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"You haven't truly lived until you have seen the world through the eyes of madness. Why, half the time I don't know if what I see is what's really there, or what I wish was there ... or what I pray, I beg, I plead is not."
— Vezon, Federation of Fear

Element None
Powers Foresight
Kinetic energy absorption (both formerly)
Dimensional gates
Use of Kanohi
Tools Spear of Fusion (formerly)
Spear (formerly)
Status Alive
Fused with a Kanohi Olmak
Location Bota Magna
Pronunciation vey-ZONN[1]
Set number 8764 Vezon & Fenrakk (instructions)
10204 Vezon & Kardas (instructions)

Vezon is half of the essence of Vezok isolated by the Spear of Fusion. He served as one of the Kanohi Ignika's guardians until his defeat by the Toa Inika and subsequent abduction by the Order of Mata Nui. During his captivity, Vezon was forced to carry out various missions for the Order, one of which resulted in his fusion with a Kanohi Olmak by Energized Protodermis and subsequent journey across dimensions.



Vezon being split from Vezok

Upon finding the Spear of Fusion in Mangaia, Hakann accidentally split a new being from Vezok. This being was named "Vezon" by Thok, after the Matoran word for "double." Due to his unnatural origin, Vezon was insane and lacked the spine and Elemental Powers of a true Skakdi, but gained Vezok's propensity for tactical thinking. Vezon betrayed the other Piraka after being overcome with a desire to obtain the Kanohi Ignika, leaving them to deal with hostile Mana Ko. Vezon stole the Spear of Fusion and traveled to Voya Nui in a canister[2] that Teridax acquired from an Order of Mata Nui member he had killed.[3]

Voya Nui

When Vezon arrived on Voya Nui, he discovered the secret staircase, and was allowed past all of its defenses as a result of being wanted by the Ignika for a protector. Upon arriving in the Chamber of Life, Vezon attempted to take the mask, but was instead cursed by it. He was fused to an enlarged spider Rahi, Fenrakk, given the power of foresight and the ability to absorb kinetic energy, and the mask fused itself to Vezon's head, making him one of its guardians. Vezon remained in the chamber for the next few weeks, toying with the Spear of Fusion and waiting for his quarry to arrive.[4]

Vezon touches the Ignika.

When the Piraka came to the Chamber of Life, they were shocked that Vezon had made it to the mask and that he had become one of its guardians. They demanded that he deliver it to them, to which he agreed if they killed Vezok in exchange, in order to prevent the risk of being fused back together. The Piraka then attempted to kill Vezok, who stopped them using his capability of borrowing others' powers and Zaktan revealed his assumptions about the mask being fused to Vezon's head. Vezon, admitting the truth of what Zaktan had said, used the Spear to fuse Vezok and Reidak together into the Piraka Fusion, which dispatched the other Piraka.

The Ignika fused onto Vezon's head

When the Toa Inika arrived in the chamber, Vezon defused Reidak and Vezok, who fell unconscious. The Toa attacked Vezon, who resisted the majority of their attacks due to his ability to absorb kinetic energy. The Toa eventually realized that this was his power, and managed to work their way around it. After being driven towards the edge of his stone plateau, Vezon chose to urge his steed into the lava. He emerged riding the powerful Kardas, which the Mask of Life had transformed Fenrakk into. Kardas's raw power overwhelmed the Toa, forcing them into a defensive position. Jaller, seeking to buy time, told Kongu to use his Suletu on the Ignika, find its thoughts, and thrust them into Vezon's mind. Vezon halted his attack on the Toa Inika, shocked that the mask desired Matoro over him. In anger, he attempted to fuse Matoro with the chamber's lava, but Jaller quickly used a Zamor sphere given to him by Axonn. This sphere suspended Vezon and Kardas in a stasis field, allowing Matoro to take the Ignika from him. With the mask gone, Vezon lost the powers it had granted him and sank to the floor of the chamber, unconscious.

