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The BIONICLE line produced by LEGO is based on the physical medium of LEGO Sets, plastic brick-based construction toys that require assembly. BIONICLE uses a variation of the traditional building blocks based around a ball-and-socket system, while still being compatible with other LEGO pieces. The line was originally part of LEGO's TECHNIC subset, with which it shares many similar pieces and designs, before branching out to become its own theme, and one of LEGO's highest selling products. In addition to the creativity encouraged by LEGO products, BIONICLE was also known for its combination and alternate models, where sets could be combined to make larger creations or reassembled into new characters.

BIONICLE initially ran for ten years before being discontinued in 2010. It was revived in 2015 for a two year run, being discontinued again in 2016. Each release is categorized by year, and followed LEGO's typical product release cycles: one release at the beginning of the year, and one in the summer.

The following lists contain all of the globally released sets by year. For further details on other sets like promotional and region-specific releases, click the respective page year link, which also details the history and elements of the product waves.


See also: Sets/2001, BIONICLE § 2001, and Collectibles § 2001
Promotional image for 2001

2001 was the first year of BIONICLE sets. The year consisted of a single wave, seeing a full release by July. The six main sets depicting the protagonists were released in canisters, while the others (six small impulse purchase sets and five large creature sets) were all released in boxes. A small boxed set containing randomly colored collectible masks, variations of what the characters all wore, was also released as a supplement to the primary releases.

Six promotional sets were also released worldwide at participating McDonald's fast food chains, as part of their Happy Meal children's menu item.

BIONICLE Sets of 2001
Small Medium Large Special Edition Collectible Promotional


See also: Sets/2002, BIONICLE § 2002, and Collectibles § 2002
Mini-poster advertising 2002

2002 was BIONICLE's second year of sets, and consisted of two waves. The winter wave introduced villains to the canister set level, the six Bohrok, while the smaller sets were the Bohrok Va. A new supplementary set was also released, mixing new color variations of the masks from the previous year with krana, a new collectible that the Bohrok used.

In the summer of 2002, six more canister sets were released: the Toa Nuva, upgraded forms of the Toa from the previous year. Three larger sets were also released that wave: the Boxor, the Exo-Toa, and the Bahrag, alongside a new supplementary collectible pack featuring krana and the Kanohi Nuva, new mask shapes.

2002 was BIONICLE's most successful year in terms of sales, and was also LEGO's top-selling product theme.

BIONICLE Sets of 2002
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See also: Sets/2003, BIONICLE § 2003, and Collectibles § 2003
Promotional image for the second half of 2003

2003 was the third year of BIONICLE sets, also consisting of two waves. The first wave contained the Bohrok-Kal, upgraded versions of the winter canister wave from 2002, with new colors of krana (known as krana-kal) and Kanohi Nuva appearing in a supplementary pack.

The six small sets released were Matoran characters, upgraded (and renamed) versions of the promotional sets from 2001.

The summer wave featured the Rahkshi, in new canisters. Introduced with the Rahkshi were the collectible Kraata, which had over 250 different color variations. These Rahkshi were re-released near the end of 2003 with specially colored "Shadow Kraata" replacing their normal ones.

Four large box sets were also released alongside the Rahkshi. Two of these sets, Makuta and Takanuva, had a combined model which was itself released as boxed set, with several variations.

BIONICLE Sets of 2003
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See also: Sets/2004, BIONICLE § 2004, and Collectibles § 2004
Promotional poster for 2004

2004 was BIONICLE's fourth set year. The winter wave of 2004 featured the first new team of Toa characters, and possessed upgraded articulation and more secure Kanohi. The canisters they came in also included tops that could combine with one another to create the Matoran Spheres.

The small sets were six more Matoran, while the collectibles introduced for the year were the Kanoka, disks shot from a squeeze trigger and also sold in a supplementary pack in addition to featuring in the sets..

The Vahki were released in the summer wave, and had geared arms and disk-shooting mouths. Towards the end of the year the Vahki were re-released, replacing the standard Kanoka disks with a Disk of Time and a gold colored variant of the Kanohi Vahi.

Also released in the summer were three large sets: Nidhiki, Krekka, and Turaga Dume and Nivawk. The three could combine to make one "Ultimate Dume" set, which was later released as a standalone special edition item.

A special movie tie-in set, Lhikan & Kikanalo was released as well.

