Razor Whale

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"Sometimes the largest creatures are the least dangerous to others."
Rahaga Gaaki, Rahi Beasts

Razor Whale
Conservation status Critically endangered
Known locations Metru Nui (formerly)
Mata Nui (formerly)
Black Waters
Spherus Magna[1]

Razor Whales are placid whale Rahi.


The Razor Whale species was created by the Makuta using Viruses and Liquid Protodermis to populate the Matoran Universe.[2]

A Razor Whale population lived in the ocean near Ga-Metru. Some Matoran, like Macku, were able to tame and ride whales that had lost their spines.[3]

Toa Hordika Nokama made an extra effort to protect these creatures from the Visorak, but since few specimens were seen off the Mata Nui coast, the extent of her conservation efforts are unknown.[4][3]

After the Great Cataclysm, some Razor Whales made their way into the Black Waters, where they have lived for 1,001 years.[5]

When the Great Spirit Robot was critically damaged in the Battle of Bara Magna, the surviving Razor Whales within were evacuated to Spherus Magna.[1]

Abilities and Traits

Razor Whales have a formidable appearance, but are actually gentle creatures. They have a row of spines down their tail, which usually are enough to scare off predators, though the Razor Whale has no natural enemy. At some time in the whale's life, the spines in its tail fall off, which makes them easier to tame.[4]

Razor Whales are the larger cousins of the Razorfish.[5]







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