Vezon and Fenrakk falling into lava

When all of the Piraka awoke, Vezok attempted to force them to fuse Vezon back into him, but Reidak instead broke the Spear of Fusion into four pieces and they left the chamber.[5] When Vezon himself awoke, he used the spear's own power to repair it. He then followed the Toa Inika down the Cord. When he encountered them, he smashed Matoro's head into the wall, and in the ensuing conflict, had his weapon burnt to ashes by Jaller.[6] Vezon was later carried off by the Zyglak after unsuccessfully trying to trade the Inika's lives for his.[7][8]

Order of Mata Nui

Vezon escaped the Zyglak with the help of Brutaka.[9] He was taken into the custody of the Order of Mata Nui and forced to join a team to fight the Brotherhood of Makuta. The team consisted of Brutaka as the leader, Roodaka, the Barraki Takadox and Carapar, the renegade Makuta Spiriah, and Vezon.[10] Vezon was chosen because of his expendability and lack of fear for the Brotherhood.[citation needed]

Search for Miserix

The group traveled to Stelt to acquire a ship. While there, Vezon was to give the trader they were receiving the ship from a minor injury, to make it look like he had truly captured Roodaka, whom they were using as payment. However, Brutaka knocked the trader out before Vezon could attack him, much to Vezon's dismay.[11]

Brutaka informed his team where they would head towards an island far to the south to find Miserix, the former leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta. While traveling, Vezon was the first to spot the vast number of Zyglak that Spiriah had summoned.[12] During the trip to Zakaz, Vezon was pleased, despite having never been there and knowing he would be killed instantly by the Skakdi. Brutaka then had the aquatic species living around Zakaz destroy the Zyglak's ships upon arrival, and introduced to the last member of the team, Lariska.[13]

After docking on a small, barren island, Brutaka retrieved a cache of weapons left there by Trinuma and distributed them to his team, giving Vezon a powerless spear. Tren Krom suddenly attacked, trapping the team on the island by creating a 200 foot stone wall around it, and captured Brutaka.[14] Vezon and the rest of the team carefully entered the cave Brutaka had been taken into. While there, they were all given horrible visions as a result of Tren Krom's anger and Carapar was killed. He let them leave, however, upon learning of what had happened to the Matoran Universe, stating that its current condition was worse than anything he could do to them.[15]

Shortly after fleeing Tren Krom's island, the team arrived on the island of Artidax. Almost immediately after arriving, Spiriah was attacked by a hand of living sand. The hand almost pulled the Makuta underground before Roodaka used her mutation spinner to mutate the sand into a swarm of Fireflyers. Vezon, momentarily distracted, asked if anyone wanted to help him hunt down Vezok. They ignored him, and after some encouragement from Brutaka, and being tricked into believing he could be the leader of the Brotherhood if they succeed, Spiriah agreed to act as the team's guide of the island. The team continued on, with Spiriah leading them. Before entering into a tunnel, Vezon stepped in front of Spiriah and pointed out a thin vine that had been set as a trap. After bypassing the trap, they entered a tunnel in the side of a mountain, and were trapped inside after Takadox cut the vine to trigger a rockfall.[16]

Immediately after being trapped, Vezon tried to escape down a side tunnel, but was caught by Lariska. When commenting on the next potential victim he was stopped by Lariska, and Vezon quickly adopted a more flattering tone. When they emerged into a large chamber, Vezon noticed that the floor was moving, though the rest of the team ignored his ramblings. Vezon continued, however, and was able to bring their attention to the floor, and what they believed were just branches were in fact thousands of crimson insects that had begun swarming and blocked the ends of the bridge.[17] Roodaka was able to mutate several insects, causing the remainder of the swarm to attack their own, allowing them to pass through the opening, and to the chamber where Makuta Miserix was imprisoned.[18]

