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Collectibles are items featured in BIONICLE sets that are part of a larger collection that does not include the figures. Collectibles could be acquired through various means such as supplementary packs, randomly packaged in standard figures, and retail promotions. Collectibles have their roots in both of BIONICLE's predecessors, Throwbots and Roboriders, which featured disk and wheel pieces with a variety of unique prints that also served as ammunition for the sets.


From the inception of the BIONICLE line, Kanohi Masks of Power held a central role in both the sets and the storyline. The Toa's quest to find the Masks of Power was a major focus of the story in 2001. To coincide with this "collect the masks" theme, collectible mask packs were released (set numbers 8525 in America and 8530 internationally). These packs contained two random masks from a series of seventy-two (the Toa Mata's six Kanohi in their six respective colors, and the six Noble Kanohi of the Turaga in their respective six colors), as well as pieces to construct a head with one of six eye colors to display it on. A seventy-third mask, the hand-painted Infected Kanohi Hau, could also be found in those packs.

Featured on packaging was also a silhouette of a then-unknown mask; this was later revealed to be the Kanohi Vahi, planned for release in the 2001 video game BIONICLE: The Legend of Mata Nui. When the game was cancelled, the Vahi was instead used in other promotional giveaways.

Each set released in 2001 included one or more masks. Some of the sets, such as 8534 Tahu, included masks that could be found in the mask packs, while other sets, like 8537 Nui-Rama, included masks that could only be obtained by purchasing that set.

A few other special masks were made available through other promotional events. A transparent neon green Miru (commonly known by the acronym "TNGM") could be obtained at LEGOLAND California. Copper Masks of Victory in two shapes were also made available. A copper Huna was distributed at Toys 'R Us promotions in the United States, at LEGOLAND Windsor in England, and a Nestle promotion in Germany. Promotions to distribute the copper Huna continued into future years, such as a Blockbuster promotion in 2003. At LEGOLAND Billund, a package containing both a Copper Huna and a Copper Komau could be obtained. Slight coloration differences existed between the US and European versions of the Copper Huna.[1] Finally, a 14-karat solid gold Kanohi Hau and was distributed as a grand prize for various contests, including the Search for the Gold Mask Sweepstakes and the Build Your Own BIONICLE Website contest. This mask had two additional holes on the sides for a chain, and only thirty of these masks were ever reportedly produced.[citation needed]

Due to miscommunications between different teams at LEGO, early batches of 8530 contained fourteen masks not found in later releases - the Kanohi Ruru and Kanohi Matatu each in colors of the six Toa and the Kanohi Kaukau in transparent neon yellow and transparent medium blue. However, these packs did not include the 36 noble masks in the colors of the Turaga, the infected Kanohi Hau, or the Kaukau in transparent white or transparent neon orange. These masks are commonly known as the "European misprints," though they were also released in other parts of the world. By the time American 8525 launched in the summer of 2001, this mistake had been fixed.[2][3][4][5] Two of these masks were also made available through other means: the black Ruru was released in 8546 PowerPack (and again in 2003 in 8585 Hafu), and the red Ruru was released with a Bionicle-themed clock in 2002.[6] The fourteen masks were also included on the 2001 website.[7]

Collectibles in Packs

The following masks could be found in 8525 BIONICLE Masks and 8530 BIONICLE Masks:

Great Masks

Hau Kaukau Miru Kakama Pakari Akaku
Hau Tahu.png Kaukau Tahu.png Miru Tahu.png Kakama Tahu.png Pakari Tahu.png Akaku Tahu.png
Hau Gali.png Kaukau Gali.png Miru Gali.png Kakama Gali.png Pakari Gali.png Akaku Gali.png
Hau Lewa.png Kaukau Lewa.png Miru Lewa.png Kakama Lewa.png Pakari Lewa.png Akaku Lewa.png
Hau Pohatu.png Kaukau Pohatu.png Miru Pohatu.png Kakama Pohatu.png Pakari Pohatu.png Akaku Pohatu.png
Hau Onua.png Kaukau Onua.png Miru Onua.png Kakama Onua.png Pakari Onua.png Akaku Onua.png
Hau Kopaka.png Kaukau Kopaka.png Miru Kopaka.png Kakama Kopaka.png Pakari Kopaka.png Akaku Kopaka.png

Noble Masks

Huna Rau Mahiki Komau Ruru Matatu
Huna Vakama.png Rau Vakama.png Mahiki Vakama.png Komau Vakama.png Ruru Vakama.png Matatu Vakama.png
Huna Nokama.png Rau Nokama.png Mahiki Nokama.png Komau Nokama.png Ruru Nokama.png Matatu Nokama.png
Huna Matau.png Rau Matau.png Mahiki Matau.png Komau Matau.png Ruru Matau.png Matatu Matau.png
Huna Onewa.png Rau Onewa.png Mahiki Onewa.png Komau Onewa.png Ruru Onewa.png Matatu Onewa.png
Huna Whenua.png Rau Whenua.png Mahiki Whenua.png Komau Whenua.png Ruru Whenua.png Matatu Whenua.png
Huna Nuju.png Rau Nuju.png Mahiki Nuju.png Komau Nuju.png Ruru Nuju.png Matatu Nuju.png

Infected Mask

Infected Kanohi
Set Infected Kanohi.png

European Misprints

The following masks were produced in nonstandard colors (commonly termed "misprints," although they feature no printing). They could rarely be found in 8530 BIONICLE Masks:

Ruru Matatu Kaukau
Ruru Tahu.png Matatu Tahu.png Kaukau Light Blue.png
Ruru Gali.png Matatu Gali.png
Ruru Lewa.png Matatu Lewa.png
Ruru Pohatu.png Matatu Pohatu.png Kaukau Yellow.png
Ruru Onua.png Matatu Onua.png
Ruru Kopaka.png Matatu Kopaka.png

Special Collectibles

The following masks released in 2001 could be obtained via contests, promotions, or similar means:

Transparent Neon-Green Miru.jpg Set Copper Huna.png Set Copper Komau.png 14-karat Gold Kanohi Hau.jpg
Transparent Neon Green Miru Copper Huna Copper Komau 14k Solid Gold Hau

Collectibles in Sets

The following collectibles could be found in sets released in 2001:


1388 Huki
1389 Onepu
1390 Maku
1391 Jala
1392 Kongu
1393 Matoro
Kakama Hewkii.png
Kakama X1
(Dark Orange)
Kakama Disk.png
Disk X1
(Kakama Print)
Pakari Onepu.png
Pakari X1
Set Bamboo Disk.PNG
Disk X1
(Pakari Print)
Huna Macku.png
Huna X1
Kaukau Disk.png
Disk X1
(Kaukau Print)
Hau Jaller.png
Hau X1
Hau Disk.png
Disk X1
(Hau Print)
Miru Kongu.png
Miru X1
Miru Disk.png
Disk X1
(Miru Print)
Akaku Matoro.png
Akaku X1
(Sand Blue)
Akaku Disk.png
Disk X1
(Akaku Print)
8540 Vakama
8541 Matau
8542 Onewa
8543 Nokama
8544 Nuju
8545 Whenua
Huna Vakama.png
Huna X1
Mahiki Matau.png
Mahiki X1
(Lime Green)
Komau Onewa.png
Komau X1
Rau Nokama.png
Rau X1
(Medium Blue)
Matatu Nuju.png
Matatu X1
(Light Gray)
Ruru Whenua.png
Ruru X1
(Dark Gray)


