Thornax Launcher

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Thornax Launcher
Users Glatorian
Bone Hunters
Function Launch Thornax fruit
Status In use
Pronunciation Thohr-nacks

The Thornax Launcher, also known as the Thornax Shooter,[1] is a launcher that uses the Thornax fruit of Bara Magna as ammunition, although rocks can be substituted. The launchers are typically given to Glatorian, formerly for use in the arena, though Bone Hunters are known to use them as well. The launchers are fairly light and easy to repair.


Tarix firing a Thornax Launcher in The Legend Reborn

The launchers have been in use for over 100,000 years, invented prior to the Shattering. After the disaster, the launchers were rendered some of the most sophisticated technology on the planet, as any other complex machinery had been eradicated.[2] They were used primarily by the Glatorian in Arena Matches, to hurl Thornax at each other. The weapons are usually used to launch ripe Thornax, since the use of explosive Thornax was frowned upon in the arena.[3]

Wall-mounted Thornax Launchers loaded with Thornax serve as one of the defenses of the Valley of the Maze.[4]


The Thornax launcher is a simplistic launcher, comprised of two lengths of metal rods, which grip the Thornax fruit. A trigger mechanism squeezes the two bars together, which shoots the fruit out.

Example Usage

Gresh firing a Thornax at a Skrall

In Sands of Bara Magna, Gresh used his Thornax Launcher to fire a Thornax fruit at the Bone Hunter Fero, to save Berix.


Set Information

The Thornax Launcher in set form
Firing the set form of the Thornax Launcher

The Thornax Launcher is comprised of two pieces, which are spaced two studs apart and attached to the set by one or two axles. The launcher is fired by squeezing the midsection. It is included in all six 2009 Glatorian canister sets, as well as the Fero & Skirmix and Tuma sets.

Each character in the Glatorian Legends series of canister sets, released in mid-2009, also contains a Thornax Launcher, as do all of the vehicle sets and the Toa Mata Nui large boxed set released in mid-2009.

In early 2010, a Thornax Launcher was packaged with a BIONICLE watch in the United States.