After Brutaka asked Miserix to shapeshift to a smaller size and he refused, Vezon rambled about not wanting to sink in the boat and be mutated like the Piraka, earning a blast from the Makuta's laser vision power. After freeing Miserix, the encircling klakk attacked, and Vezon and Lariska attempted to fend them off. However, the two were then knocked unconscious by Miserix's power scream. Upon freeing himself from the volcano, Miserix grew wings to escape from the island. Brutaka loaded his barely-conscious team onto Miserix's back, and Miserix then began to fly north.[19] Sometime during the flight north, Miserix performed several loops and caused Vezon to fall into the water.[20]

Mission to Destral

Promotional artwork of Vezon

Vezon was then imprisoned on Daxia by the Order. Shortly afterwards, he was released by Trinuma, being told that somebody who could die without being missed was needed. Vezon saw this as a compliment and agreed to the mission.[8] He and Trinuma boarded a small skiff, and set out on the open ocean. Trinuma eventually revealed that they were traveling to Destral, and that Vezon's purpose was to betray the Order and the entire universe.[20]

When Vezon arrived on Destral, he was immediately captured by Rahkshi. He was brought to Makuta Tridax, and told him of the Order's existence and their plan to attack Destral. However, having decided it would be more fun to betray the Order for real, he then revealed that they had a spy on Destral who had sabotaged its teleportation device, hoping the threat of attack would force the Makuta to move the island, with catastrophic results.[21]

While further interrogating Vezon, the island came under attack, forcing Tridax to abandon his victim to carry out his orders of moving the island. Freed from his bonds, Vezon stealthily pursued Tridax.[22] They reached a sub-basement which contained a large number of stasis tubes and a table with a Kanohi Olmak on it. However, Vezon was caught off guard by a blast of shadow from the Makuta, who was fully aware that he was being stalked. Tridax informed him that each stasis tube held a Takanuva from an alternate dimension, all of whom he had gathered with the Kanohi Olmak. He then revealed that he would unleash the light-drained Takanuva army against the attackers. Before he was able to do so, Tobduk and Mazeka attacked Tridax, and his shadow grip on Vezon was released.[23] Vezon was then confronted by Mazeka, who was sent to kill the insane Skakdi. However, Mazeka did not know Vezon, and did not see a reason for murdering him. Instead, the Matoran told the Skakdi to flee and take his chances outside. Vezon instead hid in the shadows of the chamber, waiting for the coast to clear. When the duo had departed, Vezon emerged, and began to wonder whether he could release the Shadow Takanuva and have them as an army of his own.[24]

Vezon then took Tridax's Olmak, and used it to transport himself to the island where Energized Protodermis was attacking Helryx and Keetongu. Helryx and Keetongu jumped into the emerging portal, as Vezon exited and was confronted by a tidal wave of Energized Protodermis.[25] The wave washed over him, causing the powers of the Olmak he was still wearing to be absorbed into his body. This caused numerous interdimensional gateways to open in quick succession, transporting the Skakdi between several locations as he walked.[26]

Dimensional Voyages

Vezon traveled through several alternate universes, including a universe where Matoran and Dark Hunters worked together in peace, as well as a universe where the Great Beings had created a gigantic mechanical being called Makuta, but his brother, Mata Nui, plotted a rebellion against him.[26] He briefly passed through the Karda Nui of the core dimension and then to another universe. The portal he left in Karda Nui inadvertently brought Mazeka and Vultraz to this second universe.[27][28]

Vezon continued walking through dimensions, eventually arriving at an alternate version of Bara Magna. He emerged near Tesara, where several Agori and Le-Matoran were working alongside Toa and Glatorian. Tarduk approached him, and asked if he was a Toa. Vezon claimed that he was a "Toa of Anarchy," and Tarduk led him into Tesara, where Vezon discovered that nobody recognized him. Vezon asked what had occurred in the region, and Tarduk explained the history of his universe. An army including Makuta Miserix, Skakdi, Vortixx, and Bone Hunters on Rock Steeds then arrived and attacked the village. Eager to escape, Vezon tried to use his dimensional power several times, but failed. Vezon was then frozen in time by a Great Being of the prime universe, who contacted him with his mind and informed the half-Skakdi of his imprisonment. Vezon attempted to barter his way out, offering his assistance in freeing the Great Being in exchange for his own release from time stasis.[29]

