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Matoran Occupation
Purpose Invent machinery
Location Metru Nui (formerly)
Mata Nui (formerly)
Tren Krom Peninsula (formerly)
Artakha (formerly)
Spherus Magna

The creation of the Boxor

An Engineer is a Matoran occupation whose duties include inventing machinery and new ways to improve the life of the Matoran.


Nuparu, an Onu-Matoran engineer, invented the Vahki on Metru Nui. Years later, while on Mata Nui, he invented the Boxor to help Matoran fight against the Bohrok in the Bohrok War.

On Voya Nui, another engineer named Velika modified some Zamor Launchers for the Toa Inika designed to carry more Zamor Spheres, improving their chances in battle against the Piraka.

In Mahri Nui, a Le-Matoran once tried to invent a type of transportation system based on the hydruka's natural defense system of launching bubbles of air. On the first test, however, the engineer was launched right into the arms of a Tarakava. It was later adapted as a weapon against water breathers.

Known Engineers