8531 Pohatu
8532 Onua
8533 Gali
8534 Tahu
8535 Lewa
8536 Kopaka
Kakama Pohatu.png
Kakama X1
Pakari Onua.png
Pakari X1
Kaukau Gali.png
Kaukau X1
(Transparent Blue)
Hau Tahu.png
Hau X1
Miru Lewa.png
Miru X1
Akaku Kopaka.png
Akaku X1


8537 Nui-Rama
8538 Muaka & Kane-ra
8539 Manas
8548 Nui-Jaga
8549 Tarakava
Ruru Rama.png
Ruru X4
(Transparent Blue)
Huna Kane Ra.png
Huna X2
Set Infected Kanohi.png
Infected Kanohi X2
Ruru Vakama.png
Ruru X2
Komau Manas.png
Komau X2
Pakari Onepu.png
Pakari X2
Pakari Takua.png
Pakari X2
(Medium Blue)
Pakari Gali.png
Pakari X1
Kakama Teal.png
Kakama X1


Power Pack.PNG
8546 PowerPack
Ruru Onua.png
Ruru X1
Power Pack Rua.png
Rua X1
(Chrome Hau)
Hau Disk.png
Disk X1
(Hau Print)

A promotional poster featuring all ninety-six krana


The second year of BIONICLE brought the Bohrok swarms and the krana. In the storyline, the krana were the organic brains of the robotic Bohrok, and if a krana replaced the mask of a Toa or Matoran, it had the power to enslave its wearer. The toy krana served as a second collectible to complement the Kanohi from the previous year. Krana were slightly smaller than Kanohi masks, and they were made of a rubbery material instead of the typical ABS plastic. The Bohrok and Bohrok Va sets had action features to fling krana at opponents, and each krana could be worn by any set that could wear a mask. There were eight distinct krana shapes and twelve different colors, which formed a set of ninety-six unique krana. Each Bohrok and Bohrok Va set contained one random krana with a particular color but unknown shape. Krana were also released in blind packs numbered 8559 and 8569; three random krana were included in each pack. These krana packs also introduced gold and silver variants of the Great Masks from 2001, two of which were included in each pack.

The latter half of the year saw the release of the Toa Nuva bearing new masks: the powerful Kanohi Nuva. Another series of thirty-six collectible masks (the six Kanohi Nuva, each in the six colors of the Toa Nuva) was made available via packs numbered 8597 and 8598. These packs contained three random krana and two random Kanohi Nuva. Additionally, the Toa Nuva sets each bore a signature Kanohi Nuva. One other new mask, an orange Pakari, was introduced in two sets released in 2002.

Comparison between purple hues in krana

After its release was postponed in 2001, the Kanohi Vahi, the Great Mask of Time, was made widely available in 2002. This mask could be obtained via various means, such as promotions with retailers Toywiz [8] and Walgreens.[9]

The purple krana found in 8550 Gahlok Va and the krana packs was produced in two variations, and a slight color difference can be observed between the two variants.

Collectibles in Packs


The following krana could be found in 8559 BIONICLE Krana, 8569 BIONICLE Krana, 8597 Kanohi Nuva & Krana Pack, and 8598 Kanohi Nuva & Krana Pack:

Xa Za Vu Ca Yo Ja Su Bo
Pahrak Krana Xa.png Pahrak Krana Za.png Pahrak Krana Vu.png Pahrak Krana Ca.png Pahrak Krana Yo.png Pahrak Krana Ja.png Pahrak Krana Su.png Pahrak Krana Bo.png
Nuhvok Krana Xa.png Nuhvok Krana Za.png Nuhvok Krana Vu.png Nuhvok Krana Ca.png Nuhvok Krana Yo.png Nuhvok Krana Ja.png Nuhvok Krana Su.png Nuhvok Krana Bo.png
Gahlok Krana Xa.png Gahlok Krana Za.png Gahlok Krana Vu.png Gahlok Krana Ca.png Gahlok Krana Yo.png Gahlok Krana Ja.png Gahlok Krana Su.png Gahlok Krana Bo.png
Tahnok Krana Xa.png Tahnok Krana Za.png Tahnok Krana Vu.png Tahnok Krana Ca.png Tahnok Krana Yo.png Tahnok Krana Ja.png Tahnok Krana Su.png Tahnok Krana Bo.png
Lehvak Krana Xa.png Lehvak Krana Za.png Lehvak Krana Vu.png Lehvak Krana Ca.png Lehvak Krana Yo.png Lehvak Krana Ja.png Lehvak Krana Su.png Lehvak Krana Bo.png
Kohrak Krana Xa.png Kohrak Krana Za.png Kohrak Krana Vu.png Kohrak Krana Ca.png Kohrak Krana Yo.png Kohrak Krana Ja.png Kohrak Krana Su.png Kohrak Krana Bo.png
Pahrak Va Krana Xa.png Pahrak Va Krana Za.png Pahrak Va Krana Vu.png Pahrak Va Krana Ca.png Pahrak Va Krana Yo.png Pahrak Va Krana Ja.png Pahrak Va Krana Su.png Pahrak Va Krana Bo.png
Nuhvok Va Krana Xa.png Nuhvok Va Krana Za.png Nuhvok Va Krana Vu.png Nuhvok Va Krana Ca.png Nuhvok Va Krana Yo.png Nuhvok Va Krana Ja.png Nuhvok Va Krana Su.png Nuhvok Va Krana Bo.png
Gahlok Va Krana Xa.png Gahlok Va Krana Za.png Gahlok Va Krana Vu.png Gahlok Va Krana Ca.png Gahlok Va Krana Yo.png Gahlok Va Krana Ja.png Gahlok Va Krana Su.png Gahlok Va Krana Bo.png
Tahnok Va Krana Xa.png Tahnok Va Krana Za.png Tahnok Va Krana Vu.png Tahnok Va Krana Ca.png Tahnok Va Krana Yo.png Tahnok Va Krana Ja.png Tahnok Va Krana Su.png Tahnok Va Krana Bo.png
Lehvak Va Krana Xa.png Lehvak Va Krana Za.png Lehvak Va Krana Vu.png Lehvak Va Krana Ca.png Lehvak Va Krana Yo.png Lehvak Va Krana Ja.png Lehvak Va Krana Su.png Lehvak Va Krana Bo.png
Kohrak Va Krana Xa.png Kohrak Va Krana Za.png Kohrak Va Krana Vu.png Kohrak Va Krana Ca.png Kohrak Va Krana Yo.png Kohrak Va Krana Ja.png Kohrak Va Krana Su.png Kohrak Va Krana Bo.png

Gold and Silver Kanohi

The following masks could be found in 8559 BIONICLE Krana and 8569 BIONICLE Krana:

Hau Kaukau Miru Kakama Pakari Akaku
Tahu's Golden Hau Set.jpg Gali's Golden Kaukau Set.jpg Lewa's Golden Miru Set.JPG Pohatu's Golden Kakama Set.JPG Onua's Golden Pakari Set.JPG Kopaka's Golden Akaku Set.JPG
Silver Hau.jpg Silver Kaukau.jpg Silver Miru.jpg Silver Kakama.jpg Silver Pakari.jpg Silver Akaku.jpg