He eventually made it to the Great Being's chamber in Bota Magna.[30] The Great Being sensed that Vezon was not powerful enough to free him on his own,[31] and so granted Vezon's power and directed him to Miserix, Helryx, Axonn, Brutaka, Tuyet, Artakha, Lewa, Kapura, and Hafu, all floating in space. Vezon dragged them into the chamber with him, and the Great Being once again switched off his power.[32] Helryx began interrogating him, and he claimed he was disappointed that no one thanked him for rescuing them. Axonn then slammed him against the wall, demanding answers, prompting the half-Skakdi to introduce them to the Great Being.[30] The group (minus Lewa), upon learning of the Great Being's predicament, immediately began arguing over whether or not to release him.[33]

Outside, Velika rigged the fortress to explode and destroy everyone within.[34] Vezon and the other biomechanical beings managed to escape the fortress.[35] Unbeknownst to them, the cursed Great Being escaped as well.[36]

Abilities and Traits

Vezon riding Fenrakk

Having been created from the intellectual half of Vezok's personality, Vezon is a great tactician, and retains all of his "twin's" memories from before the split.[16] However, Vezon's mind is highly unstable; he often has a twisted sense of reality. He also has a tendency to go on long, rambling tangents at the most unnecessary times, which frequently grates on the nerves of other beings in his company. Vezon also has extremely homicidal tendencies, and Brutaka observed that he derived far too much pleasure from harming others.

As a result of his creation, Vezon has no unique powers of his own that the other Skakdi possess. However, the Kanohi Ignika granted Vezon a variety of powers as a guardian to make up for his lack of them. He was given the ability to see into the future, but it was limited in that he could not see very far. Vezon was also given the ability to absorb kinetic energy. If something were to hit him, or he hit something, his strength would increase. This power gave him invulnerability to physical attacks, since he would immediately grow strong enough to withstand the attack after being hit. He shared this power with Fenrakk.[5] When Fenrakk was transformed into Kardas, he could no longer share this ability with his steed.[5] While fused with the Ignika, Vezon was also unable to die.[37] As all of Vezon's powers were granted to him by the Ignika, he was rendered powerless after the mask left him, although he frequently forgot this.[14]

When he was hit by a wave of Energized Protodermis while wearing a Kanohi Olmak, the Olmak and its power were absorbed into his body,[38] and he now has the ability to instantly shift between locations. However, he has no control over when these portals open and where they lead.[26][39] Vezon's power over dimensional gates was later deactivated by the cursed Great Being.[32]

Mask and Tools

Vezon wielded the Spear of Fusion, which could merge beings together or split them apart. The Spear of Fusion could not separate Vezon from Fenrakk, however, as it was nowhere near as powerful as the Kanohi Ignika.[citation needed] Vezon used the Spear to fuse together Vezok and Reidak, creating a monstrous Piraka Fusion which attacked the remaining Piraka.[5] After they were unfused, Reidak snapped the spear into several pieces. It was still operational, however, and the spear was reformed using its own power. Jaller later burned the Spear of Fusion to ashes.[6] Vezon wears a cape, which he possessed upon his creation.[40][41] The cape was torn during Vezon's efforts to tame Fenrakk.[42]

Vezon was given a powerless spear by Brutaka for use in their mission to free Miserix.[14] This was taken away when Vezon was imprisoned on Daxia.[8] After being released, he was given a small dagger by Trinuma.[20]

Unlike other Skakdi, Vezon is able to both wear and use Kanohi masks.[43] He briefly wore the last known Kanohi Olmak in the Matoran Universe.[25]

Set Information

8764 Vezon & Fenrakk was released as a large boxed set in August 2006, consisting of 281 pieces. The Vezon figure featured the second dual-faced mask released in the BIONICLE franchise (after the Kraahkan); Vezon's head being on one side, and the Ignika on the other.

