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8980 Gresh
Canister Set
Set number 8980
Subtheme Glatorian
Release date 2009
Pieces 55
MSRP $12.99 (US)
8.99 (UK)
17.99 (AUS)
Ages 8+

Set 8980 is a canister set released in 2009 portraying Gresh, the second Glatorian of the Jungle Tribe.

Product Description

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Master of the arena!
An experienced Glatorian for the jungle tribe, Gresh combines incredible speed and agility with surprising strength. His favorite move is to back flip away from a blow and fire his spiked Thornax launcher in mid-air. A tough foe in any fight! Includes one Life Counter for the new BIONICLE battle game!

*Fully articulated limbs allow you to pose your Glatorian Bionicle for work, battle or display!
*Ready for attack or defense his vine mask, double bladed shield and functional Thornax launcher serve him well!
*Member of the Jungle Tribe allied with #8974 Tarduk!
*Includes life counter for action figure game!
*Measures 7" (17cm) tall!

Set Information

The set contains 55 pieces.


The set features a Thornax Launcher.


Gresh wears a unique blended green-and-lime helmet.


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