Kanohi Nuva

The following masks could be found in 8597 Kanohi Nuva & Krana Pack, 8598 Kanohi Nuva & Krana Pack, 8599 Krana-Kal, and 8600 Krana-Kal:

Hau Nuva Kaukau Nuva Miru Nuva Kakama Nuva Pakari Nuva Akaku Nuva
Hau Nuva Tahu.png Kaukau Nuva Tahu.png Miru Nuva Tahu.png Kakama Nuva Tahu.png Pakari Nuva Tahu.png Akaku Nuva Tahu.png
Hau Nuva Gali.png Kaukau Nuva Gali.png Miru Nuva Gali.png Kakama Nuva Gali.png Pakari Nuva Gali.png Akaku Nuva Gali.png
Hau Nuva Lewa.png Kaukau Nuva Lewa.png Miru Nuva Lewa.png Kakama Nuva Lewa.png Pakari Nuva Lewa.png Akaku Nuva Lewa.png
Hau Nuva Pohatu.png Kaukau Nuva Pohatu.png Miru Nuva Pohatu.png Kakama Nuva Pohatu.png Pakari Nuva Pohatu.png Akaku Nuva Pohatu.png
Hau Nuva Onua.png Kaukau Nuva Onua.png Miru Nuva Onua.png Kakama Nuva Onua.png Pakari Nuva Onua.png Akaku Nuva Onua.png
Hau Nuva Kopaka.png Kaukau Nuva Kopaka.png Miru Nuva Kopaka.png Kakama Nuva Kopaka.png Pakari Nuva Kopaka.png Akaku Nuva Kopaka.png

Special Collectibles

The following mask released in 2002 could be obtained via contests, promotions, or similar means:

Orange Vahi Set.JPG
Orange Vahi

Collectibles in Sets

The following collectibles could be found in sets released in 2002:


8550 Gahlok Va
8551 Kohrak Va
8552 Lehvak Va
8553 Pahrak Va
8554 Tahnok Va
8555 Nuhvok Va
Krana X1
Krana X1
Krana X1
(Dark Gray)
Krana X1
Krana X1
Krana X1


8560 Pahrak
8561 Nuhvok
8562 Gahlok
8563 Tahnok
8564 Lehvak
8565 Kohrak
Krana X1
Krana X1
(Lime Green)
Krana X1
Krana X1
Krana X1
Krana X1
(Medium Blue)
8566 Onua Nuva
8567 Lewa Nuva
8568 Pohatu Nuva
8570 Gali Nuva
8571 Kopaka Nuva
8572 Tahu Nuva
Pakari Nuva Onua.png
Pakari Nuva X1
Miru Nuva Lewa.png
Miru Nuva X1
Kakama Nuva Pohatu.png
Kakama Nuva X1
Kaukau Nuva Gali.png
Kaukau Nuva X1
Akaku Nuva Kopaka.png
Akaku Nuva X1
Hau Nuva Tahu.png
Hau Nuva X1


8556 Boxor
10023 BIONICLE Master Builder Set
Pakari Nuparu.png
Pakari X1
Pakari Nuparu.png
Pakari X1
Advertisement for the silver krana


The first wave of sets released in 2003 featured the Bohrok-Kal and the krana-kal. The krana-kal were identical in shape and material to the krana from the previous year. However, they were produced in metallic colors, to complement the silver sheen of the Bohrok-Kal. The eight krana shapes, each in the six colors of the Bohrok-Kal, formed a new set of forty-eight krana-kal. Each Bohrok-Kal set contained a random krana-kal in its signature color. Krana-kal could also be obtained in collectible packs numbered 8599 and 8600, which contained three krana-kal and two Kanohi Nuva. Six silver "protodermic" Kanohi Nuva (one for each Toa Nuva) were newly available in these krana-kal packs; in the storyline, these represented the color-drained masks of the Toa Nuva when their Nuva Symbols had been stolen by the Bohrok-Kal.

Comparison of Kraata stages

Several special krana-kal were also produced. Seventy-two Sterling Silver krana-kal and five thousand White Metal krana-kal were hidden in random Bohrok-Kal canisters as a part of the "search for the silver" campaign.[10] These krana-kal were made from solid metal instead of plastic. They were packaged in a black pouch with a certificate congratulating the finder;[11] the certificates for the Sterling Silver krana-kal were numbered from one to seventy-two.[12] The White Metal krana-kal and the Sterling Silver krana-kal were only produced in the Xa shape.

Originally, there was a plan for a different kind of metallic krana-kal to be hidden in Bohrok-Kal canisters.[13] Instead of solid metal krana-kal, solid plastic krana-kal would be coated using a vacuum-metalization process. However, production problems meant that these metallic krana-kal would not be ready in time, and the White Metal krana-kal were produced instead. Members of the Proto-Squad received one Vacuum Metal krana-kal (the hard metal-coated plastic Krana) and one Gray Plastic krana-kal (the hard plastic Krana in a pre-metalized state) in May 2003.[14] Vacuum Metal krana-kal were also distributed in the Unleashed van tour in 2003. The Gray Plastic krana-kal is light gray in color, and it is made from solid plastic instead of the typical flexible rubbery material. Both the Vacuum Metal krana-kal and the Gray Plastic krana-kal were produced in all eight krana shapes.

The latter half of 2003 saw the premiere of the Kraata, another new collectible. Kraata were slug-like creatures that controlled the Rahkshi in the storyline and could be stored in the backs of the Rahkshi sets. The Kraata were made of a flexible rubbery material, similar to the krana, and each Kraata was produced in a two-color blend. The combination of a Kraata's head and tail colors indicated its power; there were forty-two such powers. Six of these powers (Fear, Disintegration Poison Fragmentation, Hunger, and Anger, the powers of the Rahkshi sets) had names, while the other thirty-six powers had no special name. With six stages in forty-two color combinations, a total of 252 Kraata types could be collected. These Kraata could be found in packs numbered 8580, which were small canisters containing three random Kraata and two random stickers from a set of twelve. Additionally, each of the Rahkshi sets included a Kraata of a random stage with that Rahkshi's power.

Seven other Kraata were produced that could not be found in random packs. Shadow Kraata, the powerful seventh stage of Kraata, could be found in specially marked Rahkshi sets at specific retailers in late 2003.[15] These Shadow Kraata were solid purple in color, and they could be found in the shape of any of the six previous Kraata stages. Two identical transparent neon orange Kraata with no storyline significance were packaged with pairs of Rahkshi-themed shoes, as well.[16] These Kraata were only produced in the Stage 1 shape.

A number of unique Kanohi masks were included exclusively with various sets released in 2003. Of particular note are the Kanohi Avohkii, the Mask of Light, and the Kanohi Kraahkan, the Mask of Shadows. These were the first masks to connect using a Technic axle instead of a Lego stud. A special version of the Kraahkan, commonly called the Movie Edition Kraahkan, was packaged with 10201 Takutanuva.

