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8996 Skopio XV-1
Large Set
Set number 8996
Subtheme Vehicles
Release date 2009
Pieces 849
MSRP $89.99 (US)
59.99 (UK)
139.99 (AUS)
Ages 8+

Set 8996 Skopio XV-1 is a large boxed set released in 2009, portraying the Skopio XV-1 and its pilot Telluris.

Product Description

The following is a product description taken directly from LEGO. View the source here
A monster unleashed!
Combining the amazing fighting skills of a real Skopio scorpion with retractable treads, this vehicle can move on four legs or shift into a high speed tracked machine. Armed with blasters, a spiked Thornax launcher and moving pincers, the Skopio wanders the wasteland with its creator and pilot, Telluris, crushing all who oppose it! Includes vehicle, figure, 2 Life Counters and 2 Midak Skyblasters.

*Includes Telluris figure and vehicle!
*Features scorpion-like retractable treads, blasters and moving pinchers!
*Raise and lower the spiked Thornax launcher!
*Vehicle can move on 4 legs or shift into a high speed tracked machine!
*Skopio measures 20" (51 cm) long, 8" (20 cm) tall and 11"(28 cm) wide!

Set Information

The set contains 849 pieces. It is the largest BIONICLE set ever released.[citation needed]


The set includes a Thornax Launcher, Thornax ammunition, and life counter for use in the BIONICLE Action Figure Game. Additionally, Telluris's own life counter mount, comprising five pieces, is moved from Telluris to the rear of the vehicle as the rider is being attached. Also included in the set are two Force Blasters, each of which is loaded with four silver "force spheres" as ammunition. The mandibles also open when the backs of the outer pincers are squeezed together, and snap shut by means of a rubber band.

The Skopio XV-1's legs can be folded out to support its body, or folded in to allow travel on its treads.


The set includes a unique yellow-orange helmet for Telluris.