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"The future of the Bionicle Universe is up for grabs! Find the Mask of Life and save Voya Nui."
— Game Description

BIONICLE: The Quest Game
Board Game
Number of players Two to six
Distributor University Games

BIONICLE: The Quest Game is a board game, primarily based off of the 2006 storyline and the quest for the Kanohi Ignika, the Legendary Mask of Life.


Using one of the six Toa Inika, the players have to reach Mount Valmai to retrieve the Mask of Life before the other players do. This quest takes them across the island of Voya Nui, occasionally squaring off against Piraka Hakann. The first player to reach the Mask of Life wins the game, so the players may choose to join forces and work together or try to prevent each other from finding the mask.



Players roll dice and the player with the highest roll goes first, etc. They roll the die for the number of spaces to move forward.


The Game Board is two-sided, representing both the surface and the underground interior of Voya Nui.

First Side

Half of this side of the board includes only six separate bios of the Toa Inika. The game starts on the other half of this side, featuring a white path on over surface of Voya Nui. Players set up their Toa Inika pieces on one of the two ends and roll dice to reach the center: Mount Valmai. The first player that arrives stays on the mount, while the others remove their pieces from the board.

Second Side

The second side of the board is revealed when it flips and the players enter the underground caverns of Voya Nui. Now, the players make their way to the finish: the Mask of Life. When the players reach the inside, they move along either the yellow or blue paths at the ends of Voya Nui. There is also a green path, which is reserved for the first player to reach the middle of the first board, and is also the shortest route.

Along the way, the players may have to pass through or be taken to some of the places on the underground board.

There are three different and unique types of spaces on boards.

  • The first type is the only space seen on both boards. It is just a standard dot and is used only as a place holder.
  • Another type is marked with a Voya Nui symbol. When a game piece lands on this, the player may draw one Quest card.
  • The third type is marked with a Hakann symbol. The player that stops on this space must take the Hakann challenge.


Game Information

"Along the way, be ready to go to battle. When the Piraka appears, take up the catapult and face Hakann. Besting him will speed you forward, closer to the Mask."

On the board, there are red Hakann symbols. Upon landing on such a symbol, the player must try to knock down the Hakann target with the Zamor catapult from about three feet away. If the player is successful, the player moves forward a bonus space. If the player fails the task, the player does not move any spaces at all.

In addition, there is a Quest card where a player can choose another player to attempt to hit the Hakann target with the catapult as well. If one of the players knocks the Hakann target down, both of the players move forward.


There are several Quest cards available which can be played at any time during a player's turn. Each describes a situation and has a consequence, whether it is moving a player forward or far away. Also, there is one card which takes the player directly to the Mask of Life.

Quest cards are gained by landing on certain spots on the board. These spaces have a Voya Nui symbol, which indicates a player may take a card from the stack.


  • One instruction booklet.
  • One double-sided game board.
  • One Protodermis ball launcher with red Zamor Sphere.
  • One Piraka Hakann target with plastic stand.
  • One die.
  • Six exclusive collectible Toa Inika game pieces.
  • Fifty Quest cards.


  • The game gives the Toa Inika nicknames to go with the Piraka's. These names are non-canon.
  • The Toa Inika game pieces look similar to the 2006 Toa Inika figurines included in the playsets. However, these are smaller and cannot move. Likewise, the red Zamor Sphere included in the game is smaller than the actual ones in the sets.