The Platinum Avohkii

A red-and-green colored poisoned version of the Hau Nuva was made available through various promotions in late 2003. The mask could be obtained at giveaways at U.S. Lego retail stores,[17] with a German Bionicle magazine,[18] and through a Woolworth's promotion for the Mask of Light movie.[19] A collection of the four BIONICLE Chronicles books released in 2004 also included an Poisoned Hau Nuva. This mask has four commonly recognized variations; like the regular Hau Nuva, it was produced in a mold with four cavities. However, due to the way dual-injection works the masks from each cavity had slightly different, although generally self-consistent, blended patterns of red and green. The different variations can be distinguished by a code printed between the eye holes on the inside of the mask. Type 1-01 and Type 4-01 look the most similar to each other, with prominent green foreheads. Type 2-01 has a red forehead, and Type 3-01 has a thin green stripe on its forehead.

A unique, one-of-a-kind Platinum Avohkii was produced for a Cartoon Network sweepstakes in October 2003.[20][21] This mask was made from solid platinum and had an estimated value of $7000 at the time of the contest.[22] The mask was sold for $15,000 in February 2014, making it one of the most valuable Lego pieces ever produced.[23]

Collectibles in Packs


The following krana-kal could be found in 8599 Krana-Kal and 8600 Krana-Kal:

Xa Za Vu Ca Yo Ja Su Bo
Nuhvok-Kal Krana Xa.png Nuhvok-Kal Krana Za.png Nuhvok-Kal Krana Vu.png Nuhvok-Kal Krana Ca.png Nuhvok-Kal Krana Yo.png Nuhvok-Kal Krana Ja.png Nuhvok-Kal Krana Su.png Nuhvok-Kal Krana Bo.png
Tahnok-Kal Krana Xa.png Tahnok-Kal Krana Za.png Tahnok-Kal Krana Vu.png Tahnok-Kal Krana Ca.png Tahnok-Kal Krana Yo.png Tahnok-Kal Krana Ja.png Tahnok-Kal Krana Su.png Tahnok-Kal Krana Bo.png
Kohrak-Kal Krana Xa.png Kohrak-Kal Krana Za.png Kohrak-Kal Krana Vu.png Kohrak-Kal Krana Ca.png Kohrak-Kal Krana Yo.png Kohrak-Kal Krana Ja.png Kohrak-Kal Krana Su.png Kohrak-Kal Krana Bo.png
Lehvak-Kal Krana Xa.png Lehvak-Kal Krana Za.png Lehvak-Kal Krana Vu.png Lehvak-Kal Krana Ca.png Lehvak-Kal Krana Yo.png Lehvak-Kal Krana Ja.png Lehvak-Kal Krana Su.png Lehvak-Kal Krana Bo.png
Pahrak-Kal Krana Xa.png Pahrak-Kal Krana Za.png Pahrak-Kal Krana Vu.png Pahrak-Kal Krana Ca.png Pahrak-Kal Krana Yo.png Pahrak-Kal Krana Ja.png Pahrak-Kal Krana Su.png Pahrak-Kal Krana Bo.png
Gahlok-Kal Krana Xa.png Gahlok-Kal Krana Za.png Gahlok-Kal Krana Vu.png Gahlok-Kal Krana Ca.png Gahlok-Kal Krana Yo.png Gahlok-Kal Krana Ja.png Gahlok-Kal Krana Su.png Gahlok-Kal Krana Bo.png

Protodermic Kanohi Nuva

The following masks could be found in 8599 Krana-Kal and 8600 Krana-Kal:

Hau Nuva Kaukau Nuva Miru Nuva Kakama Nuva Pakari Nuva Akaku Nuva
Protodermic Hau Nuva BH.png Protodermic Kaukau Nuva BH.png Protodermic Miru Nuva BH.png Protodermic Kakama Nuva BH.png Protodermic Pakari Nuva BH.png Protodermic Akaku Nuva BH.png


The following Kraata could be found in 8580 Kraata:

