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"The first thing he saw was a grotesque creature, easily two hundred feet high, looking like a cross between a whale and the giant, clawed slime-worms Onu-Matoran miners had run into in the past. It was nothing that had ever lumbered through the seas of Metru Nui or anywhere Matoran dwelled. The creature was ancient when the world was new, a relic of a past age when it was probably dwarfed by its fellow creatures."
— Narrator, Prisoners of the Pit

Ancient Sea Behemoth
Powers None
Status Alive
Location Aqua Magna

The Ancient Sea Behemoth is an enormous marine creature native to the Great Sea of Spherus Magna.[note 1]


Thousands of years ago, the Ancient Sea Behemoth entered hibernation beneath the Black Waters.

While fighting Kalmah and Carapar, Toa Mahri Kongu reluctantly activated his Kanohi Zatth, awakening the creature.[5] The monster became locked in combat with the three hundred foot mutant Venom Eel. The Barraki retreated, and the Toa managed to defeat both creatures.[6]

Later, the behemoth allied itself with the Venom Eel and an enlarged Gadunka. The three monsters caught up with the Toa Mahri at the Cord and fought the six Toa. Kongu attempted to summon another creature to defeat it, but instead conjured small, glowing fish, which the behemoth was attracted to and ate. Hahli replicated the ability with her Faxon, and the creature gave chase, interested in eating her as well. The behemoth was stunned by a sudden explosion of rocks caused by Kongu, and defeated.[7]

Abilities and Traits

This species of creature is entirely organic, and has an incredibly long lifespan. The creature encountered by the Toa Mahri was very large, measuring over 200 feet (60 meters) long. To the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe, it resembled a hybrid of a whale and a clawed Slime-Worm.[6]


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  1. Though Greg Farshtey has said the Ancient Sea Behemoth is fully organic,[1] this contradicts his earlier statement that nothing organic other than the Sea Squid would play any story role in 2007.[2] Kongu was able to summon the Ancient Sea Behemoth using his Kanohi Zatth.[3] The "Toa Chamber" of Toa Terrain Crawler suggests that the Zatth is limited to Rahi.[4]