in guarding the Pit. The Barraki stole many of these from Hydraxon's weapon cache. Later, the Toa Mahri discovered the blasters while exploring a cave, and took them for their own use.[3] Karzahni also took some and armed a number of Manutri with them to create a strike force.[4]

After the Toa Mahri returned to Metru Nui, Nuparu disassembled one of the mini-rockets to see how it was made. The Matoran in the city then manufactured them for the Toa's use.[citation needed]


Hydraxon firing a Cordak missile

When triggered, a propulsion mechanism launches each of the Cordak Blaster's six mini-rockets in quick succession. Traveling at a high speed, the rockets release a powerful explosion upon impact with the target. Toa can also use them to channel their Elemental Powers.[5][6]

Example Usage

In Battle in the Deep!, Nuparu used his Cordak Blaster to reduce a boulder to dust.


Maxilos firing his Cordak Blaster in BIONICLE: Toa Mahri

Set Information

Cordak Blaster specs
A Cordak Blaster as portrayed in building instructions

The Cordak Blasters were released with each of the Toa Mahri, Hydraxon, Lesovikk, and Maxilos and Spinax sets and the Toa Terrain Crawler and Toa Undersea Attack playsets. The Cordak Blaster piece features a red spring-loaded button on the back which can be pressed down to fire a red Cordak mini-rocket about five feet via air pressure. When the button is released, the barrel rotates clockwise. Each set came with at least nine of the Cordak mini-rockets, six of which could be contained in the barrel while the others were stored elsewhere on the set.

A life-size Cordak Blaster was also produced by Buzzbee Toys, for the the LEGO company. This, marketed as a "Toa Mahri Dart Shooter", had an arsenal of ten foam darts and featured stickers printed with the name of Toa Hahli.[citation needed]

A real-life Cordak Blaster


  • The Cordak Blasters were named after the Matoran word for "desolation."[7][2] The name is inscribed on the sides of the blasters.[8]


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