Power Color Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6
Vo - Hunger Dark Gray Metallic/Gray Kraata Vo Stage 1.png Kraata Vo Stage 2.png Kraata Vo Stage 3.png Kraata Vo Stage 4.png Kraata Vo Stage 5.png Kraata Vo Stage 6.png
Ye - Poison Lemon Metallic/Bright Yellowish Green Kraata Ye Stage 1.png Kraata Ye Stage 2.png Kraata Ye Stage 3.png Kraata Ye Stage 4.png Kraata Ye Stage 5.png Kraata Ye Stage 6.png
Xi - Fragmentation Sand Yellow Metallic/Brick Yellow Kraata Xi Stage 1.png Kraata Xi Stage 2.png Kraata Xi Stage 3.png Kraata Xi Stage 4.png Kraata Xi Stage 5.png Kraata Xi Stage 6.png
Ul - Disintegration Sand Blue Metallic/Medium Blue Kraata Ul Stage 1.png Kraata Ul Stage 2.png Kraata Ul Stage 3.png Kraata Ul Stage 4.png Kraata Ul Stage 5.png Kraata Ul Stage 6.png
Cu - Anger Light Gray Metallic/White Kraata Cu Stage 1.png Kraata Cu Stage 2.png Kraata Cu Stage 3.png Kraata Cu Stage 4.png Kraata Cu Stage 5.png Kraata Cu Stage 6.png
Za - Fear Reddish Gold/Bright Red Kraata Za Stage 1.png Kraata Za Stage 2.png Kraata Za Stage 3.png Kraata Za Stage 4.png Kraata Za Stage 5.png Kraata Za Stage 6.png
Weather Control Lemon Metallic/Dark Gray Metallic Kraata Weather Control Stage 1.png Kraata Weather Control Stage 2.png Kraata Weather Control Stage 3.png Kraata Weather Control Stage 4.png Kraata Weather Control Stage 5.png Kraata Weather Control Stage 6.png
Elasticity Bright Yellowish Green/Bright Yellow Kraata Elasticity Stage 1.png Kraata Elasticity Stage 2.png Kraata Elasticity Stage 3.png Kraata Elasticity Stage 4.png Kraata Elasticity Stage 5.png Kraata Elasticity Stage 6.png
Heat Vision Black/Bright Orange Kraata Heat Vision Stage 1.png Kraata Heat Vision Stage 2.png Kraata Heat Vision Stage 3.png Kraata Heat Vision Stage 4.png Kraata Heat Vision Stage 5.png Kraata Heat Vision Stage 6.png
Illusion Dark Green/Brick Yellow Kraata Illusion Stage 1.png Kraata Illusion Stage 2.png Kraata Illusion Stage 3.png Kraata Illusion Stage 4.png Kraata Illusion Stage 5.png Kraata Illusion Stage 6.png
Teleportation Lemon Metallic/Bright Red Kraata Teleportation Stage 1.png Kraata Teleportation Stage 2.png Kraata Teleportation Stage 3.png Kraata Teleportation Stage 4.png Kraata Teleportation Stage 5.png Kraata Teleportation Stage 6.png
Quick Healing Lemon Metallic/Sand Blue Metallic Kraata Quick Healing Stage 1.png Kraata Quick Healing Stage 2.png Kraata Quick Healing Stage 3.png Kraata Quick Healing Stage 4.png Kraata Quick Healing Stage 5.png Kraata Quick Healing Stage 6.png
Laser Vision Lemon Metallic/Dark Green Kraata Laser Vision Stage 1.png Kraata Laser Vision Stage 2.png Kraata Laser Vision Stage 3.png Kraata Laser Vision Stage 4.png Kraata Laser Vision Stage 5.png Kraata Laser Vision Stage 6.png
Gravity Dark Gray Metallic/Lemon Metallic Kraata Gravity Stage 1.png Kraata Gravity Stage 2.png Kraata Gravity Stage 3.png Kraata Gravity Stage 4.png Kraata Gravity Stage 5.png Kraata Gravity Stage 6.png
Electricity Bright Blue/Bright Red Kraata Electricity Stage 1.png Kraata Electricity Stage 2.png Kraata Electricity Stage 3.png Kraata Electricity Stage 4.png Kraata Electricity Stage 5.png Kraata Electricity Stage 6.png
Sonics Black/Bright Yellow Kraata Sonics Stage 1.png Kraata Sonics Stage 2.png Kraata Sonics Stage 3.png Kraata Sonics Stage 4.png Kraata Sonics Stage 5.png Kraata Sonics Stage 6.png
Vacuum Bright Yellow/Bright Yellowish Green Kraata Vacuum Stage 1.png Kraata Vacuum Stage 2.png Kraata Vacuum Stage 3.png Kraata Vacuum Stage 4.png Kraata Vacuum Stage 5.png Kraata Vacuum Stage 6.png
Plasma Dark Gray/Sand Blue Metallic Kraata Plasma Stage 1.png Kraata Plasma Stage 2.png Kraata Plasma Stage 3.png Kraata Plasma Stage 4.png Kraata Plasma Stage 5.png Kraata Plasma Stage 6.png
Magnetism Bright Orange/Black Kraata Magnetism Stage 1.png Kraata Magnetism Stage 2.png Kraata Magnetism Stage 3.png Kraata Magnetism Stage 4.png Kraata Magnetism Stage 5.png Kraata Magnetism Stage 6.png
Fire Resistance Black/Bright Red Kraata Fire Resistance Stage 1.png Kraata Fire Resistance Stage 2.png Kraata Fire Resistance Stage 3.png Kraata Fire Resistance Stage 4.png Kraata Fire Resistance Stage 5.png Kraata Fire Resistance Stage 6.png
Ice Resistance Brick Yellow/Dark Green Kraata Ice Resistance Stage 1.png Kraata Ice Resistance Stage 2.png Kraata Ice Resistance Stage 3.png Kraata Ice Resistance Stage 4.png Kraata Ice Resistance Stage 5.png Kraata Ice Resistance Stage 6.png
Mind Reading Bright Red/Lemon Metallic Kraata Mind Reading Stage 1.png Kraata Mind Reading Stage 2.png Kraata Mind Reading Stage 3.png Kraata Mind Reading Stage 4.png Kraata Mind Reading Stage 5.png Kraata Mind Reading Stage 6.png
Shapeshifting Dark Gray/Bright Yellowish Green Kraata Shapeshifting Stage 1.png Kraata Shapeshifting Stage 2.png Kraata Shapeshifting Stage 3.png Kraata Shapeshifting Stage 4.png Kraata Shapeshifting Stage 5.png Kraata Shapeshifting Stage 6.png
Darkness Reddish Gold/Bright Yellow Kraata Darkness Stage 1.png Kraata Darkness Stage 2.png Kraata Darkness Stage 3.png Kraata Darkness Stage 4.png Kraata Darkness Stage 5.png Kraata Darkness Stage 6.png
Plant Control Reddish Gold/Black Kraata Plant Control Stage 1.png Kraata Plant Control Stage 2.png Kraata Plant Control Stage 3.png Kraata Plant Control Stage 4.png Kraata Plant Control Stage 5.png Kraata Plant Control Stage 6.png
Molecular Disruption Sand Yellow Metallic/Reddish Gold Kraata Molecular Disruption Stage 1.png Kraata Molecular Disruption Stage 2.png Kraata Molecular Disruption Stage 3.png Kraata Molecular Disruption Stage 4.png Kraata Molecular Disruption Stage 5.png Kraata Molecular Disruption Stage 6.png
Chain Lightning Sand Blue Metallic/Lemon Metallic Kraata Chain Lightning Stage 1.png Kraata Chain Lightning Stage 2.png Kraata Chain Lightning Stage 3.png Kraata Chain Lightning Stage 4.png Kraata Chain Lightning Stage 5.png Kraata Chain Lightning Stage 6.png
Cyclone Sand Blue Metallic/Light Gray Metallic Kraata Cyclone Stage 1.png Kraata Cyclone Stage 2.png Kraata Cyclone Stage 3.png Kraata Cyclone Stage 4.png Kraata Cyclone Stage 5.png Kraata Cyclone Stage 6.png
Density Control Dark Green/Lemon Metallic Kraata Density Control Stage 1.png Kraata Density Control Stage 2.png Kraata Density Control Stage 3.png Kraata Density Control Stage 4.png Kraata Density Control Stage 5.png Kraata Density Control Stage 6.png
Chameleon Sand Yellow Metallic/Bright Yellow Kraata Chameleon Stage 1.png Kraata Chameleon Stage 2.png Kraata Chameleon Stage 3.png Kraata Chameleon Stage 4.png Kraata Chameleon Stage 5.png Kraata Chameleon Stage 6.png
Accuracy Bright Red/Bright Blue Kraata Accuracy Stage 1.png Kraata Accuracy Stage 2.png Kraata Accuracy Stage 3.png Kraata Accuracy Stage 4.png Kraata Accuracy Stage 5.png Kraata Accuracy Stage 6.png
Rahi Control Sand Yellow Metallic/Black Kraata Rahi Control Stage 1.png Kraata Rahi Control Stage 2.png Kraata Rahi Control Stage 3.png Kraata Rahi Control Stage 4.png Kraata Rahi Control Stage 5.png Kraata Rahi Control Stage 6.png
Insect Control Bright Yellow/Black Kraata Insect Control Stage 1.png Kraata Insect Control Stage 2.png Kraata Insect Control Stage 3.png Kraata Insect Control Stage 4.png Kraata Insect Control Stage 5.png Kraata Insect Control Stage 6.png
Stasis Field Sand Blue Metallic/Dark Gray Kraata Stasis Field Stage 1.png Kraata Stasis Field Stage 2.png Kraata Stasis Field Stage 3.png Kraata Stasis Field Stage 4.png Kraata Stasis Field Stage 5.png Kraata Stasis Field Stage 6.png
Limited Invulnerability Black/Sand Yellow Metallic Kraata Limited Invulnerability Stage 1.png Kraata Limited Invulnerability Stage 2.png Kraata Limited Invulnerability Stage 3.png Kraata Limited Invulnerability Stage 4.png Kraata Limited Invulnerability Stage 5.png Kraata Limited Invulnerability Stage 6.png
Power Scream Bright Red/Black Kraata Power Scream Stage 1.png Kraata Power Scream Stage 2.png Kraata Power Scream Stage 3.png Kraata Power Scream Stage 4.png Kraata Power Scream Stage 5.png Kraata Power Scream Stage 6.png
Dodge Bright Yellow/Sand Yellow Metallic Kraata Dodge Stage 1.png Kraata Dodge Stage 2.png Kraata Dodge Stage 3.png Kraata Dodge Stage 4.png Kraata Dodge Stage 5.png Kraata Dodge Stage 6.png
Silence Bright Yellowish Green/Dark Gray Kraata Silence Stage 1.png Kraata Silence Stage 2.png Kraata Silence Stage 3.png Kraata Silence Stage 4.png Kraata Silence Stage 5.png Kraata Silence Stage 6.png
Adaptation Bright Yellow/Reddish Gold Kraata Adaptation Stage 1.png Kraata Adaptation Stage 2.png Kraata Adaptation Stage 3.png Kraata Adaptation Stage 4.png Kraata Adaptation Stage 5.png Kraata Adaptation Stage 6.png
Slow Light Gray Metallic/Sand Blue Metallic Kraata Slow Stage 1.png Kraata Slow Stage 2.png Kraata Slow Stage 3.png Kraata Slow Stage 4.png Kraata Slow Stage 5.png Kraata Slow Stage 6.png
Confusion Black/Reddish Gold Kraata Confusion Stage 1.png Kraata Confusion Stage 2.png Kraata Confusion Stage 3.png Kraata Confusion Stage 4.png Kraata Confusion Stage 5.png Kraata Confusion Stage 6.png
Sleep Reddish Gold/Sand Yellow Metallic Kraata Sleep Stage 1.png Kraata Sleep Stage 2.png Kraata Sleep Stage 3.png Kraata Sleep Stage 4.png Kraata Sleep Stage 5.png Kraata Sleep Stage 6.png

