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"Even as he gloats over his triumph, I am summoning every last bit of moisture from the air for hundreds of kios around. I am merging it together, bending it to my will, preparing to unleash all my elemental power in one single explosion of force. And I do ... and I hope to the Great Beings I never will again. "
Toa Nuva Gali, Toa Nuva Blog

Nova Blast
Prep Nova.png
Toa Jaller preparing a Fire Nova Blast
Users Toa
Expression Exertion of all the Toa's elemental energy at once

A Nova Blast is an explosive release of all the Elemental Energy that a Toa contains.


Although the effects will vary, the radius of damage that can be inflicted through a Nova Blast released by an average Toa will encompass an area larger than the city of Metru Nui.[OGDi] After releasing a Nova Blast, a Toa cannot access his/her Elemental Powers until their Elemental Energy has recharged. A maskless Toa can perform a Nova Blast, although the blast would be significantly weakened. The Toa Hordika lost their ability to unleash a Nova Blast when they were mutated by the Visorak. In their new state of mind, they lack the willpower to control their energy, and while they could have charged their Rhotuka to similar levels, they would risk losing control of their powers.

Toa rarely use this ability, and tend to use it only as a last resort, as it is incredibly dangerous and is likely to kill anyone in the blast radius and destroy any nearby structures. "Toa" Ignika could perform a Life Nova Blast, which would either bring everything to life in a certain range, including objects, or make everything die in a certain range. Makuta cannot perform Shadow Nova Blasts, although they possess an ability that is similar in nature, as was shown by Mutran. With their weakened elemental powers, it would not be worth the effort for a Turaga to attempt the equivalent of a Nova Blast.[1]. If Takanuva were to have performed a Nova Blast while he was a Toa of Light and Shadow, the two elements would have canceled themselves out, thus resulting in a much weaker blast.[CwGF]

The Glatorian imbued with Elemental Power by Mata Nui can also perform the equivalent of a Nova Blast, though it would kill the Glatorian in the process; this is because their bodies, being primarily organic, are not made to withstand that amount of energy.[OGDi: Nov 9 2009, 02:48 PM]

Gali Nuva unleashing a Nova Blast in BIONICLE: The Game

Example Usage

Gali unleashed a Water Nova Blast, drawing in all the moisture from the air for hundreds of kio around and releasing it along with all of her Water powers at once, leveling all of Karzahni in the process.


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