10204 Vezon & Kardas was also released in 2006 as a special edition set, containing 670 pieces altogether. This set contained all the parts from the Vezon & Fenrakk set, as well as all the parts from the 8733 Axonn and 8734 Brutaka sets. Also included were exclusive instructions to create Kardas, which could only be found in this set and on The Vezon featured in this set held a non-canon shield on his left arm, and his Spear of Fusion was slightly altered, with fewer pieces.


"Get up. If I can, you can -- after all, I am you, and you are me, and won't that be interesting? Of course, it would be easier if there were just one of us… maybe I should die? No, no, I have that wrong -- maybe you should die."
— Vezon to Vezok, Legacy of Evil

"A vezon? Oh, yes, the Matoran word for 'double'. Yes, that does make sense. I will go by that name, then. Of course, first I will have to eliminate all of you so no one else knows I am only half a being. You don't mind, do you?"
— Vezon to the Piraka, Legacy of Evil

"They will be coming soon, Fenrakk, be sure of that… coming to take the Mask of Life. But it belongs to us -- or we belong to it -- I never can keep that straight."
— Vezon to Fenrakk, A Cold Light Dawns

Vezon as he appeared in the Vezon and Kardas set

"Wearing it, cursed by it, serving it, raging at it. Not always in that order. Want it? Come try and take it. Please."
— Vezon to the Piraka, Inferno

"No! I did everything you asked! I beat the Piraka! I beat the Toa! No one is touching you, no one is taking you from this place, ever! And I won't be gotten rid of after all this - I won't!"
— Vezon to the Ignika, Inferno

"A few grass mats, some cave drawings, the heads of my enemies mounted on the wall ... it could be quite pleasant."
— Vezon, Federation of Fear

"Why did we bring him again?"
"He breaks up the monotony."
— Spiriah and Lariska, Federation of Fear

"Where are we going? Why are we going? Are we going at all, or just sailing in a big circle? Or is it a spiral? I went down a spiral once: a big stone tunnel that went down and down and down, and ended in Zyglak. Whoever built it had no decorating sense at all. And you still haven't answered any of my one-hundred ten questions, or my follow ups."
— Vezon to Trinuma, Destiny War

"It's all a trick, you see. They want me to pretend to betray them. They want you to concentrate your forces here against an attack that won't come. But I decided: Why pretend to betray them when actually doing it would be so much more fun?"
— Vezon to Tridax, Destiny War

"Who are you and why are you here?"
"I'm here to kill you."
"Oh. I knew there was something about you I liked."
— Vezon and Mazeka, Brothers In Arms

"So who are you, exactly?"
"My name is... ah... Toa Vezon. I'm the Toa of... of... Anarchy."
— Alternate Tarduk and Vezon, Reign of Shadows

"Vezon looked around. No one had reacted at all to his name... not even Jaller. Was it possible --? No, it was too horrible to think about. Such a tragedy, such a loss, was beyond comprehension. But he had to face the fact:
This universe didn't have a Vezon. It had never had one. Otherwise, surely someone would be shooting at him by now."
— Narrator, Reign of Shadows

"I know you. You were among my rescuers from Artidax. You were the one who never shut up."
— Miserix to Vezon, Reign of Shadows


Vezon in the 2006 Titan Commercial
  • Vezon was considered an unofficial Dark Hunter by the Shadowed One. His entry in the book of Dark Hunters was torn out and burned[44] because the Shadowed One expected Vezon to hand over the Ignika when he got it, and that did not happen.[45]
  • Greg Farshtey considers Vezon one of his favorite characters to write about.[46]
  • Vezon's voice is soft and a little high-pitched.[47]
  • The Olmak was absorbed by Vezon, unlike the Ignika that fused to his head.[38] Therefore, his physical appearance remains unchanged.[48][49][50]


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