Special Collectibles

The following collectibles released in 2003 could be obtained via contests, promotions, or similar means:


Sterling Silver Krana-Kal.png Sterling Silver Krana-Kal.png
Sterling Silver Krana-Kal White Metal Krana-Kal
Type Xa Za Vu Ca Yo Ja Su Bo
Vacuum Metal Krana-Kal Kohrak-Kal Krana Xa.png Kohrak-Kal Krana Za.png Kohrak-Kal Krana Vu.png Kohrak-Kal Krana Ca.png Kohrak-Kal Krana Yo.png Kohrak-Kal Krana Ja.png Kohrak-Kal Krana Su.png Kohrak-Kal Krana Bo.png
Gray Plastic Krana-Kal Lehvak Va Krana Xa.png Lehvak Va Krana Za.png Lehvak Va Krana Vu.png Lehvak Va Krana Ca.png Lehvak Va Krana Yo.png Lehvak Va Krana Ja.png Lehvak Va Krana Su.png Lehvak Va Krana Bo.png


Kraata Shadow Stage 1.png Kraata Shadow Stage 2.png Kraata Shadow Stage 3.png Kraata Shadow Stage 4.png Kraata Shadow Stage 5.png Kraata Shadow Stage 6.png Exclusive Orange Kraata.png
Stage 1 Shadow Kraata Stage 2 Shadow Kraata Stage 3 Shadow Kraata Stage 4 Shadow Kraata Stage 5 Shadow Kraata Stage 6 Shadow Kraata Transparent Neon Orange Kraata


PlatinumAvohkii.png MoL Movie Edition Kraahkan.png
Platinum Avohkii Movie Edition Kraahkan
Poisoned Hau Nuva
BH Poisoned Kanohi Hau Nuva.png BH Poisoned Kanohi Hau Nuva.png BH Poisoned Kanohi Hau Nuva.png [[File:

BH Poisoned Kanohi Hau Nuva.png|0x50px]]

Type 1-01 Type 2-01 Type 3-01 Type 4-01

Collectibles in Sets


8581 Kopeke
8582 Matoro
8583 Hahli
8584 Hewkii
8585 Hafu
8586 Macku
Matatu Whenua.png
Matatu X1
(Dark Gray)
Akaku Matoro.png
Akaku X1
(Sand Blue)
Kaukau Gali.png
Kaukau X1
(Transparent Blue)
Kakama Hewkii.png
Kakama X1
(Dark Orange)
Ruru Onua.png
Ruru X1
Huna Macku.png
Huna X1


8573 Nuhvok-Kal
8574 Tahnok-Kal
8575 Kohrak-Kal
8576 Lehvak-Kal
8577 Pahrak-Kal
8578 Gahlok-Kal
Krana-Kal X1
(Reddish Gold)
Krana-Kal X1
(Dark Gold)
Krana-Kal X1
Krana-Kal X1
(Metallic Green)
Krana-Kal X1
(Gunmetal Gray)
Krana-Kal X1
(Metallic Blue)
8587 Panrahk
8588 Kurahk
8589 Lerahk
8590 Guurahk
8591 Vorahk
8592 Turahk
Kraata Xi Stage 1.png
Kraata-Xi X1
Kraata Cu Stage 1.png
Kraata-Cu X1
Kraata Ye Stage 1.png
Kraata-Ye X1
Kraata Ul Stage 1.png
Kraata-Ul X1
Kraata Vo Stage 1.png
Kraata-Vo X1
Kraata Za Stage 1.png
Kraata-Za X1


8593 Makuta
8594 Jaller & Gukko
8595 Takua & Pewku
8596 Takanuva
Kraahkan Set 1.png
Kraahkan X1
(Metallic Black)
Avohkii Takanuva Stars.png
Avohkii X2
Hau Jaller.png
Hau X1
Pakari Takua.png
Pakari X1
(Medium Blue)
Set Kanohi Avohkii.png
Avohkii X1
(Dark Gold)
Transparent Glitter Avohkii.png
Avohkii X1
(Transparent Glitter)
Hau Ussanui.png
Hau X1
(Dark Gray)


See Also: Sets/2004#Featured Elements

The BIONICLE sets of 2004 introduced the new setting of Metru Nui, the City of Legends, and a corresponding new collectible, the Kanoka disks. Kanoka were not the first collectible disks produced by LEGO; the Matoran sets from 2001 also carried decorated throwing disks, and collectible disks were a key component of the Slizers/Throwbots line, a previous TECHNIC theme. Whereas previous sets had used flexible arm pieces to fling disks, the sets of 2004 introduced new launchers that shot Kanoka out of a holder when squeezed together. Most Kanoka had the same basic appearance: they were made of a white plastic that glowed in the dark, and a large, colored decal was printed on the front which included a special three-digit code. There were some special disks which did not follow this pattern and were still considered Kanoka.

Two Kanoka with a Disk Launcher

Each Kanoka disk was inscribed with a three-digit code, which indicated the disk's powers and prescribed its appearance. These codes were also marketed as a component of the "Kanoka Club," an online portal at where one could redeem codes for access to exclusive rewards, such as animations or desktop icons. The first digit of the code was a number from 1 to 6 representing which of the six Metru the disk originated in; the color and shape of the decal on the front of the disk also corresponded to that Metru. In-story, disks from different Metru also had different flight characteristics, such as dodging obstacles or flying farther. The second digit was a number from 1 to 8 representing which of the eight Kanoka powers (such as freezing or regeneration) the disk possessed. Finally, the third digit was a number from 1 to 9 representing the power level of the Kanoka, 9 being the highest; the design on the disk was rimmed with a number of solid segments, and the number of segments also corresponded to the power level. A Kanoka with a power level of 9 was said to be one of the six legendary Great Disks, which were the only Kanoka disks with such a power level. According to this system, 390 distinct Kanoka are possible, although only a fraction of these were ever produced in plastic and redeemable at the Kanoka Club.

