Lava Hawk

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Lava Hawk
Powers Heat resistance
Conservation status Unknown
Known locations Southern Continent (Voya Nui) (formerly)
Spherus Magna[1]
Set 8721+8723+8725 Lava Hawk (instructions)

Lava Hawks are bird-like Rahi who favor volcanic regions.


The Lava Hawk species was created by the Makuta using Viruses and Liquid Protodermis to be one of the Rahi to inhabit the Matoran Universe.[2]

Some Lava Hawks established a colony on the Southern Continent. The Matoran of the Southern Continent made good use of the Lava Hawks' scales, which are immune to molten lava, collecting them to build crafts for traveling on lava streams. When the Great Cataclysm caused the area of the Southern Continent known as Voya Nui to rocket upwards to the surface of Aqua Magna, part of the Lava Hawk population was carried with it and managed to adapt to their new surroundings, where they lived for 1,000 years.[3]

When the Toa Mahri destroyed the Cord and returned Voya Nui to its former position on the Southern Continent, its Lava Hawk population may not have survived the descent.[4]

After the Great Spirit Robot was critically damaged in the Battle of Bara Magna, many Lava Hawks left the Matoran Universe and immigrated to Spherus Magna.[1]

Abilities and Traits

Lava Hawks are completely invulnerable to the searing heat of molten lava.[3] They feed on insects that live in the lava, and catch their prey by diving straight into the magma streams.[5]

Set Information

A Lava Hawk in set form

The 8721+8723+8725 Lava Hawk can be built out of the Matoran sets 8721 Velika, 8723 Piruk, and 8725 Balta using instructions split between the three sets.


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