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"Although they were allowed to live in the Matoran universe, they had no role to play, no place to call home, and no reason for being. Over time, they grew bitter and hostile and became a danger to all who lived."
Makuta Teridax, Makuta's Guide to the Universe

Sapient Species
Powers Resistance to Elemental Powers
Status Unknown
Locations Spherus Magna[1]
Pronunciation ZIGH-glack[2]
Set number 8916+8917+8921 Zyglak (instructions)

The Zyglak are a reptilian species accidentally created by the Great Beings out of the remains of the process that brought the first Matoran to life.[2]


The Great Beings were seeking to create intelligent organisms called krana, but found that some of the material they exposed to Energized Protodermis turned into Rahi-like Zyglak rather than krana. Shunned by their creators and hated and feared throughout the Matoran Universe, the savage Zyglak retreated to the dark places of the universe, such as ruins, and the underground recesses of Voya Nui, brooding over their fate and hating the Matoran and all who honored Mata Nui.[2]

The first Toa of Psionics, Orde, was assigned to using his mental powers to calm the Zyglak down. Orde, however, did not have the patience to work with the Zyglak, and instead made the species even angrier.[3]

The Zyglak have killed many Toa over the years. A wandering tribe of Zyglak killed all the members of the Toa Cordak, except for Toa Lesovikk.[4]

The Toa Inika fought a group of Zyglak in the stone cord that connected Mahri Nui with Voya Nui. After a brief battle, Vezon, who had followed the Toa, was captured and carried off by the Zyglak.[5] This tribe of Zyglak was later killed by the Piraka after they entered the Cord.[6]

Nocturn challenges the Zyglak.

Kalmah, Takadox, and Mantax encountered a group of Zyglak in the ruins of the Pit.[7] When the Zyglak pursued the Barraki, Takadox duped Nocturn into thinking that the creatures had insulted him. Enraged, Nocturn confronted[8] and defeated this group of Zyglak.[9]

Lesovikk later received reports that Karzahni was preparing to attack Mahri Nui with the aid of the Zyglak.[10]

Makuta Spiriah, an outcast much like the Zyglak, made an alliance with them. While on Stelt as part of a covert Order of Mata Nui operation, Spiriah sent a message to a tribe of Zyglak to intercept their ship as they sailed south. When they arrived, he used them as a threat when he mutinied against Brutaka.[11] The armada accompanied the group to the island of Zakaz, and upon arriving sunk three Dark Hunter ships that were stationed nearby. Afterwards, they attempted to land and storm the island so Spiriah could finally get his revenge on the Skakdi. However, all of the Zyglak ships were ambushed and destroyed by the members of Ehlek's species.[12]

During Makuta Teridax's reign, a Zyglak was captured by the Skakdi and thrown into a tank of Energized Protodermis along with the Piraka, a Vortixx, and a Stelt laborer, fusing into the Golden Being.[13]

The Zyglak did not initially take place in the mass evacuation of the Matoran Universe population to Spherus Magna.[14] However, after the Great Spirit Robot was dismantled, all remaining Zyglak arrived on the planet.[1][15]

Alternate Universes

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe, Mata Nui died, resulting in many beings evacuating the Matoran Universe so they could survive on the island of Mata Nui.[16] The Zyglak were not among them, as they refused to accept help from the Matoran. As a result, the Zyglak became extinct.[17]

Abilities and Traits

Zyglak are amphibious and intelligent. The skin which covers their organic portions is scaly. Contact with their skin can cause the spread of an organic Protodermis-destroying disease. They are also one of the few beings that are immune to the Pit's mutagen,[18][19] and are virtually invulnerable to elemental attacks.[2][13] In addition, they also have strength greater than that of a Toa.[20] Zyglak lack the mental discipline to use Kanohi.[21][22]

If killed, Zyglak can be revived on the Red Star.[23][note 1]


Many Zyglak possess spears and knives that can destroy objects on contact.[25] These weapons were stolen from someone else[26] and were used to destroy the Toa Cordak.[27]

Social Structure and Interactions

Zyglak despise the Matoran and Toa, due to their shunning by the Great Beings. They extended this hatred to anyone who speaks the Matoran language, or is associated with the Great Spirit, as well as Bohrok and krana.[2] The Zyglak have been known to attack and kill Toa due to their dislike.[28]

They have been seen to ally with others that share their plight, such as when a group of Zyglak made contact with Makuta Spiriah and were willing to side with him due to his own status as an outcast.[11]

Zyglak can speak Matoran,[29] but have also developed their own independent language, which they speak amongst themselves.[30]

Known Zyglak

The Zyglak as a set combiner

Set Information

Zyglak Set

The 8916+8917+8921 Zyglak can be built out of parts from 8916 Takadox, 8917 Kalmah, and 8921 Pridak. The model was created by LEGO employee and BZPower member Daniel Lipkowitz. Instructions for the model were included in the March–April 2007 issue of LEGO BrickMaster Magazine. The Zyglak was the last combiner that Lipkowitz made for LEGO's magazines.


"Friends? Zyglak don't have friends... just meals they haven't eaten yet."
Vezon, Federation of Fear

"They were shunned and hated wherever they went and nursed a deep resentment toward Matoran, who they saw as occupying the favored position in the universe that should have been theirs."
Encyclopedia Updated

"You know the Zyglak? Those savage, brutal monstrosities that hate everything to do with Mata Nui and think everyone looks better with a dagger in them?"
Toa Orde, The Yesterday Quest


  • The Zyglak are sometimes referred to as "the Great Beings' mistakes."[11]
  • According to Solek, Kopaka once fought and defeated three dozen Zyglak on his own.[31] However, this is merely a legend, seeing as no Zyglak have ever been to Karda Nui.[32]
  • Though often mistaken for ones,[citation needed] the Zyglak are not Rahi,[33] evident from the fact that they possess moral balance[34] and sapience.[35]
  • If a Zyglak were to have its moral light drained, it would not gain access to Shadow powers.[36]


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