Each of the Matoran and Vahki sets released in 2004, along with the large sets 8622 Nidhiki and 8623 Krekka, included a Kanoka disk with a code unique to that set. An additional thirty-six Kanoka types, including the six Great Disks, were made available in 8613 Kanoka Disk Launcher Pack. This set contained two random disks from the collection of thirty-six, a Kanoka Launcher in the primary color of one of the six Toa Metru, and a pin for attaching the launcher to a set's hand. A final Ta-Metru Kanoka with a code of 175 was given with the combined comics of Rise of the Rahkshi!, At Last -- Takanuva! and Secrets and Shadows distributed in European markets,[24][25] resulting in a total set of fifty-one standard Kanoka disks produced.

A few other disks that did not have the standard Kanoka design were also made available in 2004. The set 8601 Toa Vakama included a transparent red Toa Disk. Several promotional images depicted Toa Disk designs for all six of the Toa Metru, but only Vakama's was ever produced in plastic.

Late in the year, Target stores began to sell exclusive Vahki sets that included a Disk of Time marked with the special code 199 instead of the set's usual disk.[26] The Disk of Time was also released with the combined comics of Seeds of Doom and Enemies of Metru Nui in October, 2004.[27] Prototype Disks of Time which do not have a code printed on them also exist; they were given to employees of LEGO.[citation needed] Disks of Time were later included in 8715 Ultimate Creatures Accessory Set.

Employees of LEGO also received a special Kanoka disk called the "BIONICLE Kanoka" with the symbol of the Three Virtues printed on it.

During the 2004 Comic-Con convention, an exclusive Kanoka disk was supposed to be produced and placed within five thousand Toa Metru Vakama sets, which the convention attendees could buy.[28] However, due to a production error, the unique disks were not included within the specially-packaged Vakama sets; only a few samples were made for publicity.[29] The Kanoka featured the Comic-Con logo.

Five hundred Kanoka plated in gold were given as prizes for an instant win game packaged with 2004 canister sets.[30][31] Several other gold Kanoka were distributed as prizes for other contests, such as speed-building contests hosted at many LEGO retail stores.[32][33]

Finally, several blank Kanoka variations were distributed through various channels. A promotional polybag containing a transparent red Kanoka with a black launcher was packaged with a BIONICLE comic in France.[34] Blank tan and black disks were available at Pick-a-Brick stations in LEGOLAND Billund in 2005.[citation needed] Several misprint glow-in-the-dark Kanoka that lacked any decal were also produced.

While collectible disks were a focus in 2004, collectible masks became less prominent. The Toa Metru canister sets contained redesigned Kanohi that affixed to a new head piece with an axle, similar to the Avohkii and Kraahkan of the previous year. These masks came in a single color, and were not part of a larger collection, with mask packs being discontinued. The Matoran sets of 2004 featured silver-blended recolors for the Noble Masks from 2001, but most future sets would follow the trend started by the Toa Metru.

Two special masks were made available in 2004. A gold Mask of Time was also included with specially packaged Vahki that contained the Disk of Time, and was a recolor of the one previously released, utilizing the old style of mask attachment. A special mask (representing a variation of the Kraahkan) was included with the limited edition set 10202 Ultimate Dume. Unlike other masks, this piece did not attach to a head piece with a pin or stud that connected to the mouth, but instead included two axle holes that allowed it to sit over the head of the Ultimate Dume set like a helmet.

A medium blue Pakari was given out with the book collection BIONICLE Adventures Boxset #1-4.[35]

Collectibles in Packs


The following Kanoka could be found in 8613 Kanoka Disk Launcher Pack:

Metru Kanoka Disks Great Disks
Ta-Metru Kanoka 117.png Kanoka 125.png Kanoka 132.png Kanoka 171.png Kanoka 184.png BH Ta-Metru Great Disk.png
117 125 132 171 184 159
Ga-Metru Kanoka 212.png Kanoka 234.png Kanoka 253.png Kanoka 265.png Kanoka 287.png BH Ga-Metru Great Disk.png
212 234 253 265 287 279
Po-Metru Kanoka 314.png Kanoka 326.png Kanoka 357.png Kanoka 361.png Kanoka 382.png BH Po-Metru Great Disk.png
314 326 357 361 382 339
Ko-Metru Kanoka 416.png Kanoka 442.png Kanoka 468.png Kanoka 473.png Kanoka 485.png BH Ko-Metru Great Disk.png
416 442 468 473 485 429
Le-Metru Kanoka 521.png Kanoka 536.png Kanoka 543.png Kanoka 548.png Kanoka 565 from Toa Lhikan Hordika.jpg BH Le-Metru Great Disk.png
521 536 543 548 565 589
Onu-Metru Kanoka 631.png Kanoka 646.png Kanoka 654 from Toa Lhikan Hordika.jpg Kanoka 663.png Kanoka 677.png BH Onu-Metru Great Disk.png
631 646 654 663 677 619

Special Collectibles

The following collectibles released in 2004 could be obtained via contests, promotions, or similar means:


Kanoka 175.png Set Disk Of Time.jpg Codeless Disk of Time from Toa Lhikan Hordika.jpg BIONICLE Kanoka from Toa Lhikan Hordika.jpg Comic-Con Kanoka.png Gold kanoka.png
175 Kanoka Disk of Time Disk of Time (No code) BIONICLE Kanoka Comic-Con Kanoka 14k Gold Kanoka
Transparent Red Kanoka.png Tan Kanoka from Toa Lhikan Hordika.jpg Black Kanoka.png Glow in the Dark Kanoka from Toa Lhikan Hordika.jpg
Transparent Red Tan Black Glow-in-the-Dark


Golden Vahi Set.png Kraahkan 04.png
Dark Gold Vahi Ultimate Dume Kraahkan

Collectibles in Sets

The following collectibles could be found in sets released in 2004:


8607 Nuhrii
8608 Vhisola
8609 Tehutti
8610 Ahkmou
8611 Orkahm
8612 Ehrye
Kanoka Nuhrii.png
143 Kanoka X1
Nuhrii Ruru.png
Ruru X1
(Dark Red/Silver)
Kanoka Vhisola.png
226 Kanoka X1
Vhisola Komau.png
Komau X1
(Dark Blue/Silver)
Kanoka Tehutti.png
685 Kanoka X1
Tehutti Huna.png
Huna X1
Kanoka Ahkmou.png
373 Kanoka X1
Ahkmou Rau.png
Rau X1
(Light Brown/Silver)
Kanoka Orkahm.png
574 Kanoka X1
Orkahm Matatu.png
Matatu X1
(Dark Green/Silver)
Kanoka Ehrye.png
437 Kanoka X1
Ehrye Mahiki.png
Mahiki X1


