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Unnamed Rahi

Many of the Rahi of the Matoran Universe are unnamed. Almost all were created by the Brotherhood of Makuta to populate the Matoran Universe. After the Matoran Universe was destroyed in the Battle of Bara Magna, many Rahi immigrated to Spherus Magna.

Terrestrial Rahi

Keetongu, the last surviving member of his species.
  • Keetongu's Species - A yellow-armored, bipedal Rahi. This species was attacked by the Visorak, leaving Keetongu the last known member of the species.[citation needed]
  • Small bugs that migrated to the island of Mata Nui, where they lived underground in small groups.[QftT][TLOMN]
  • Small scorpions that migrated to Mata Nui, where they lived in Po-Wahi.[QftT][TLOMN]
  • A six-legged fox that migrated to Mata Nui.[BtG][OGDi]
  • A Rahi that weaves webs.[BA3, p. 102]
  • A tentacled Rahi comprised entirely of smoke that Krahka once encountered beneath Onu-Metru. [BA3, p. 111-112]
  • A Rahi with a long, clawed, leather-scaled limb that creates living, regenerating crystal to build its nest.[BA3, p. 114]
  • A Rahi composed entirely of a gelatinous substance, able to take any physical blow without harm.[BA3, p. 118]
  • A medium-sized Rahi resembling a cross between a lizard and a Kavinika with the ability to sense the use of Kanohi powers that served Mavrah as a guard.[BA5, p. 62]
  • Few small Rahi that live in caves of Great Barrier.[BA5, p. 85]
  • A reptile which preyed on fish trapped among rocky shores.[BA7, p. 24] One specimen witnessed the Toa Metru's return to Metru Nui and was captured by an Oohnorak for questioning. Roodaka can understand the Rahi's language.[BA7, p. 26-29]
  • A small burrowing Rahi that can dig quickly.[BA8, p. 8]
  • A squat, slime-caked creature with bladed forelimbs that can stretch to twice its size.[BA8, p. 77]
A purple tentacled Rahi.
  • A purple Rahi with at least one tentacle. One lived in Po-Metru during the Great Rescue.[TSftMoL, Ep. 2-3]
  • A white bull with horns that can dissolve solid matter, which travels with the Dark Hunter known as "Tracker".[DH]
  • Multiple species of Rahi endemic to an island in close proximity to Xia. They all went extinct when the Xians obliterated the island.[BW]
  • Crimson insect Rahi that guarded an underground bridge on Artidax and did not tolerate any creature different from themselves.[FoF, Ch. 8-9]
  • Rahi servants of Makuta Gorast that rescued and tended to Vultraz after he fell from a cliff in the Tren Krom Peninsula.[BIA, Ch. 2]
  • A three-headed, bat-winged, brown-scaled Rahi, well over 60 feet tall, that slumbered in the Archives. It is afraid of fire. The Rahi was accidentally awakened by a battle between the Toa Mahri and Toa Hagah and began to ravage Metru Nui, but was defeated by the two teams working together.[DID, Ch. 3]
  • Pale, bipedal Rahi with huge yellow eyes that inhabited an island with a large pool of Energized Protodermis.[DW, Ch. 7]

Aerial Rahi

  • Nivawk's Species - Large bird Rahi capable of carrying a Matoran or Turaga. Nivawk was a member of this species.[B3:WoS]
  • A four-foot long winged insect.[BA8, p. 85]
  • A cousin of the Nui-Rama able to throw its stingers.[BA8, p. 118]
  • Small birds that migrated to Mata Nui and flew above the cliffs of Po-Wahi.[QftT][TLOMN]
  • A species of penguin-like Rahi comprised entirely of snow that preys on creatures by flying over them and smashing its weight onto them. These Rahi were formerly found in Ko-Wahi.[QftT]
  • Small bat-like Rahi that migrated to Mata Nui, where they lived in Onu-Wahi, Ko-Wahi, and Ta-Wahi.[QftM][TLOMN]
  • Tiny flying Rahi that appeared around the sick Po-Matoran in Po-Koro during the Po-Koro Epidemic.[MNOG]
Teal birds in Metru Nui.

Marine Rahi

  • The First Rahi created by the Great Beings.[BA5]
  • Huge sharklike Rahi with three sets of jaws.[BA5, p. 54]
  • Small fish with a hook-shaped dorsal fin, which could be found in Ga-Wahi.[MNOG][QftM][TLOMN]
  • Small fish with a propeller-like tail, which could be found in Ga-Wahi.[QftM][TLOMN]
  • A whale encountered around Mata Nui.[BtG][OGDi]
  • A hypnotizing Rahi kept in stasis in the Archives.[citation needed]
  • A species of jellyfish that lives in the Pit.[CTM]
  • A species of small, aggressive, rainbow-colored fish with needle sharp teeth that inhabit the waters around Daxia. They usually live in schools.[BL10, p. 69]
  • A massive, worm-like Rahi species to which the Toa Terrain Crawler belongs.[citation needed]
  • A species of malicious fish Toa Mahri Nuparu encountered in a river running beneath Zakaz.[RoS, Ch. 10]


A mutated combination of a Takea and a ray.
  • Thousands of small scorpion Rahi created by Makuta Teridax's experiments in the Maze of Shadows.[BA6, p. 37]
    • A red and gold specimen with three stingers.[BA6, p. 37]
    • A black specimen with no legs.[BA6, p. 37]
    • A specimen with gills, found on a rock ledge far from water. (deceased)[BA6, p. 38]
  • A six-foot-long winged centipede encountered in the Maze of Shadows.[BA6, p. 48]
  • A tiny insect mutated by Energized Protodermis into a giant with a 200-foot wingspan, a mouth filled with metallic teeth, and the ability to flap its wings hundreds of times per second, making a defensive airfield.[BA6, p. 103-104]
  • Mutated Fusions of Takea and rays used by the Barraki.[CTM]
  • A Rahi with many legs, two heads, and no tail created by Makuta Spiriah.[TMC, Ch. 1]
  • Many experimental Rahi created by Makuta Mutran.
    • A Rahi that died an "explosive" death.[TMC, Ch. 10]
    • A hissing, biting, and incredibly toxic Rahi created in the Shadow Leech Hive. Mutran deemed it a "mistake," and bid Vican stuff it in a crate as a gift for Chirox.[TMC, Ch. 1]
    • An experiment that would scream and melt into a liquid when agitated, much to Mutran's annoyance. It could also fly. Vican released it into Karda Nui, where it likely perished in the Energy Storms.[BL9, p. 40-41]
  • A Matoran-Rahi hybrid created by Makuta Mutran and Makuta Chirox to serve as a flying steed.[BL9, p. 55]
  • Several Rahi that were mutated by the waters of the Swamp of Secrets.[BL10, p. 14]

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