BIONICLE Sets of 2004
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See also: Sets/2005, BIONICLE § 2005, and Collectibles § 2005
Promotional poster for 2005

2005 was BIONICLE's fifth year, and featured the traditional waves of villains and heroes. However, the release dates for each varied by region; in North American territories the Toa Hordika were the first sets released in the winter. In European and Asian countries, the Visorak were released first. The small sets for the year were the Rahaga, released at the beginning of the year globally. All these sets used Rhotuka, a spinning disk launched by a ripcord, which were included in a supplementary pack released in the winter.

The larger sets, three in total, were still released in the summer, alongside playsets, which used more traditional LEGO System building with bricks and studs.

An exclusive combiner set depicting the character Voporak was also released toward the end of the year. Additionally, two exclusive Toa sets were made available, sold individually in most countries while one was only sold as part of a combined pack in the United States.

BIONICLE Sets of 2005
Small Medium Large Playsets Special Edition Collectible


See also: Sets/2006 and BIONICLE § 2006
Poster design for the Piraka, by Christian Faber

2006 was BIONICLE's sixth set year, with the winter wave containing Piraka canister sets. The Piraka possessed several new features, including light-up eyes, dual weapons, and rubber spines covering glow-in-the-dark skulls. All six had Zamor Launchers, which fired spherical ammunition pieces (known as Zamor) when pressed. Alternatively colored Zamor were made available in a supplementary pack. The six small sets were new Matoran characters, who had varying and unique builds, but no action features. Separate early releases saw some of the larger box sets appearing before the summer: Axonn, Brutaka, and Vezon & Fenrakk.

The summer wave featured the Toa Inika figures; their canisters were less spherical in shape than any previous wave, designed to advertise their light-up weapons and Zamor ammunition.

There were also several special edition sets released: the standalone Umbra, the three titan combiner Vezon & Kardas (using parts from the summer release large sets); and Irnakk, a combiner set of three Piraka (Thok, Vezok, and Reidak) that also included unique gold elements, who was released in between the main waves.

Playsets returned for a second year, in the second wave summer release.

BIONICLE Sets of 2006
Small Medium Large Playsets Special Edition Collectible


See also: Sets/2007 and BIONICLE § 2007
Barraki teaser poster

2007 was BIONICLE's seventh set year, and utilized an aquatic motif for its sets. Like the previous year, the first wave consisted of the year's villains, the Barraki canister sets. The Barraki each carried a Squid Launcher for launching the rubbery Sea Squids, which also came in accessory packs.

Only four small sets were released for 2007: two Matoran, Dekar and Defilak, and two Rahi, the hydruka Morak and Thulox. These four did not utilize the Squid Launchers, but instead possessed rebranded Zamor Launchers known as Air Launchers.

An exclusive titan set was released after the winter wave, depicting the character Nocturn.

The summer sets were the Toa Mahri, transformed versions of the Toa Inika, with new features like Cordak Blasters. These Toa came in cardboard packaging with a plastic ring shell, unlike the usual canisters.

The titan sets for 2007 were Hydraxon, Maxilos & Spinax, and Gadunka, with two special edition large sets were also released in the summer: the Karzahni set and the Lesovikk set.

Playsets returned for a final year, with three playsets released in the summer.

BIONICLE Sets of 2007
Small Medium Large Playsets Limited Edition Collectible


See also: Sets/2008 and BIONICLE § 2008
Promotional poster for the "Phantoka" wave

2008 was the eighth BIONICLE set year, with six small Matoran sets released alongside canister sets for the winter; as the wave contained both hero and villain characters, it carried a sub-branding of "Phantoka". A large boxed set also saw wide release, depicting the Toa Ignika riding a Skyboard. All four Toa characters wielded a new projectile launcher, the Midak Skyblaster, while the Makuta were built with ribcages housing Tridax Pods and Shadow Leeches. None of these ammunition pieces were sold in a supplementary set unlike previous years.

Two special-edition large box sets were also released in the winter: Icarax, and Mutran & Vican.

In the summer, the canister sets contained the same hero/villain divide, this time under the sub-heading "Mistika". Both carried the same projectile launcher with different colored ammunition; these launchers had a pump that could be compressed to launch plastic dart ammunition.

Though playsets did not make a return, the large summer sets depicted large battle vehicles, with four seeing a standard release, along with a new titan set.

