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Piraka Stronghold
Creator Ghost Studios
Distributor The LEGO Group
Promoting 2006 Playsets
Release Date 2006

Piraka Stronghold[Videos] was a half CGI-animated, half set-based animation released in 2006 to promote the 2006 Playsets. It focuses mainly on the Piraka Stronghold playset, but images of others appear as well. In 2008, it was available for viewing at the Story Archive section of BIONICLE.com, but has been removed as of 2009.


The narrator invites the toy owner to join the Piraka and build the most wicked fortress ever while the Piraka minifigures are shown inside the set version of the Stronghold. The narration continues, describing and presenting the various features of the Stronghold, such as the closing skull gate, the Zamor loading tracks and the laser sight to find enemies. Elements of the Piraka Outposts playset such as the Toa Inika minifigures and Fenrakk Spawn Spider are shown while the narrator explains that the Toa put the fortress under fire and storm the gate. As the Zamor breaks open the gate Toa Inika Matoro, Jaller, and Hahli leap onto an island in the lava. However, the narrator reminds the viewer that the Stronghold is alive, as parts of the structure shift towards the Inika and the laser sight falls on the group. The animation ends with an image of the Piraka Stronghold and Piraka Outpost playsets.