Laser Crossbow

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Laser Crossbow
Comic Laser Crossbow.png
Users Kongu
Function Channeling his Air powers
Launching energy bolts
Status Transformed

Toa Inika Kongu summoning a wind with the Laser Crossbow
The Laser Crossbow in set form

The Laser Crossbow, which was also called the Energy Crossbow,[1] was Toa Inika Kongu's Toa Tool. It could shoot energy bolts that could silently split targets into atoms.[citation needed] It could also be used to channel Kongu's Air powers. When Kongu was transformed into a Toa Mahri, it was transformed into a melee weapon by the Ignika's power. Kongu later discarded it and replaced it with two Cordak Blasters.

Example Usage

In A Cold Light Dawns, Kongu used the Laser Crossbow to summon a wind that knocked over the Lava Chamber Gate.

Set Information

The Laser Crossbow was released in the summer 2006 Kongu set. By pressing a black button on the side of the Laser Crossbow, a blue strobe light can be activated for a short time.


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