Two special-edition box sets were additionally released in the summer. The first was a brand-new model depicting the Matoran Mazeka and his turret vehicle the Swamp Strider, which utilized a Zamor Launcher with multiple clips of ammunition. The second was a recolor of the Jetrax T6 set, with yellow elements replacing the blue and silver ones.

BIONICLE Sets of 2008
Small Medium Large Limited Edition


See also: Sets/2009 and BIONICLE § 2009
Promotional poster for the Glatorian "Legends" wave

2009, BIONICLE's ninth set year, introduced a new setting and new aesthetic for the sets. The small sets, the Agori, featured a similar building style to the previous year's Matoran, as well as using the same type of packaging, while the canisters for the winter wave were the Glatorian. Each Glatorian carried a Thornax Launcher, which fired the spiky Thornax pieces when squeezed, though this did not appear in any supplementary release. 2009 also saw the release of two large box sets, Fero & Skirmix, and Tuma.

In the summer, six more Glatorian canister sets were released, under the sub-brand of "Legends". The Glatorian Legends all came with a Thornax Launcher.

The large sets for the summer were again larger vehicles with Agori or Glatorian riders. Five vehicles were released in all. A special-edition titan set, an enlarged version of the "Toa" Mata Nui set, was also released, that included a specially colored Kanohi Ignika.

BIONICLE Sets of 2009
Small Medium Large Special Edition Limited Edition


See also: Sets/2010 and BIONICLE § 2010
Promotional poster for the BIONICLE Stars

2010 was BIONICLE's tenth set year, and initially its final one as it was discontinued that year. Only a single wave was released with a reduced lineup, for six sets total. Though each set resembled the Agori and Matoran from the previous two years, they were included in canisters.

Every set came with a specific piece of the Golden Armor, which could be attached to the Tahu set to replace his armor, weapons, and mask, creating the "Golden BIONICLE".

BIONICLE Sets of 2010


See also: Sets/2015 and BIONICLE § 2015
Promotional poster for the 2015 reboot

2015 is BIONICLE's eleventh set year, and its first after originally being discontinued five years prior. The new wave, released at the beginning of the year 2015, followed a similar structure to previous pre-cancellation BIONICLE waves: six small sets, the Protectors, were released alongside six Toa sets of varying sizes. All sets now came in cardboard packaging. One medium-sized set also depicted the primary villain of the wave, the Lord of Skull Spiders. Each set contained newly designed masks; while there were no supplementary sets, special versions of some of these masks were released elsewhere.

The summer wave debuted the Skull villains, five medium sized sets. The large set of this wave set, Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder, contains a Protector-sized figure fighting against one of the Skull villains.

A promotional BIONICLE "Hero Pack", made available as a free gift-with-purchase, was released between February and March at LEGO brand stores.

BIONICLE Sets of 2015
Small Medium Large Promotional


See also: Sets/2016 and BIONICLE § 2016
Key art of the winter 2016 wave Uniters

2016 is BIONICLE's twelfth set year, the second set year of the reboot, and the final full set year. The small sets - known as Elemental Creatures - were released alongside upgraded second generation Toa, and could connect directly to the their backs of the of the Toa. Each creature also contained a Shadow Trap figure. Five individual creature sets were released along with five Toa (three medium-size and two large-size sets), while the last Creature/Toa pair was released in a combined "Unity set". Also released was a large set depicting the villain Umarak.

The summer wave contained five sets; three villainous Elemental Beasts, an upgraded standalone version of Ekimu, and a new version of Umarak, called "the Destroyer".

Two promotional sets were also included as part of the BIONICLE Magazine series released in European territories.

BIONICLE Sets of 2016
Small Medium Large Promotional
Promotional poster of 40581


One BIONICLE set was released in 2023, seven years after the line's second discontinuation. In 2021, BIONICLE had been included in a poll to determine a potential set for LEGO's 90th anniversary.[1] Despite being one of the most popular themes[2] BIONICLE was ultimately not chosen for a commemorative set at the time. The team in charge of Gifts With Purchase ("GWP", free gifts for spending over a certain amount at LEGO stores) later approached set designer Nick Vas to create a BIONICLE set for a promotional inclusion.[3] The resulting set, 40581 BIONICLE Tahu and Takua, was released in 2023 as a free gift-with-purchase from late January to early February.

BIONICLE Sets of 2023


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