8601 Toa Vakama
8614 Vahki Nuurakh
8615 Vahki Bordakh
8616 Vahki Vorzakh
8617 Vahki Zadakh
8618 Vahki Rorzakh
8619 Vahki Keerakh
Vakama Toa Disk.png
Toa Disk X1
Kanoka 116.png
116 Kanoka X1
Kanoka 225.png
225 Kanoka X1
Kanoka 555.png
555 Kanoka X1
Kanoka 334.png
334 Kanoka X1
Kanoka 665.png
665 Kanoka X1
Kanoka 447.png
447 Kanoka X1


8622 Nidhiki
8623 Krekka
Kanoka 638.png
638 Kanoka X1
Kanoka 338.png
338 Kanoka X1


See Also: Sets/2005#Featured Elements
Several colored Rhotuka available in collectible packs

As the BIONICLE line continued, the importance of collectibles diminished. The featured collectibles for 2005 were the Rhotuka, spinners that could be launched using a ripcord. While Rhotuka were released in various colors, there were far fewer variants when compared to previous collectibles such as the Kanohi, Krana, or Kanoka. Some Rhotuka were marked with an alphanumeric code using the Matoran alphabet; these codes could be combined with a prefix marked on a set's packaging to get a complete nine-digit Kanoka Club code. In contrast to the Kanoka, the codes printed on the Rhotuka were randomized and did not follow a specific pattern. Every set released in 2005 (except for the System-based playsets) contained one Rhotuka with a code; sets with multiple Rhotuka also contained unmarked spinners. Most sets (including all of the Toa Hordika and Visorak sets) contained silver Rhotuka, but the Toa Hagah, 8755 Keetongu, many of the Rahaga, and the playset 8759 Battle of Metru Nui contained solid-colored Rhotuka in other colors. Rhotuka were also distributed in 8748 Rhotuka, which contained one silver Rhotuka with a code and four unmarked spinners in a blend of silver and another color. Twelve different colored Rhotuka in the primary and secondary colors of the Visorak were distributed in these packs; the dark green and silver Rhotuka was later made available in 8625 Umbra.

Like the previous year, there were no collectible mask packs in 2005. The masks included in the Toa Hordika sets did not connect with an axle or stud in the mouth; instead, a transverse axle attached their masks to their "heads" (which were merely TECHNIC connectors). The Toa Hagah sets wore standard masks. The playset 8758 Tower of Toa also included a gold Kraahkan, a recolor of the mask first introduced in 2003, used as a structural part of a Kahgarak's head.

Two particular collectibles were less common due to midyear production changes. Some of the first 4878 Rahaga Bomonga sets produced included a dark bluish-gray Rhotuka instead of the silver spinner that later became standard. The black Rhotuka pictured on Bomonga's box and promotional materials was never physically produced. Also, for the 2006 line of sets, LEGO changed from using a darker shade of gold (featured in 8811 Toa Lhikan & Kikanalo) to a warmer shade (prominent in 8734 Brutaka). Some of the later-produced copies of the 2005 playsets used the new shade of gold; as a result, the gold Kraahkan was also available in the warmer shade of gold.

Collectibles in Packs


The following Rhotuka could be found in 8748 Rhotuka:

Unmarked With Code
Dark Red Silver Rhotuka.png Dark Blue Silver Rhotuka.png Black Silver Rhotuka.png Light Brown Silver Rhotuka.png Dark Green Rhotuka.png White Silver Rhotuka.png Rhotuka.png
Dark Red/Silver Dark Blue/Silver Black/Silver Light Brown/Silver Dark Green/Silver White/Silver
Orange Silver Rhotuka.png Light Blue Silver Rhotuka.png Yellowish Orange Silver Rhotuka.png Red Silver Rhotuka.png Lime Silver Rhotuka.png Blue Silver Rhotuka.png
Orange/Silver Medium Blue/Silver Yellowish Orange/Silver Red/Silver Lime Green/Silver Blue/Silver Silver

Collectibles in Sets

The following collectibles could be found in sets released in 2005:


4868 Rahaga Gaaki
4869 Rahaga Pouks
4870 Rahaga Kualus
4877 Rahaga Norik
4878 Rahaga Bomonga
4879 Rahaga Iruini
Rhotuka with Code X1
Light Brown Rhotuka.png
Rhotuka with Code X1
(Light Brown)
White Rhotuka.png
Rhotuka with Code X1
Dark Red Rhotuka.png
Rhotuka with Code X1
(Dark Red)
Rhotuka with Code X1
Gold Rhotuka.png
Rhotuka with Code X1


8736 Toa Hordika Vakama
8737 Toa Hordika Nokama
8738 Toa Hordika Whenua
8739 Toa Hordika Onewa
8740 Toa Hordika Matau
8741 Toa Hordika Nuju
8742 Visorak Vohtorak
8743 Visorak Boggarak
8744 Visorak Oohnorak
8745 Visorak Roporak
8746 Visorak Keelerak
8747 Visorak Suukorak
Rhotuka with Code X1
Unmarked Rhotuka X1
8762 Toa Iruini
8763 Toa Norik
Gold Rhotuka.png
Rhotuka with Code X1
Dark Green Rhotuka.png
Unmarked Rhotuka X1
(Dark Green)
Rhotuka with Code X1
Dark Red Rhotuka.png
Unmarked Rhotuka X1
(Dark Red)


8755 Keetongu
8756 Sidorak
8761 Roodaka
Red Rhotuka.png
Rhotuka with Code X1
Unmarked Rhotuka X1
Rhotuka with Code X1


8758 Tower of Toa
8759 Battle of Metru Nui
Flat Dark Gold Kraahkan.png
Kraahkan X1
(Dark Gold)
Phosphorescent Green Rhotuka.png
Rhotuka with Code X1
Unmarked Rhotuka X2

Production Changes

Due to production changes, the following collectibles with variant colors could rarely be found in sets:

4878 Rahaga Bomonga
8758 Tower of Toa
Dark Stone Grey Rhotuka.png
Rhotuka with Code X1
(Dark Stone Gray)
Pearl Gold Kraahkan.png
Kraahkan X1
(Pearl Gold)


Special Collectibles

The following collectibles released in 2015 could be obtained via contests, promotions, or similar means:

14k Golden Masks

Mask of Earth Golden Mask.PNG Mask of Fire Golden Mask.PNG Mask of Jungle Golden Mask.PNG Mask of Ice Golden Mask.PNG Mask of Stone Golden Mask.PNG Mask of Water Golden Mask.jpg Skull Spider Golden Mask.jpg Mask of Creation Golden Mask.png
Golden Mask of Earth
Golden Mask of Fire
Golden Mask of Jungle
Golden Mask of Ice
Golden Mask of Stone
Golden Mask of Water
Golden Mask of Skull Spiders
Golden Mask of Creation


Clear Mask of Fire.png Mask of Water Lego Inside Tour.png SDCC Exclusive Mask.jpg
Mask of Fire
(Transparent White)
Mask of Water
(Transparent Blue)
Skull Scorpio Mask
(Transparent Green)

Collectibles in Sets

The following collectibles could be found in sets released in 2015:


5002941 BIONICLE Hero Pack
5002942 BIONICLE Villain Pack
Set Mask of Fire Trans Orange.png
Mask of Fire X1
(Transparent Orange)
Skull Spider Mask Dark Blue.png
Skull Spider Mask X1
(Dark Blue)
Golden Skull Mask.JPG
Skull Mask X1
(Pearl Gold)


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